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Lots of stuff going on, a big change from a couple of months ago.  I didn’t get the job I wanted they went with someone else, at least they were nice enough to call.  Went on another interview and I had to turn it down before it even got to the offer stage, pay was WAY TOO LOW!  I may not be saying that in another few months!

Running is good, can’t ask for better weather, makes me worry about winter though, if our summer is this mild does that mean our winter will be extra cold?  I hope not.

Ran with Tammy and Kim on Monday morning, it was so nice and cool, if I would have had more time I could have run some extra!  Tammy told me last night she did run some more when she got home.  Which makes me say, hmmm, isn’t she the one who was questioning me about making our loop a little longer on Monday?  Hmmm.

Last night was the Running Clinic and as usual I was dreading it all day, I don’t know why I dread it so much, well, it is hard and it should be, we don’t pay for easy!  Our workout was ramped up a bit, Coach Dennis wanted to stretch the rubber band as he calls it, take us into the Interval Threshold for longer than usual.  I don’t mind the Interval Pace, actual somewhere deep inside I really like pushing myself that hard, but I don’t like it for anything over 200 meters, cause it is tough.  Last night we had a total of 8 – 200’s at interval pace, 4 of them were in the middle of a 400 where you would try and run the first 200 at Lactate Threshold and the last 200 at Interval Pace, that was hard for me to do, I kept running my LT pace to fast and then would really push on the Interval pace.

Of course you are out there by yourself and I’m always in some sort of lala land, after my first 200 at Interval Pace Coach Dennis met me when I was doing my slow jog between 200’s and said I want you to start driving your arms more, it will make you run faster but you won’t be expending any more energy.  HA!  I did it on the last 3 – 200’s each one was about 7 seconds faster than my normal Interval Pace and I think I was expending more energy!  I was definitely huffing and puffing.  7 seconds doesn’t sound like much, but believe me when you are running it’s a lot!  Thank goodness that was the end of  my workout, I only had my cool down left.  I ended up with 5.65 miles with an average pace of 9:35, fast for me.

Well, it’s done, Kim, Tammy and I are headed to Tupelo, MS, Elvis Presley’s birthplace for the Tupelo Marathon on September 5th, Kim had already signed up for the Marathon so Tammy and I are running the 14.2 mile race, more than a Half so they don’t call it a half.  We are looking forward to it, should be lots of fun.  There are a lot of folks from the Little Rock Marathon Training Group who are going and last night Tammy said she heard our Superstar Leah say she was going too.

Tomorrow I go back to the dentist to finish my root canal, ugh, really dreading it, even though I had no pain or discomfort last time, I just don’t want to go and fork over money and then I have to get a new crown too, which is the most expensive part.  This is not the time to be forking over hundreds of dollars for dental work.  Thank goodness I have the COBRA plan, it helps for sure!

Another thing or two, I’m hungry all the time, I eat all the time!  I think I have a worm, I can’t be this hungry all the time, I eat all day, just about every hour I’m looking for something to eat!

I went to the Doctor about my back, I’m sick of having this unknown pain under my shoulder blade when I’m running, well, no luck, he had no idea, he thinks maybe a pinched nerve, but he said he is really not sure and wants to consult with a Neurologist, so that appoint is later in September.  Oh, and he called me a skinny white girl, that made my day, weird I know.  The context was about osteoporosis and how I’m more susceptible.

Oh, and my skin is getting old looking, I am old and there is nothing I can do about it, I don’t think you can get new skin.


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