July Cool Front

I don’t know where it came from but yesterday afternoon the clouds rolled in and we were blessed with rain and then a cool front, in July, in Arkansas!  As I watched the forecast yesterday I was shocked to learn it would be a cool 75 degrees this morning and 65 on Saturday morning, YIPPEE!!

Don’t get the wrong impression, I love summer and wouldn’t trade it for winter, EVER!  But, the humidity has been a bummer the past few days and a nice cool few days will be a treat!

Before Tammy got here this morning I decided to get the trash and recycling out and just stayed outside sweeping the drive, it was so nice and cool.  So much better than yesterday when you couldn’t even breathe!  I didn’t even break a sweat with all the sweeping and hauling of crap to the curb.

When Tammy got here we headed out on our usual Friday loop.  It was just so nice, until we started running, there was no breeze and we heated up pretty quickly, but by the time we got over on the back side of the lake there was a super nice breeze that really helped cool us off.

We got our 5 miles in and had a good stretch before heading inside for coffee and Tammy was ready to antagonize Smokey for awhile.  Smokey was in rare form, maybe he was enjoying the cool air too.  It was actually cooler outside than in my house.  I have since turned OFF my air and opened all my windows.

Stephanie came by for her morning training session with her new shoes, but she was not dressed in running attire, I asked “what’s up?”  She informed me she was injured.  She had somehow turned her ankle and it hurt to stand on it, so no running for her for a few days.  It didn’t look very swollen at all, but I could tell it hurt so I wrapped it in an ACE bandage and told her to prop it up with an ice pack when she got back home.

Tomorrow is our long run at the River Market, we are planning on 11-12 miles, with the cooler weather I hope we can get in 12.  Annette said she might meet us around 6am to run the last half of her run since she will be starting at 5am, I think.

If you are in Arkansas enjoy the cool weather while you can it won’t be here long.


One Response

  1. Guess you got out of those extra miles!
    Yes….I do love to antagonize the “Smokestack”…

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