Oops not keeping up!

I was doing great keeping up with my blog and then BAM, life got in the way!  Or should I say the crazy yard sale got in the way?

Thursday last week was a crazy day, got up and did my solo 5 mile loop, it was actually not that bad, it had been a tad bit cooler in the mornings, but the humidity was creeping back up, I think it was around 80.  After my run Stephanie came over and I did her running workout with her, 30 second run and  1 1/2 minute walk for 30 minutes, that added about 2 more miles.  She headed to school and I needed to mow the yard.

Tammy came by and dropped some stuff off for the yard sale and before I even got 1 loop around the yard done here comes my Mom and my Sister with a truckload of crap for the sale.  So needless to say we had to get that unloaded and into the house.  THEN, here comes my Step-Dad with another truckload, boy oh boy!  Once that was done Tammy and I spent a few minutes looking through the stash for anything we might have to have, I think we found a couple of goodies.  I finally got the yard mowed, the driveway cleaned up and ready for some lunch.

Not long after lunch here they come again with another truckload, you just wouldn’t believe the amount of stuff they had!  My entire dining room was full, thank goodness it was empty to begin with.  It was determined they would be back at 4:30 on Friday morning, and lucky them I had already moved all the card tables from the shed to the front of the house.

Later that afternoon here comes some friends of Kim’s to drop off furniture for the yard sale, holy shit, we are going to have one super duper yard sale.

Friday 4:00am came way too early, I was up making coffee putting on my running gear because Tammy and I were still planning our Friday morning run around 6:30.  I was outside by 4:30 setting up the tables and putting together the stubborn clothes rack, I know my neighbors didn’t appreciate my banging, but I really was trying to be quiet.  Still no helpers.  Around 5 am they showed up.  We got all the tables set up, Mom was in charge of putting stuff out while Vanessa and I brought boxes out of the house, it took forever to get them all out there.

We had put the sale in the paper and on Craigslist but had not put our signs out yet, the sale was supposed to start at 7:00 am, Tammy came over a little after 6am, I think, she helped put out stuff and shopped some too.  Not long after she got there Vanessa and I took off to put out the signs, it didn’t take us but about 15 minutes or so, but when we came back there were people all over the place, it was crazy.  Chaotic, it always is in the beginning, stuff is not organized, people are asking questions, boxes are still full of crap, where is the cash box?, just insane.

It finally smoothed out enough around 7:30 and Tammy and I took off for our run, I was glad to get away, I had already been up for 3 1/2 hours, had 1 cup of coffee and was kind of jittery.  OH, I forgot to mention, on Thursday I also went and purchased a new pair of running shoes!  My feet hurt so bad on my Thursday run and I couldn’t find my shoes anywhere, the model is discontinued, Mizuno Wave Nirvana 4, so I just went over to the local running store tried on a Neutral shoe, some sort of Nike, and then the Wave Nirvana 5, they actually felt about the same, but decided to stick with what I know and bought the Mizuno.  I hated forking over 130 bucks in cash, especially now!  But I had to have them, online the shoes are going for about the same price, I might have been able to save $20, but I was happy to have new shoes, NOW.  Back to our run, we decided not to run 5 miles, but cut it to 4, we had 10 miles to run on Saturday and we needed to get back to the yard sale, or at least I did so I could help the fam.

Yes, it was still a madhouse, cars lined up on the street and people in line to pay for the goods.  The weather was decent, hot, but my yard is super shady and it really helps to keep the temperature down, we were busy all day.  Around 2:00 it started heating up and we set up a couple of fans to help circulate some air, people were still coming and really trying to get the best bargain they could, sometimes a little too pushy.

Around 4:00 we decided to start putting stuff up, I think they were both amazed at the amount of crap they sold.  We boxed it up, folded up the tables and stuck everything under the carport and then I backed my truck in to hide it all.  They were due back at 5:00 on Saturday morning, I had already warned them I was leaving at 5:30 to pick up Tammy so we could head out for our 10 mile run with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group.

Saturday morning I guess I got ready pretty quick and had time to go outside and start setting up the fiasco again.  A little after 5am here they come and promptly at 5:30 I left.

It only takes about 8 minutes to get to Tambo’s pad and she was ready to go and we headed to dreaded Murray Park for our first 10 miler of our Marathon Training.  I know I was not looking forward to it at all, actually I don’t think I’m ever looking forward to a long run, I just don’t like them, always go out too fast and the end always sucks.

Our route was a little different than I expected which was good and bad, I thought we would run away from the dam toward Cantrell, turnaround and come back that horrible same way, pass our vehicles go over the Big Dam Bridge go over to the River Trail and turnaround again, I was wrong.  We ran directly to the BDB, over to the River Trail all the way to the Boat Ramp, turned around and came back.  Holy Hell.  Well, it wasn’t nearly as bad as what I thought we were going to do, still I hate out and back, HATE THEM!  Lucky for us it was a little overcast and we never got the full sun beating down on us, otherwise it would have been misery.  A lot of the River Trail is out in the open with no cover so we were very lucky in that aspect.  We had a good run, we made 3 stops, 2 for my bathroom breaks and one shoe stop for Tammy.  I thought we did excellent, I was so relieved when we were done.

I’ve noticed that I recover pretty quickly from my long runs, I used to just do nothing or couldn’t do anything after a long run, I would be stiff and sore all day, now I just keep going and don’t even realize I did a long run unless I think about it, hey I just ran 10 miles this morning, that’s huge!  But, I still struggle with the last part of the run itself, I feel like my breathing starts to get harder and my legs get heavier, I want that part to get better!

My gosh, this is a long post, I think I will stop here for now, I do have a lot to say, don’t I?


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