Lazy Sunday

Yesterday I decided not to run, after Saturdays hilly run my legs were tired and I needed the break and it was great.  It was also a rainy day in July, how often does that happen?  It was an odd rain though, the sky would just open up and bam, sheets of rain would come, not a light rain, heavy rain.  Lots of lightning and thunder throughout Saturday night as well the day on Sunday.

I didn’t do much, read and finished a book, worked on my ebay items, made some blueberry pancakes out of the Clean Eating magazine, yum, and great mag even though it is a little pricey.  Read the entire Sunday paper, looked for a job in the classifieds, circled ONE and it was not even one I wanted to circle!  Pitiful.  Took a nap, it was definitely a lazy Sunday and I didn’t feel too guilty.

Today Tambo came over and we both wanted the customary 5 miles, but she has been plagued with hip and knee pain so she didn’t really feel she should do the loop so we decided just to run around the lake a few times.  We started around 6:30 and what a relieve when I stepped outside, it felt cool, well cooler than humid I guess I should say, I loved it.

About 1/2 a mile into our run when we are just approaching the parking lot of the activity center we see this white duck sitting in the middle of the road, we both thought she looked hurt, so we stopped and the duck stood up and we could tell she had either been hit or hurt somehow, she was hobbling, it was so sad, she just plopped back down on the street.  We didn’t want to leave her in the middle of the street we knew she would probably get run over.

Along came this group of 4 older people and we were telling them about the duck and one of the guys scurried her up into a yard, poor duck looked like it was really struggling to get up into the yard, I had tears in my eyes.  We decided to tell the guys at the center and maybe they could call someone at the Wildlife commission, since they is so much water fowl down there surely they would know who to call.

As we were walking toward the center we saw the guy who lives in the house where the duck ended up, we told him about the duck and one of the ladies that was with him said she saw the same duck 3 days ago hobbling.  That duck needs some help for sure.

We went into the office and were telling the guys about it and they were like “oh yeah, two weeks ago we called, they came out and took a look at the duck and there is nothing they could do and let her go”  What??  they said oh, they could have killed it or let it go.  Holy shit.  Is it in pain?  It sure looked like it, apparently the guys didn’t find out WHAT was wrong with it, but it’s leg/hip or something is messed up.  Is it better off out there on it’s own without care? I don’t know.

Every time we made a loop we would see the duck in the same spot we left it, just sitting in the grass, I really felt for it and wonder what will happen to that poor white duck.  It already looked like some male duck had her down plucking the feathers off her neck! and now it’s got a bum leg.

We ended up with right at 5 miles today with an average pace of 10:26, back to my house for coffee, the coolness wore off pretty quick, we were both pretty sweaty by the time we got back.

I’ve got tons of errands and just general BS to take care of today.  Not sure if I’m working any this week for my brother-in-law, I hope so.

Mom and sis are coming Thursday, they are having a yard sale at my house, holy cow, another one?  yes, another one!  I’m going to make myself scarce.


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  1. Yeah…I’m sure you will have “lots do do”, right? Wink wink…when the fam comes over for the sale..hehe…I will bring some stuff over Thursday, but it really is only a few small boxes. I hope the Doc will be able to fix my insoles today, I am anxious to see if that helps my knees! Thanks for doing the flat route today…I know it proabably gets old catering to all my injuries…

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