Pinnacle Mountain – 12 miler

I was not looking forward to our Pinnacle Mountain run today, we ran this same route about 4 weeks ago and I was miserable, just some girl troubles, stomach troubles, just a bad run. And last year Kim and I ran a 20 miler on this same route on the hottest day of the year and it was miserable too, I was just not looking forward to a repeat of runs gone by.

Tammy arrived at my house around 5:15 for our trek over to Little Rock, I was outside when she pulled up, just getting back from a quick sprint down the street, I do this every Saturday morning before a long run, just to get things moving along, it works.

As we are nearing our turn off I feel like I really have got to go to the bathroom again, and from experience I knew there were no bathrooms at the Visitor Center where we were meeting until 8:00am. We stopped at Burger King, not open, we stopped at Kroger, not open, geez…so we headed up the mountain, in the meantime, Tammy’s friend Kelli from her gym was meeting us for the first time and was texting Tammy, we were on our way, I know the group can be a little overwhelming for a new person, but everyone is really nice.

We pulled up close to 6:00am and just sprayed on the bug spray and headed up the hill to where everyone was gathered. Tammy got us signed in and a route sheet, we met up with Kelli and luckily she had run into Marda, who we also knew. We had some discussion about the route sheets and decided not to take one with us, basic out and back from the Visitor’s Center on Pinnacle down to Two Rivers Park and back, ugh, and I mean UGH. There is a monster downhill leaving the Center and some pretty good hills for the first 2.5 miles then it flattens out into nothingness and a road with no shoulder.

We encountered a meanie in a big truck, he slowed and told us we should be on the other side of the road that he could have hit one of us, uh there’s like 50 or 60 of us, Leah one of the girls who has been running with this group forever proceeded to tell him we were where the law stated we should be, facing traffic, and we were all in a line, not spread out, the guy says, and I quote “Why don’t you suck my d**k bitch”, nice. We just kept running.

We ran with Tammy’s friend Kelli and I think we may have been going a tad fast for her, but she kept up, we would slow down a bit, but your momentum on the hills would just make you run faster sometime. We made a pit stop at Maumelle park and much to my surprise I didn’t really need to go, shocking. Quick water break and we were off again, dodging traffic. Luckily the sun was a little shy and the breeze was really nice. When we were on top of the mountain I actually had goosebumps, in JULY! That didn’t last.

Around mile 4 Kelli decided she needed to turn around, we took our fuel break and headed on to the dreaded Two Rivers Park, we could see some construction on the road ahead, what a mess. Huge machines digging a huge hole in the road for some big green pipe, it was laid out along the side. We had to weave our way through that mess and dodge dump trucks and backhoes for about a mile before arriving at the Park. Once inside the park we ran a little past our six mile mark, just to make sure we wouldn’t run short on the way back.

Quick water break and off again. We stopped at Maumelle Park again on the way back, Tammy filled her water bottle and I made a quick pee stop. Only 3 more miles to go, thank goodness, the sun was now out in full force. This route is so tough because of the last three miles. It’s flat for the middle 6 miles, but the first and last 3, oh my.

When you start running up the first hill, it’s this long incline, it’s like holy hell will we ever get to the top? I didn’t know if I would make it, but I did. I was determined today after the last two bad runs on this same course. When you conquer that first hill it’s such a relief and you start looking for the sign that tells you the Visitor’s Center is in 500 yards, but it’s still a good ways away. Keep plugging along cause there is one more short hill before you get to the monster hill to the Center.

Finally we get to the turn in and I have 11.4 on the Garmin, I was hoping for just a little more before we turned in, the climb up is about .75, we wouldn’t have to run the entire hill, but almost. I think Tammy is a HILL MANIAC! She just took off, never looking back and never stopped, I stopped once to catch my breath and then started right back up. I was hollering at Tammy, you’re there, I’m at 11.98, and she was ahead of me, but she just kept on going, crazy I tell you! Finally rolled to 12 miles and I hit stop on the Garmin, YAY!! Done. That last part of the hill is the worst and I don’t know how Tambo did it, I was whipped!

She had gone up and scratched our names off and I was getting our Diet Mt. Dews out of the cooler, yummy! We stretched for a couple of minutes, changed shoes and popped the top, that ice cold beverage hit the spot! We did it, with pretty much no incidents, we did have to stop on the way back for the construction, they actually asked us to stop and wait on some traffic. We ran 12 miles at 10:44 pace, not bad at all. I think our endurance has definitely gotten better, even though my legs felt pretty tired when we were done, how in the heck will I do 14 next week?


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  1. I love that the “Truck Meanie” said all that, with his wife sitting right there…something tells me they probably don’t have the greatest relationship…unless she just does everything he says out of fear. Man, that guy was CRAZY! All in all, it was a pretty good run. My blisters were very small and we really lucked out with that weather! As far as the hills go, I just can’t stop halfway or I won’t get moving at all! We are AWESOME!

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