Bad Runs

Have I really been training, running 5 days a week forever, doing my running clinics on Tuesday nights, because the last two runs have sucked, big time.

On Saturday we had 14 miles on our Marathon training schedule, okay, to run 14 miles you have to have some sort of base, and I do, but it sure feel like I had not been training, the last 4 miles were miserable.  The first 4 miles were great, flew by, what the hell?

Saturday we were running the River Trail loop, started at the NLR boat ramp, me, Kim, Tammy and Kelli, nice and easy, no speedsters.  One thing not in our favor was humidity, it was a bit more humid than previous runs, but we are accustomed to it for the most part.

Kelli ran until around mile 3 and then made her turn around, she is pretty new to running and was only running 6.  We went on and I really couldn’t believe how fast the first 4 miles went by.   I needed to stop at the bathroom around mile 5, and it was a good chance for us to do our nutrition.  When I came out of the bathroom there stood Brenda, Cindy and Lisa, what a shock.  We were going to meet them after our run at Boulevard Bread, but thought they would be way in front of us, they were doing the same loop, but started in the River Market on the Little Rock side.

We all took off toward the Big Dam Bridge, the three fast girls quickly were out of sight.  When we got to the bridge we ran into Arland, we had seen him earlier at the skate park and I thought he was unloading his bike, but he was actually running 10 miles out and back and then riding his bike.  I talked to Arland for a bit while the girls talked to another friend Dianne.  Amazing the people you run into on the River Trail.

Off again up the Big Dam Bridge, what a climb, especially after standing still talking.  We were halfway through our run and I still felt okay, getting a little tired and the sun was out in full force.

We were now in the dreaded Murray Park, I just don’t like this part of the run, it still reminds me of the Little Rock Marathon, which I’m contemplating running again next year, it is just so damned straight and boring, ugh, and miles of it too.  We actually come up to mile marker 24 for the Marathon and I am not feeling well, for one, my back is killing me, this is right under my shoulder blade and I have no idea what causes it or when it will flare up, nothing makes it go away.  For another I feel like I can’t breath, my heart rate is not that high, well 160’s which is a little high, but not extremely high, I can run for awhile and then I just have to stop and bend over, I feel bad for Tammy and Kim, I really don’t know if I can make it.

We only have 2 miles to go and I really am hating this run, hating myself, my back, my breathing, this damned hill, everything.  We just keep going, I remember with 1 mile to go I actually said “I don’t think I can make it” and I heard Kim say something, like yes you can, it’s not that far, you can make it, and at that point I knew I could and started running again.

We got to the Main Street Bridge and my Garmin beeped for 14 miles, thank freaking heaven!  But we still had a way to go to our vehicle and for some reason when I’m not running my back hurts even worse and makes me nauseated, it’s so bizarre.  I told Tammy and Kim to go ahead and they kept running across the bridge and I decided I could run to0.  I caught up with them at the stairs that took us back down to the River Trail, my God, are we ever going to get back?

At the bottom of the stairs 14.31, geez, I took my fuel belt off, that’s always a relieve and I look at my cute new top and my pink sports bra has bled through and I now have pink boobs, cute.  I don’t care, just get me to the car.  I walk for a bit and my back is getting worse and worse so I start running again, just carrying my fuel belt, gotta get back, gotta get back, NOW!  It was all I could think about.

We did make it back and I didn’t collapse, it was such a relief, not sure why I felt so bad and I know everyone has bad run days, but this was just too much, it makes you question what the hell you are doing out there and how you will ever run a Marathon, seriously, run 26.2 miles when I can’t get through 14.  Holy Shit.


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  1. Wow! Didn’t realize you were having that bad of a time! Guess you hid it well! It was pretty rough and although I probably didn’t have all the aches and pains you did that day, I wanted to stop after 3 miles! hehe…I guess we all have our days! Monday was rough too!

    Note to self: Do not each so much damn food the night before a run!

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