Fourth of July Run

Trying to be a better blogger and do this at least every other day, get back on track.

Today was my long run day, training for the Bass Pro Shops Marathon on November 1. Tammy and I always run with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group on Saturday and even though today was the 4th, it was no exception, but there weren’t near as many people as we normally have.

I told Tammy I would pick her up around 5:35am, banging on her door and no answer, weird, rang the bell and knocked some more, heard something and finally there she is, in her robe!! She overslept, girl, you better get a move on! Luckily she had everything ready to go so it didn’t take her but a few minutes to get ready, we were in my vehicle at 5:50, pretty speedy, don’t know if I could get ready that fast.

Luckily she lives close to this weeks meet spot, The State Capital. Not many folks at all, maybe 30. There were routes for 4, 6 and 8 milers, but we wanted 9 or so. Tom our fearless leader warned us about going to far up Kavanaugh, the Firecracker 5K would be starting at 7:30 and we would be right in the middle if we weren’t careful. We would work around it.

The weather was good for the 4th, humid, but not as hot as usual and there was a breeze. This route is pretty hilly and Tammy has been laying off the hills for a couple of weeks and she did great! Our route took us over the Broadway bridge into NLR, big loop and back over the bridge, up 3rd Street up to Kavanaugh. Once we got to the turnaround, which was about 5.9 miles, we decided since we wanted 9 miles we would run to 6.5 miles then turnaround.

When we got to that spot we were so close to the Firecracker 5K we decided to take a little adventure and watch, it was 7:25 and the race started at 7:30, we were probably 3 blocks from the race course. It was fun. We saw Tom, fearless leader, at the water stop for the 5K he kindly gave us some water then we saw the cops with the leader right behind him, that guy was flying, then a couple of Kenyans right behind the leader.

It took a minute or so before we saw anyone else and then they all started coming and coming and coming. We saw lots of people we know, in particular Lisa, Melissa, Marda, Annette and Jane, lots of others too.

We finally decided we better get back to our run, I guess we spent 15-20 minutes watching the race, it was different being a spectator. We had about 2.5 miles to go and after standing there for that long it was hard to get going again, at least most of our route home was downhill.

We make quick time of our run back, but after we hit 9 miles I was ready to be done, I guess that extra mileage to the race course was more than I thought. When we were a 3 or so blocks from the parking lot I walked it in, Tammy kept going. I ended up with 9.5, she 9.75, but at an amazing 10:22 average pace. That’s faster than we run during our “loop” runs. We have got to slow it down if we plan on running longer than 9 miles!

We planned on meeting Kim around 10am and had time to kill so we headed back to Tambo’s pad, parked and walked over to the Argenta Farmer’s Market and Foodie Fest. I was starving!! But I was saving my self for the BBQ we would have when we met Kim and Josh at his uncle’s Kroger store later.

Lots of good stuff at the Market I ended up with Peaches and Tammy ended up with Zucchini, huge Zuc I must say! I wanted some blueberries, but I already have some in my fridge I need to eat, but let me tell you, they were super delicious or maybe I was just super hungry!

After the Farmers Market we headed to Starbucks, we both got our coffees and walked over to the Kroger store on Cantrell, there was Kim behind the smoker helping out, it was good to see her, haven’t seen her in about a month! She said Josh was inside and then we realized, hmmm this food costs money, damn it! We did not plan on that! Where did I get that it was free? Who knows. Oh well, Tammy and I went inside and perused the aisles in the air conditioning and then went back out and talked to both Kim and Josh for quite a while. I ended up buying a smoked chicken for $5.00 and Josh bought us a rack of ribs. Sweetie.

We then headed home, when I dropped Tammy off I couldn’t stand it any longer, she handed me a knife and I cut into those ribs! Yum, food, food, food, I was really hungry! after 3 ribs I was set and headed home.

Not sure if I’m running tomorrow or not, may take the day off, by the end of our run today my legs felt like lead. So, probably no running for me tomorrow.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!  Oh, my sister just sent this Evian commercial, too funny –


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  1. That commercial is too hilarious! I was wondering if you were going to get back into your blogging “groove”…it appears you have! I probably should have taken today off running too, I was pretty sore when I woke up (probably those hills?) and the knee and left hip were nagging during my short run…Thank God for SalonPas and Ibuprofen…

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