Did someone say rain?

Ahh, Arkansas in July was pretty wet, I think I heard yesterday record breaking rain for July and cooler than normal too.  But today was the first day of August and of course as usual it’s our long run day and we had 14 miles on our schedule.

I woke up in plenty of time this morning, went outside did a little run in front of my house, it’s a ritual and it helps with any stomach issues.  I noticed it was warmer than yesterday and bit more humid, I knew there was a chance of rain after the noon hour and threw my hat in with all the rest of my running gear.  I was off to get Tammy at 5:30am.

Got Tambo loaded up and we headed over the River to the Arts Center, today’s meet spot for the Little Rock Marathon Training Group.  I got a text from Kim on the way, she was already there, since she is back in town she most likely will be running with us again on Saturdays!  We were still pretty early, but it gives us time to gear up, get our route sheets, sign in and mingle before the “Good Morning Crackheads” announced by Tom our leader.

Tammy’s friend Kelli was back again this week for a 6 mile run, she would probably run 3-4 miles with us before we turned off.  We were on our way around 6:00am, without hats, the clouds did not scare us, but they should have.

I think we could all run this route without directions, it goes over to the Governor’s Mansion, up by Central High, around the Capitol and up the dreaded Kavanaugh Hill, ugh.  We turned off toward the Capitol and Kelli kept going straight, I’m thinking this was around mile 3.  Kelli is a fairly new runner, but did a great job staying with us, this is her second week with the group, everyone loves it, I hope she likes it as much as we do.

We were on MLK headed to the Capitol and then over to Markham up past the Deaf and Blind Schools and up to Kavanaugh.  Right around mile 4-5 Kim said she felt rain, WHAT? NO WAY.  Oh yeah.  We still had a long way to go, but I started feeling the drops too.  None of us had hats on, we thought the rain would pass, but it just got worse, never a torrential downpour, but rain nonetheless.  I don’t know how many times I have been up this same hill and it has rained, what is it with this hill, cursed perhaps?  We kept moving, we had many miles to go.

I’m sure people were looking at us like we were crazed, I’m sure we looked like drowned rats, we were not prepared for rain.  Once we finally got up to the top of that damned Kavanaugh Hill and made some turns up in the Country Club area we were back on Kavanaugh, Kim and I had once before stopped in at the Sterling Paint Store and bummed hats, that’s what we were planning again, but it was about 3 blocks in the wrong direction.  But, the rain was coming down pretty hard and we still had 6-7 miles to go, I wanted a hat, it’s one thing to run in the rain, but if I can keep the rain out of my eyes I can at least see.

We finally made it to the paint store and they were not open yet, we were 15 minutes early and we did not want to wait, since we were right next door to Starbucks I thought they might have hats they would be willing to give us, Tammy thought I was nuts, but I was determined.  When we were going inside these 3 guys sitting at an outside table said something to us about isn’t it time for coffee?  Oh yes it was, but we were on a mission to find a hat!  So I asked the doofus behind the counter if they had any hats, now keep in mind there are three girls standing there soaking wet and he says, “uh, no, but you might look online”, maybe he just didn’t read the situation well, but I think I pointed it out to him.  So, one of the guys that was sitting outside had come inside and said something and one of us said something about a hat, and he said he had one he would get for us, so we followed him out and he ended up finding 3 hats!  We were so thankful, but we did tell him we would drop them back off at Chain Wheel, a bike shop in Little Rock.  It was so nice of him to dig around and find the hats and it made a world of difference for the last half of our run.

The rain NEVER let up, it would just rain and then it would RAIN, and since the ground is so saturated we were constantly running in puddles, our feet were soaked in no time at all.  But, no one really complained.  We just kept running, it did seem to take forever though and the last mile I was feeling the run, my calves were beginning to feel tight and both knees were achy.  And then my shoe came untied about mile 13.5, holy cow, bending down to tie my shoe like to have done me in!  Oh I forgot to mention the lightning, a few times we would hear thunder in the distant and all of a sudden this flash of white, EEK, scared the crap out of me, I do not like the lightning!  But thank goodness it was not constant or I would have been finding a shelter.

We made it back in piece and as we ran into the parking lot there were a group of runners under a walkway sitting and talking, they all started cheering for us, that’s a funny feeling, it was like we had just finished a race and my legs felt like it.

There wasn’t a dry spot left on my body and of course the first time I forgot my towel.  We talked to Tom and Hobbit for a few minutes and then headed to Starbucks where Tammy had a few issues trying to get her coffee, but eventually I think she got what she wanted and we headed to Chain Wheel to drop off the hats.  Yes, it was out of our way, but those hats saved us, the guy probably thought he would never see those hats again, but I was determined to get them back to him.

When we got to the store it was not open, this time we were about 30 minutes early, we were trying to decide what to do with the hats and a guy that worked there was walking up, we explained the hats and he said he would pass them on with our Thanks.  Ahhh, our duty was done and I was in desperate need of something dry on my butt.

Dropped Tammy off and headed home, stripped that wet crap off and put some warm clothes on, can you believe I’m saying warm clothes on the first day of August?  They felt so good, warm fleece pants, t-shirt and socks, toasty.

Nice run regardless of the rain, it was nice to have Kim back, it’s a good mix and Kelli too.  Not sure what’s on the book for next week, thinking another 14.


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  1. I concur…I was thinking another 14 next weekend as well! That pretty much sums up our morning! Hopefully next weekend will be dry, although, I have this wicked feeling it will be hot! Thanks for sticking with Kelli, it’s hard to believe I was in her place this time last year!

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