Oops!! Part two.

After our run on Saturday morning we headed to Tammy’s, dropped her off and then I headed to the “yard sale”, I knew they were probably going to need some help.

When I got home they only had a couple of people looking around so I was able to go in and get a big pot of coffee started, couldn’t wait.  Well, the overcast skies that kept us relatively unhot were gone, the carport was heating up quickly, a lot quicker than yesterday.

It was a good day and at noon we had our 1/2 price blowout sale and around 2pm I suggested we start the shut down process, I had volunteered to help at the registration of the Big Dam Bridge Twilight 5k and had to be there at 5:30, Tammy was also going, so we need to get all this crap put away, tables unfolded and stored, signs taken down, yard cleaned up, showered, dressed and on the road by 5pm.

I picked Tammy up and we headed to Murray Park, and it was HOT!  But, we had a breeze for about 30 minutes and then that went away.  This was our first time volunteering at a 5K and didn’t know what to expect, it was CRAZY!  We first sorted the t-shirts into sizes and then dumped sunscreen that was donated by Neutrogena into boxes, by then it was time to start getting people registered who had not done so prior to the race.  We ended up registering about 200 people!

After that chaos we headed down to the start and watched them take off and we realized how hungry we were, since we had volunteered we were privy to the pizza and both chowed down on a slice or two.  It wasn’t long and we were over at the finish line watching the fast ones come in.  It was a lot of fun and I would do it again.

Sunday was a day off from running and so glad, my legs were pretty tired from standing 2-3 hours Saturday night and our long run, not to mention the oh so delightful yard sale (note the sarcasm in my voice).  I did end up getting out to grab some groceries, but that was it for me.

Monday back to normal, Tammy came over and we did our 5 mile loop, searching for jobs for about 4 hours, packing up ebay stuff to mail and a Cardio Strength class that night.

Tuesday Stephanie came over, reluctantly since we had a little storm blow through and I think she thought we wouldn’t run, HA!  little ran never hurt anyone.  We bumped up her training to 45 second run 1:30 walk, we did this for 2.5 miles, she is still in my shoes that are too small for her.  That afternoon I headed to Sports Academy and bought her a pair of Nike Pegasus so she would have them on Wednesday.

Tuesday night was our running clinic and since we had the storm blow through it was a little cooler.  Coach Dennis was out of town which was disappointing, he always has some good tips before we run, but we got our run started a little early and it was tough!  A lot of Interval pace and by the end I was glad it was over.

Wednesday no running, but I did plan to run with Stephanie, but she called off, too much homework, oh well, what’s a mother to do?  I didn’t tell her about the new shoes.

Today I walked outside ready for my solo 5 mile loop and about gagged from the hot humid air that hit me when I walked outside.  Oh well, off I go.  I had a decent run, I wanted to get it done because it was so humid and pushed it a bit.  When I got past the Old Mill coming up the hill, finally a breeze, geez thanks Mother Nature I only have a 1/4 mile left :).

I was wondering if Stephanie would show up today, when I got back to the house I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and waited, a little after 8am I texted her with no reply, hmmm, probably sleeping, she does work at night.  I decided she would call when she got up and went ahead and made some coffee.  While the coffee brewed I cut up boxes left over from the yard sale, oh what fun, but I had to get them in the recycle bin, I hate boxes just sitting on the curb to be thrown away when they can be recycled.

Around 10:15 Stephanie called, she could come over now, well okay.  I knew I had drank 2 big cups of coffee and wasn’t sure how I was going to run 2.5 more miles, at least there was now a breeze blowing!

She loved her new shoes, but they were too small, she works right next to the Sports Academy in Little Rock so she was going to take them back today.  My plan for her today was run 45 seconds walk 1 minute for 2.5 miles and after 17 minutes she started complaining she was tired.  Oh well, keep pushing!  We did and got it done, even though I did have to make a potty stop (all that damned coffee!).

I thought I was going to get to work tomorrow, but we are now have thundershowers, so no work tomorrow, I’ll be running with Tambo at 6:30 and Stephanie at 9:30.  I think I will do the same workout as today for her.


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  1. maybe you need to cut down on our run?? That seems like alot of extra if you are going to run twice a day, several days a week! Why is she running tomorrow too? Did she want to try out her new shoes? She’s a newbie, Mom!

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