Tuesday Training

I had a couple of trainings on Tuesday.  My first was me training my daughter, imagine my surprise when she wanted to “run”.  She is not that active and doesn’t have a cardio base so I knew we needed to start slow, but really wasn’t sure how slow so I called my buddy Annette and she lined me out on a workout.

Stephanie came over around 8:15 and the first thing I noticed were her shoes, oh no, she had on some sort of New Balance kick around tennies, not running shoes by any means, she actually ended up wearing an old pair of my running shoes even though they were a little small and worn out, but better than the crap she came over in.

According to Annette who trained a beginner running group in the spring, I should start with a 30 second run and a 1:30 minute rest in between for 20 or 30 minutes.  I was shocked really, she assured me this would work and keep her coming back.  I’m glad I took her advice otherwise I might have pushed her too hard, I was thinking 1 minute run 1 minute rest.

I think Stephanie did great, she was in a pretty good sweat about half way through and couldn’t believe it had only been 15 minutes, I remember how tough it was, but I had a cardio base when I started so it was a little easier.  We ended up with about 27 minutes and 1.88 miles of walk/run.  We are scheduled to repeat on Thursday.

Last night was our weekly Running Clinic in Cabot, Tambo and I were raring to go, well, sort of.  Lucky for us the temperature was not nearly as hot as normal (did someone say global warming?), around 85 instead of 95, which is huge when you are out there running your ass off on a track with no shade.

Tammy and I started our warm up together, but there she went, I was determined to keep my warm up slow around 10:30 pace, we were set to run some hard intervals and I didn’t want to burn myself out.  Warmed up for 15 minutes, 2 x strides and then, 1 – 5 minute at Lactate pace, 2 x 200 at Interval Pace, 2 x 400 at Interval, 2 x 200 at Interval, 2 x 400 at Interval, some rest/jogs in between.  It was tough, I stayed on time for most of the runs, 1 or 2 seconds off, except for one of the 400’s I was 6 seconds slow.

Ended up with 5 miles and was glad it was over, Tammy was having a tough time with her knee, Coach Dennis thinks it’s here IT band, not sure she agrees, but I hope it gets better soon, she has been plagued with some pain lately!

Today, rest for the running part, tonight Cardio Strength at the Community Center, thank goodness our instructor is back, Monday I met my friend Sheryl at the Center for an upper body workout and I have to say my triceps are still a little sore, we had a good workout even though for the most part we didn’t have a clue!

Tomorrow back to the loop and then do a 30 minute training with Stephanie and then the dreaded YARD SALE.


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