River Market Long Run

Yesterday was our customary Saturday long run with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group, we were lucky this week to be at the River Market. It’s been awhile since we’ve been downtown and I was grateful for new scenery, at least until around mile 6.

I picked up Tammy at her pad around 5:40 and we made the short trip over the river to the River Market where I had to practice my skills at parallel parking, I think I did okay except for hitting the curb more than once. When we were walking up to the crowd to sign in I heard my name being called and low and behold there was Annette. She had told me her and Michele were going to try and meet us at 6am to finish out their 12 mile run and then they were heading to a 5K over in NLR, but there was no Michele with Annette.

Once Annette caught up to us she explained that Michele couldn’t make it for their long run so her and Elizabeth had decided to come on down to the great fun of the LR Marathon training, it is a sight to behold, probably 75-100 people taking off at 6am in downtown, looks like a race and this is just the maintenance folks the actually training doesn’t even start until mid August.

Our route took us along part of the actual Marathon course and have I mentioned how very cool it was outside? I’m thinking mid 60s, slight breeze, perfect for running, no complaints from me, especially when it is usually at least 80 and humid.

Annette also had 2 more girls show up, Missy and Mindy, I think that was their names, I had to make a quick bathroom stop before we took off so Tammy grabbed us a route sheet and got us signed in. Once I got back outside it was almost time to go. When we took off I was a little confused I couldn’t find Annette, but her and Elizabeth were close behind me and Tammy, I tried to keep my eye on them as much as possible since they did not have a route sheet and were only wanting to run for a few miles before heading to the race that started at 7:30am.

When we were at around mile 2.5 Tammy needed to adjust her shoe and I decided to delete some history from my Garmin, it’s full and keeps bugging the crap out of me to delete old runs, well you can guess what I did, I deleted the run we were running, I was so pissed! I hate that kind of crap, I love my Garmin and I want all that info when I get finished running, how far, pace, time, heart rate, calories burned, etc. Now I had to depend on Tammy to give me her info, I want my own!! 😦

As we were stopped it gave Annette time to get caught up to us, they decided to cut over to Main Street and head over the bridge into NLR for the race, I hate we were not able to run together, but it was still good to see Annette at the Little Rock Marathon Training, brings back a lot of memories from when we did it together in 2007-2008.

Tammy and I kept plugging along, I think the weather really helped, the course was pretty hilly, unlike last week which was pretty flat. But, around mile 4-5, hell I don’t know I didn’t have a GARMIN with the right info, I had a stomach issue, it’s not uncommon for me to have to go at some point on our run, but thank goodness for the LaQuinta on Broadway, right in, right out. I know it’s a pain for my running partner (Tammy), but it’s unavoidable, I try to eat plain food the night before, nothing new, nothing odd, but you just never know and if I could just keep going I would, but I can’t. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

I felt much better to say the least and we were off again, it was really nice to be looking at new scenery, we were headed toward the Governor’s Mansion and then the Central High area and unknown to us KAVANAUGH. We had not looked ahead at our route and the last part took us UP Kavanaugh just far enough to where it leveled out and then back down again, ugh. We’ve been up that hill enough lately. I think we ran every hill today, we were awesome.

On the way back, not too far out I all of a sudden got a wave of nausea, I had to completely stop running I was about to hurl. Don’t ask me, just yuck. It passed in just a minute and we were off again about a mile out and right before we were finished the wave of nausea came again, but not as strong.

We finished with 11.8 miles with an average pace of 10:40, good in my book. I was glad it was over though, I always am glad when it’s over, its the best feeling, around mile 5 or 6 I was thinking, man my legs feel heavy, how the hell are you ever going to run another hour? But I did. Don’t have a clue how, I do remember Tambo saying something about auto-pilot and I remember thinking that too at some point, just running and not even thinking about it, don’t get in our way, we will just mow you down!

We went to my vehicle and I had to sit down, still a little nauseated. Finally was able to stretch some and then I had packed a couple of Diet Mt. Dews for us the drink, oh my, ice cold, it was delish, but I could only sip it. We walked around the Farmer’s Market looking at all the fresh fruits and veggies, there was lots I wanted, but didn’t have the energy to buy anything. We headed home.

Dropped Tammy off at her place and I headed home. I was feeling a bit better when I got home, but not completely myself. Made a pot of coffee and put some clothes on the wash, the coffee hit the spot. It was so nice and cool in the house, windows open, cool breeze, cup of coffee, ahhh.

The coffee must have giving me the boost I needed, I ended up cleaning my disgusting oven, the guy who lived here before was a pig and the oven proved it. It’s nice and clean now and that made me want to bake something so I made oat bran muffins with cranberries and walnuts, they really hit the spot.

Took a shower, decided to go to Target to get a couple of things, stopped at Kroger too. Read, relaxed, re-potted a plant.

Today, no running, my mom wanted me to go to an estate sale for her and buy some dishes she looked at yesterday. It was over in Little Rock and I spent quite a bit of time just looking around, a lot of neat stuff. On my way home I stopped at yet another estate sale where I got two really retro round throw pillows for a buck each, everything was half price.

This afternoon I spent most of my time working in the yard, lots of trimming, limbs to pick up, yard to mow, about 3 hours total and now off to the shower. The weather is still super, I wish it would stay this way, but I know by the end of the week it will be steamy hot again.

2 Responses

  1. So..that’s what you did yesterday! Sounds relaxing…well, except for the yardwork, but you like that kind of stuff! I totally agree on the weather, it has been heavenly…even though my run this morning was frought with aches and pains, it was slightly overcast and very breezy and I was just LOVING IT! True, it won’t be around for long, but I sure am enjoying it while it’s here! Kelli said she might go with us tomorrow night to the running clinic( although I think she will back out), but I will let you know for sure tomorrow. Hope you had a good day at work today, god day to be outside if you have to!

  2. It was great to see you and Tammy on Saturday morning!! Missie, Mindy, Elizabeth and I really enjoyed our run!!!
    Next time maybe we can run together!
    Michele, Karen and I got our 12 mile long run done yesterday and it was AWESOME!!! I’m going to be so sad when this cold front leaves us!!

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