Where has the summer gone?

I can’t believe it’s the middle of August and people are out in full force with school shopping, what is it they need besides school supplies and how long can that really take?  Don’t they give you a list?  You buy it, you get out.  I guess school clothes, but at this time of year I would think you would still be wearing your summer clothes, maybe not.  I remember wearing cords on one of my first days back to school, is that possible?  I’m sure we started later in the year, this middle of August crap I don’t get, but who am I to question the validity of when school starts?  On to more things I know nothing about.

My mileage keeps creeping up each week and I really don’t mind, couple of miles extra each week can’t do much harm, we’ve been adding a little jag to our “loop” and we end up with over 5 miles each day and then our long runs are inching up as well.

My runs last week started out pretty bad, Monday I had to cut my run short, I had to find a bathroom around mile 3 and send Tammy on, I wasn’t going to make it so I only ended up with 4 miles.  At Tuesday nights Clinic I was doing great till right at the end, I had 6 miles and all of a sudden, BAM, where’s the bathroom, well there isn’t one and I had to leave without stretching or cooling down, I was lucky to make it home.

The rest of the week was mediocre, not horrible but better than the first part of the week.  Kim came and ran with me on Thursday and I did have to make a stop at Kroger and then we finished up with close to 6 miles.  Friday was my Birthday, Kim and Tammy both came over and we did a birthday run, once again another stop at Kroger.  Still close to 6 miles.

I had a great Birthday on Friday, Kim gave me a gift card to my favorite store – Target, Tammy gave me a new subscription to Runner’s World, mine had expired months ago.  My friend Sheryl took me to lunch and also gave me a gift card to Starbucks.  And a ton of Birthday wishes from all my Facebook friends.

On Saturday we had 16 miles scheduled, UGH, I was not looking forward to it.  AT. ALL.  We had decided to meet early instead of the normal 6am time, I picked up Tammy at 5:15 and we met Kim at Boulevard Bread at 5:30am.  Tom our Leader of the Little Rock Marathon Training Group was already there too, we talked to him a bit, I had to make a bathroom stop to get something out of my eye and still had issues with it, but we ended up leaving a little later than we had planned.

We tried to keep our pace pretty slow, I wanted around 10:45, after last week I thought maybe I just went out too fast, so we really did start out fairly slow, and lucky for us the temperature was great, 67 degrees, but not nearly as cool as Friday, felt as though the humidity was sneaking back up.  Of course it was pretty dark still and we were running in downtown Little Rock, crossed over the Broadway Street bridge to North Little Rock where we made a huge loop and around mile 4 I started feeling like I better start looking for a bathroom.  Luckily we were close to the River Trail and we made a little side jag over to the facilities and I felt SO MUCH better.

At mile 5 we had just crossed back over into Little Rock when we decided we better fuel up, Kim had not turned her Garmin back on at the bathroom and had lost .25 miles, she was not happy, so she was determined to get that mileage back on her Garmin and kept running and eating.  I stopped and realized my back was starting to hurt like last week, holy cow, this is going to suck, so we took off again.  I don’t think we stopped again until we got to the Governor’s Mansion at mile 10, maybe for traffic, because this route was all in the streets of Little Rock.  I think we ran all of them.

My back was really hurting and it really hurts when I stop running, but I had to get my breath and get some honey stingers out of my fuel belt, so I sat down on the wall at the Mansion, I know it’s not a good idea to sit down, but I was afraid I would throw up if I didn’t.  Quick stop and we were off again toward Central High, only 6 miles to go.

I started struggling around mile 13, Kim wanted to get some of her fruit snacks because she didn’t get any at mile 10, we stopped and I immediately felt a wave of nausea, I had to sit down, my back, UGH!!  The girls ran on a bit and I guess they realized I wasn’t behind them and came back for me, I had to make myself get up, it was difficult.

Once we got up Markham to our turnaround spot, close to mile 14 I started feeling a tad, and I mean a tad, bit better, for one we only had a couple of miles to go, yippee!!  And we were on a downhill, but not for long, there was this monster hill right by where Susan from Benton used to work when she lived here.  I could only make it about half way up, Kim and I both were huffing and puffing, NOW, Tambo on the other hand was like a machine and was at the top of the hill, just a getting it!  She stayed ahead of us until about 1 mile out.

We met up at Broadway where there is always some traffic, we thought we were going to be way short, Kim ended up with right at 16 miles, me and Tammy both had 15.85, not sure how Kim ended up with more….

I felt okay once I got over to my vehicle, downed about half a can of ice cold Diet Mt. Dew and stretched, my back was still nagging me, but I was so glad we were through.  It was still nice out, the temperature was now about 78 and the Farmer’s Market was open and in full swing.

We all grabbed some coffee drinks and sat outside next to Tom and Hobbit, where we now may be running the Tupelo Half Marathon on September 6th.  Kim is already running the full and I was already going with her, but seems like there is a lot of people going from the Marathon Group and it sounds like a fun time.  We shall see.

My Garmin total time was 2:48:xx, which is an average pace of 10:35, too fast.  I looked at the laps and some were right around 10 minute miles, while others were around 11, so no consistency whatsoever!  Not sure how to do that.

I’m really enjoying the cool mornings again, but today it was not cool when I stepped outside to get the paper, it was back to muggy, so maybe the summer will stick around for another 6 months, wouldn’t that be nice?  I don’t even want to think about winter at all.

Yesterday afternoon I headed to my Mother’s house in Carlisle where she was grilling and had a great Birthday feast.  I stayed way too long and couldn’t wait to get home and take a nap!  I did get a quick nap in around 6pm, but it was almost too late for a nap and I felt groggy the rest of the evening, it may have something to do with all that food I ate!  But I enjoyed every bite and felt no guilt at all!

Today rest and I’m going to try and not eat everything in the house like I normally do on Sunday, then I pay for it on Monday morning.


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  1. Oh you….I’m pretty much thinking I will dot he Tupelo 14.2….I am as shocked as you are, if only it weren’t for that dang long drive! Yesterday’s run went better than anticipated for me and I was grateful, considering Thursday’s and Friday’s runs were not the best…I guess you never know…
    PS Thanks for the refreshing Mountain Dew!

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