Crappy week

I’m just blah, it was just a crappy week.  The boss was out-of-town all week and everyone at the office was doing nothing, I was “supposed” to be in charge, but they just blew me off and that pissed me off.  Stupid people.

Running was good for the most part, first part of the week it was rainy and humid, but by the end of the week less humid and a little cooler.

Went to the doctor about my back pain when I run, nada, he didn’t know what it was either, this was the neurologist and he wants me to have a full body bone scan, I have COBRA insurance which will pay 80%, but I haven’t met my $1000 deductible yet, UGH, so have the scan or not have the scan?  I think it may be a waste of time and money.

My Aunt was diagnosed with eye cancer, I won’t go into all the details, but she had a spot on her eye for years and it developed into cancer.  She’s my fav and it really has me down in the dumps.

I have a marathon to run in 5 weeks, OMG!  Are you kidding me!  Holy Cow!!  I don’t know if I can do it, seriously.  Saturday Tammy and I decided to tackle our first of two 20-milers on our marathon schedule.  It was not easy by any means, but no one cried, got run over or lost a limb, so it was a success.

The daunting 20 miler started with a 2 page route sheet, 2 PAGES, I think we ran part of every course we have ever run in both Little Rock and North Little Rock.  Well, not really, but it was damned close!  Arts Center, Governor’s Mansion, Central High, Capitol, Kavanaugh, Riverfront, Titus Trail, Broadway Bridge, Downtown North Little Rock,  River Trail, River Market, Clinton Library, all the sights.

If I don’t tell this funny Tammy will kill me – We stopped at LaQunita for a bathroom break early on, probably 3 or 4 miles in, I really didn’t HAVE to go, but knew I would not have another chance until around mile 10 or so.  I went in, quick break and back out, adjusting my shirt, skirt and panties, mind you it’s right around 6am and I say outloud – “at least my panties aren’t wet ” and there was this guy sitting right there on the curb using his phone, I did not see him until I had already stuck my foot in my mouth.  I can just imagine what he thought.  It was funny and we laughed about it on and off all day.  “at least my panties aren’t wet”  HAHA.  Okay in case you DON’T know, it’s usually really hot and my panties are usually soaked with sweat, but it was cool on Saturday morning and it was still early, hadn’t had time to sweat them through yet 🙂  It’s a pain to try and get them situated once you pull them down if they are wet!

Our run was 20 miles, I can’t say it was bad and I can’t say it was good, it was 20 miles.  3 hours 38 minutes and 20 seconds of running.  We were tired, achy, bitchy, hungry, sweaty and anything else you want to add to that list.  The last couple of miles really sucked.  I think it really hurt us that we ran 18 like a month ago and since then it’s been 16, 14, 16…. or something like that.  Who knows, 20 sucks no matter when you do it.  But we did it, it’s over, I just don’t know how the hell I’m going to run 26 miles in 5 weeks.  Shit.


It was a dark & scary 16 miler

Or at least it started out that way… The days are really getting a lot shorter!  This week we were going to do either 16 or 18 miles, but we had a 16 mile route Tammy had gotten from Hobbit so we could start our run early in order for her to do a 5-K walk with her mother at 9am.  So we all decided to meet at the scheduled training spot this week, the Surgery Center or ADEQ building, either way over by the River Trail.

We all drove separate cars and arrived promptly at 5:15 am.  It’s pitch black except for the street lights, but in this area nothing is going on, it’s all industrial and very, very quiet.  We strap on our 5 lb fuel belts, grab our hats because of course there is a 40% chance of rain once again, while we are strapping on all our gear I look out at the street and I see a critter, hmm, what the hell is that? I say, a skunk?  No the girls say, oh I think so, no it’s not a skunk, then it turns to walk down the street because it did have it’s back to us and low and behold, a skunk, oh shit.  I’m not really too concerned because in my brain if you don’t bother it, it won’t bother you, but it seems to want to go the same way we are going.  We are walking through the parking lot toward the street and it decides to come over toward the parking lot instead of the street so we are sort of weaving our way back toward the hospital away from the said skunk and it stops at a gutter, hmm, maybe it’s going into the gutter.  Then Kim says she left her Garmin on my truck so we luckily have to turn around and go back and retrieve it, while we were gone the skunk found somewhere to hide.  Whew, one disaster averted.

Finally off and running, it’s probably 5:30 by now, late start.  We turn the corner on the first street and BAM I grab Kim’s arm because I see 3 deer to my left that start running right in front of us.  That scares Kim and Tammy, not the deer, but me grabbing Kim’s arm which in turn makes her scream and that scares Tammy who makes some sort of noise.  The deer just darted right across the street into another field.  I guess we disturbed their breakfast.  Hell, we havent’ even been running for 5 minutes!

Off again and we still have street lights until about the end of mile 1, then nada, no moon since it’s cloudy and threatening rain.  We all have those clip on LED lights which are clipped on our fuel belts, Tammy’s is a hat clip on, but the lights just bounce because of course we are running, but thank goodness we were all smart enough to bring them.  We were running three across, slow, we could see okay, but running in the dark that early in the morning  in a place we don’t run everyday was challenging to say the least.

We heard this cries from some sort of animal over in the woods, God only knows what that was, but I knew we would be turning that way soon, safety in numbers, right?  I think we saw 2 cars coming from the Dam before we turned off on the dark abyss called Isabella Jo Road.  This road is all overgrown, vegetation right up to the trail and all the trees are over the road above your head so even if there were moonlight it wouldn’t get through, dark, very dark even with our lights.  Oh I forgot to mention right before we turned off on Isabella Jo we saw another herd of deer grazing, they just stared at us and I think we had a conversation about deer attacks. Smart.  Oh and Kim mentioned mountain lions BEFORE she knew we were turning down the tunnel of darkness.

It was creepy dark, but that part of the trail went by quick!  You didn’t notice anything but where your feet were landing and concentrating on looking for critters or attack deer.  We finally turned off onto the wooden bridge that would take us back to the main River Trail and what happened next?  Rain.

Oh yeah, we were 3 miles into our run with critter sightings, heart pumping screams and now rain, great.  Well, luckily it only rained for a few minutes and let up, we lucked out on that one!  Right before the rain we were tooling along and we hear a voice “blah blah left”  Tammy and I both screamed or jumped or something, there was some crazy cyclist out there in the dark with this barely working headlamp on his bike that scared the crap out of us and I guess Kim didn’t hear him right away because she had this delayed reaction, screamed and grabbed my arm, I’m surprised we all didn’t pee our running skirts.  What an eventual first few miles!

After the rain we could see a little better, there weren’t as many trees and the trail was wet which made it more visible, I tried to turn off my light a few times, but for the most part we had to leave them on until around mile 5 when daylight FINALLY made an appearance, it was such a relief not to be so tense and wary of everything around us.

Our route took us through Burns Park which was a nice distraction from the River Trail, just a few miles and then back to the monotony.  We ran to the Skatepark made our turnaround, YIPPEE, had a fuel/bathroom/stretch break and headed back, the best part.  We saw Arland, Annette and Michele when we were at mile 13.5, we always see someone we know on the Trail, they were apparently doing a 20 miler!  We didn’t stop, I was afraid to stop anymore, my joints, all of them were throbbing, my feet, back and knees, how the hell will I run a whole marathon in 6 weeks?  I have no idea.

We made it back, Kim and I had talked about adding 2 more miles on to get 18, but once I saw our cars, no way.  We stretched, Tammy headed out pretty quickly to get to her 5-K walk, grabbed our ice cold traditional Diet Mt. Dew’s, said our good-bye’s and within 10 minutes it was raining.  Dodged that bullet.

We survived another long run, this one a little scarier than others, not as tough as last weeks, but still tough, no bathroom issues which was wonderful!  Still had to stop and pee though, probably could have held it, but why?  There were real bathrooms.  It was very humid, not that hot, but I was sweat soaked when we got through, glad once again it was over.  Next week we will try for 20 miles, I think.

Tough 16 miler

Yesterday was yet again another long run, how the hell will I ever be able to run a Marathon, in 2 months for that matter?  All long runs are tough to me, I can truly say I have never had an easy long run, do they ever get easy?  or I guess if they were easy everyone would do them….

I do know that I don’t die afterwards like I used to, that’s a good thing, but I wanted nothing more than to get that shit over with yesterday, my back hurt, my feet hurt, behind my left knee hurt, the arch of my left foot hurt and still hurts, both knees hurt, ugh, it was a complete pain fest!

Kim and Tammy both had their own issues yesterday, I think all three of us were in our own little pain worlds, we didn’t talk much and if we did I think it was so we could make the time go by faster.  Kim was still recovering from her Marathon last weekend and Tammy’s hip had been causing her problems all week.  Plus the weather was not optimal like it was the last time we did this same route.  We had ventured away from the Little Rock Marathon Training Group this week to be close to Murray Park for a Diabetes Walk that Tammy was going to do with her Mother after our run then come to find out it is next weekend, but too late to change our plans, route planning and the whole mind set thing.

So, we started early 5:30 am, met at Harvest Foods on Cantrell Road, deserted parking lot, 5 pound fuel belts loaded on and we were off.  I think the temperature was probably in the low to mid 70’s with a very high humidity, we had a very high probability for rain and we were all either sporting hats or had them attached to our fuel belts, just in case.

No one said much the first couple of miles, this stretch of road is damned boring, 4 miles of blahness, thank goodness it was dark, I think it’s better in the darkness, I watch more where I’m running instead of the nothingness.  We finally made it to the Big Dam Bridge where it was still dark, we are probably mile 4.5 at the top of the bridge where the clouds were very ominous and low, not a good sign.  We decided on the other side of the bridge to take our first fuel break.

Once we finished our fuel break we were off again.  I kept thinking ahead, okay through the soccer fields, back on the river trail, over main street bridge, through downtown, up cantrell and we are done.  Sounds simple, but it was tough, but I had to keep it simple in my head to get through the miles.  We did take a few walk breaks and fuel breaks, thank goodness.  When we got to the Main Street Bridge we almost ended up in the middle of the Rolling on the River 5K, we were there about 8:15 the race was starting at 8:30, lots of kids and goings on, we had to go right through there set up just to get up the stairs to the bridge.  It was a nice distraction, but we only had about 3 miles to go!

Those were the tough miles, when you know you have just a few miles, they drag on and on and on.  We did get one more distraction at the Doubletree Hotel’s water fountain, someone had added bubbles and it was awesome, looked like a huge bubble bath, I wanted to jump in and soak my entire body.  We all stopped and stuck our hands in it for some reason, just to test the water temperature, it was cold, but felt good.

We joked for a couple of minutes about coming back and soaking our feet in the fountain and what the cops would say when they came, another little distraction, 2 miles to go.

The last two miles I just wanted to get it done!  Everything hurt and I didn’t want to stop, my back was worse and stopping brought on this horrible wave of nausea, who knows what the hell that is, but I knew if I kept running it would be over soon, just not soon enough.  Kim came up beside me on the last mile and said it was worse than the last mile of the marathon, I can only imagine!  Around mile 7 she was saying she didn’t want to do the run, but since we were doing a loop the route back was just as bad as finishing.

Well, we did finish, of course, we stretched for a lot longer than we normally do, downed our ice cold Diet Mt. Dew’s and headed home.  Tammy and I stopped at Starbucks before I dropped her off, once I got home I ate whatever I could find and then contemplated mowing the yard, it was the last thing I wanted to do.  But, eventually I drug out the lawnmower and mowed the front yard, swept the drive, sidewalk and street, the leaves are already piling up.  Also, had to rake on the side of the house, ended up with one bag of nothing but leaves!  After that I finally got a shower, I was disgusting, I was completely sweat soaked from the run and then the dust and grime from the yard work, yuck, stinky girl.

The rest of the day was nada, just piddling around the house, eating a lot!  I did weigh myself and lost 1 1/2 pounds from Friday to after Saturday’s run, don’t you worry though, it was back this morning!

Rest day today, lots of housework to do, which I hate.

Thanks for a 4 day week!

Labor day, gotta love it, it’s been a short week and thank goodness!  I couldn’t stand another day at work, it’s really getting to me, but still thankful for that paycheck!  AND – exposed to the Swine Flu by a new Applicant, at least she called and told me!

It’s been a mixed week of running, I ran solo on Thursday and thank goodness, it was HORRIBLE!  I want go into the nasty details, but only got in about 3 1/2 miles, it was just not a good day for me.

Today Kim came over and we did our 5 1/2 mile loop, it was much better than Thursday, walking would have been better on Thursday!  It was very humid, about 75 and DARK, it was still dark when we got back at 6:30am.  Our pace was slow which was fine and dandy with me.  Kim is still recovering from her Marathon on Sunday, probably shouldn’t have been running as much as she did, but she is a machine!

Tomorrow is another 16 mile run, I thought we were doing 18, so I’m pumped for the 16 and I’m learning to get myself psyched up for my long run by telling myself the next day is a REST DAY, that’s what I really look forward to!  We are doing the River Trail loop tomorrow, it’s pretty flat, another plus and there are bathrooms, and yet another plus.  The only downfall for tomorrow is the chance for rain.  Only about 30% when we start, but steadily increases throughout the morning, we shall keep our proverbial fingers crossed.

I have a picture to post of the Tupelo Marathon, but it won’t let me copy, so I think it will just be a link.  It’s me coming across the finish line, you will notice an orange hat hooked to my fuel belt, it’s Kim’s, she handed it off to me at 13.1 miles, so I have two hats hitting my ass!

Tupelo 14.2 miler

Tupelo 14.2 miler

Ok, I was able to do a screen print, hmm.

Running Clinic Tuesday

Tuesday is always my running clinic night and last night it was in North Little Rock, yippee, no hectic driving all the way to Cabot AND from now on it will be in NLR, most of the people are from NLR or work in the area, more convenient for everyone!  Thank you Coach Dennis!

It was a tough clinic, especially coming off the Tupelo 14.2 miler on Sunday.  Coach spent some time with the fast dudes and then talked to Tammy about her hip and gave her a modified workout, next it was just us intermediate runners, he did tell me I could cut out one of the 400 and 200 meter laps if I wanted to, but ended up doing them all even though it was hard.

I arrived at the track early and headed out on the streets instead of the track for a 2 mile warm-up, at first I was very tight, my quads especially, but after about 3/4 of a mile I warmed up and felt pretty good.  Our workout was probably the hardest one I can remember, or maybe I say that every week?  5 minutes at Lactate Threshold Pace (LT), 800 meters first half at LT pace second 400 at Interval Pace, then 3 x 400 meters at Interval Pace followed by 4 x 200 meters with 200 meter jogs in between at Interval Pace.  It was the 3 x 400’s at Interval Pace that was the hardest for me.

I ended up with about 5.6 miles with an average pace of 9:29, I was glad I didn’t have to do another lap when it was over, I was spent and starving!  Tammy left really early, not sure what her workout was, but guessing it was just relaxed pace for a couple of miles, her hip must have really been acting up.  She was chatting it up with Jeff when I arrived so we really didn’t get to talk at all.

Today is definitely a rest day, recovering from the speed work and the 14.2 miles in Tupelo, but I plan on getting back on track tomorrow, looks like the next few days could provide rain on some of our runs, who knows, but it has been a lot hotter than last week for sure, it was about 90 degrees last night!  That played a part in the fatigue as well.

Until next time!

Tupelo Race Report

What a great weekend!  Part of the race sucked for me, but we really had a lot of fun on our Tupelo, MS trip.  I had packed most everything Friday night, except running shoes and handy dandy Garmin since we were all supposed to do a 6 mile run Saturday morning with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group.  Around 4:30am Saturday I could hear the thunder and rain, ugh.  I certainly didn’t want to worry about drying my shoes out for Sunday’s race.  When I got up it was only sprinkling, but I got a text from Kim, she was staying home, didn’t want to chance it since she was running the full marathon on Sunday.  She really didn’t need to be running at all, but she is a stubborn runner!

I did my usual run up and down my street prior to leaving and it had already quit raining!  Yippee!  But the forecast was not looking that great for Sunday in Tupelo, 30% at 5am (race start time) and 50% by 8am, Kim would still be out on the course.  We were not looking forward to rain or as the forecast predicted isolated thunderstorms.

I picked up Tammy and we did the 6 mile course at the River Market, I thought it was a great run, especially since we are used to running much further on Saturdays, it was a treat to get back early with the normal folks.  We grabbed coffee at Boulevard Bread, which I must say was oh so delish and headed home to finishing our packing, Kim was due to pick us up at my house around 10-10:30.  We did make a stop at the Argenta Farmer’s Market which I really enjoy, the farmers are so nice and knowledgeable, I bought some baby okra to cook.  Yum.

Kim arrived around 10:15 and Tammy soon after, loaded up the pimp mobile (Josh’s car) and headed to Starbuck’s.  First stop and we weren’t even 5 minutes into the trip!  We laughed about this stop more than once on the trip.  Tammy and Kim got out of the front seats, shut the doors and started walking into Starbuck’s as I was digging for my wallet I realized I couldn’t get out of the backseat, some sort of child proofing crap.  I was banging on the windows (which are blacked out) and they don’t hear me so I bang louder, this guy who is getting out of the car next to ours is obviously trying to see inside the car but can’t, and I’m still banging away and he hollers at the girls, Hey there’s someone banging on the window!  It was hilarious, Kim unlocks the door and lets me out.  They were rolling with laughter, it was the big joke of the weekend.

Coffee in hand, headed to Tupelo.  It’s about a 4 hour drive from my house and we made a couple of bathroom stops, I think we got there around 2:30ish, it really didn’t seem to take that long, we had a lot of fun talking on the way down.  Things that stay in the car and don’t get repeated!  We found our hotel, dropped our bags off and headed to the packet pickup, by this time we were starving and ended up at Atlanta Bread Company, we all ate well and then we headed to Wal-Mart for LED lights since we would be running in the pitch dark.  We also found clearance chewing gum that we stocked up on too, that was another laugh fest.

We didn’t get in bed early enough, we didn’t sleep enough, and we didn’t get up early enough either because we almost missed the start of the race.  We set the alarm for 10 till 4, ugh, early.  I was in the bathroom before the alarm went off, we were all a little sluggish, but after taking a peek outside our spirits were lifted, it wasn’t raining!

We estimated 10 minutes to the race start spot, but we were scrambling to get out of the hotel, we had also parked too far away because of a fair and wedding going on next door and at the hotel the night before, so that took more time, I think when we got in the car it was 15 till 5.  I was just hoping my stomach would behave itself, normally on a race I don’t have problems, today would not be one of those days.

I did run around the hotel with Tammy prior to us leaving and that helped, but I was just too rushed, should have gotten to the race start earlier.  We had to park quite a way from the start we were all in a twitter, getting our fuel belts on, Garmins started, LED lights adjusted, it was now just a couple of minutes until 5am, we could see all the runners at the start line.  We had chips on our shoes, but at the time we didn’t know there was not a mat at the start line.

Once we got into the crowd we ran into Tom our Little Rock Marathon Training Guru from our Saturday morning runs, he’s probably the main reason Tammy and I were running this race, lots of Little Rock runners in the mix.  He had not run the course before either, but he did tell us that he checked the weather prior to leaving his hotel and chances were down to 10%, WooHoo!!  There was a full moon and that really helped light up the route too.

As soon as we started running I knew I should have gone to the bathroom again, but I knew there would be port-a-potties somewhere on the route and I wasn’t in dire need yet, but as soon as I saw one I was going to take full advantage.  Unfortunately for me, it was going to be a long wait.

We were keeping a good pace and Tammy was right behind us, I knew she wanted to use this as a training run and I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, what I really wanted was to run at a comfortably fast pace for me, around 9:45-10:00 miles.  We were keeping about a 10:00 pace the first couple of miles, I kept glancing back and I could keep my sights on Tammy.

The route was very rural, the first water stop was around mile 3 and I thought, oh good, there will be a port-a-potty, NOT.  Holy cow, what now, I really needed to go and the pressure was getting worse, not cramping or anything, but I couldn’t talk, couldn’t drink my Cytomax, couldn’t eat, nothing, I just kept running.  Kim would say something every once in awhile, but she knew, we have run together long enough.  I couldn’t even look back for Tammy any more, I just had to focus on getting to the next mile, and the next, my mind was on nothing else.

At mile 5 there was another water stop, I asked the girl, where’s the port-a-potty, she says “at mile 5 and 8”, oh hell, we were at mile 5!! and there was no way in hell I could make it to mile 8, but I ran for another mile and then told Kim to go on, I had to walk and I knew this would be my downfall.  I then looked behind me for Tammy and didn’t see her, I had no idea how far back she was, but all I wanted was that stinking bathroom!

There was another water stop about mile 6.75 and I didn’t even ask about the bathroom, but that’s where Tammy caught up to me, she said something like “Shocking”, wasn’t sure what she meant, but at that point, couldn’t care less.  So walk, run, walk, run, and BEHOLD and port-a-potty and mile 6.91,  “thank you God, thank you God”.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one having problems, because people were in those 2 things for a few minutes if you get my drift.  As I was standing there I was watching my Garmin, 10:15, 10:20, 10:27, 10:32, crap, I will never make up this time.  Finally, my turn.  HALLELUJAH!!!  Believe me, I wasn’t in there long, but when I walked out my Garmin’s average pace was now at 11:02, how the hell will I ever get it back up to 10:00, I won’t, but I can push the hell out of it and I did.

I started pushing it, I kept looking for Tammy and it took me forever to find her, maybe around mile 12 or so, I talked to her for a couple of minutes and started trying to push it again, but I was getting tired, I had not eaten anything, no fuel, just a little Cytomax after I got out of the john.  I just couldn’t stomach it for some reason, no fuel equals no energy.  At mile 13.1 I saw Kim coming back the other direction, the Marathon course was the same as ours, but when they got to the end they turned around and ran it backwards.  I took her hat from her since it was obviously not going to rain and she said her 13.1 time was 2:12, that would give me an idea as to when she would be finished.  She was making excellent time!

This was a 14.2 mile course, so only 1 more mile to go!  I was still passing a few people and it felt good to do so, but I was still kicking myself in the ass for eating all the crap I did the day before, certain it was what caused my stomach to act up, I know better.  My finish time was 2:26:24, average pace 10:16, I made up a lot of ground, but I was semi-happy considering.  Tammy was right behind me.  We got our super cool medals, a snack and headed to the car to drop our fuel belts and grab an ice cold Diet Mt. Dew.

Once back down at the finish line we were able to see Leah and the other super fast Marathon finishers.  We also were entertained for quite awhile sitting close to the finish line, watching people barf, almost pass out, leg cramps, bitch, dogs run it, you name it.

We also watched the awards for the 14.2 mile race, which I didn’t win a thing, but had this been a normal age group award I would have!  It was 40 and over, so I was 5th.  In the Men’s age group it was 40-49 and six deep, only 3 deep in the women, and another thing there were 131 women and only 100 men in the race, I yell discrimination, I want an award!  LOL.  Maybe next time!

We mingled with the Little Rock Marathon peeps, took some photos, and waited for Kim to come in, I was expecting her around 9:45ish, figuring she would slow a bit in her last half, but her she came about 9:35, she was doing great!  We got some great pictures of her coming in, we didn’t stay long after she got in, talked just a bit with Tom then headed to Starbucks, then the hotel for showers.  It seemed like it was about 1pm when it wasn’t even 11am when we got back to the hotel.  Tammy and I snagged some breakfast while Kim was showering.  We all got our showers, packed and headed home.

We were all exhausted, I’m sure Kim was especially, she just ran a Marathon!!  I was beat last night, in bed by 9pm, it was nice to sleep in this morning, thank goodness for holidays.  We really had an excellent weekend, makes me look forward to our Marathon in November.

Here are my mile times –

  1. 10:30
  2. 10:07
  3. 10:02
  4. 10:09
  5. 9:52
  6. 10:19
  7. 16:31   Finally – Port-a-Potty
  8. 9:52
  9. 9:36
  10. 9:21
  11. 9:15
  12. 9:23
  13. 9:44
  14. 9:21
  15. 9:04

Whacky Wednesday

Trying to update my blog more often, it’s hard, considering I only have about 2 hours a day to devote to getting crap done around the house which includes my blog and my computer is the last thing I want to touch.  But, making an effort.

Wednesday was a whacky day, first off I was taking the morning off from my temp job to help my brother-in-law put a cover on a swimming pool, it was one of those super duper ones that you can walk on, so anchors have to be drilled, springs attached, cover stretched, etc.

I was supposed to meet him between 7:30-7:45 at the Shell station on Hwy 10, I pulled in at 7:30, looked around no Richard and parked.  I thought it was odd, he is always early.  After about 10 minutes and still no bro-in-law I decided to drive up into the Pleasant Ridge Shopping Center and see if he was parked up there.  No, so I parked again at the Shell station, I was just getting ready to call him when I saw his truck on the opposite side of the gas station and drove over.  He said he had been there since 7:30.  We had somehow missed each other and wasted 15 minutes.  I hopped in the work truck and we were off.

Way out Hwy 10 to Garrison Road and up, up, up to some very nice houses in a gated community.  The morning was super nice, I even had on a hoodie jacket, which came off after about 15 minutes of work.  We had to first remove the old tarp from the pool, rescued a turtle out of the drain, he was big, no telling how long he was in there.  Then we rescued a baby snake that was in the tarp, Richard was going to step on him, but I said no, throw him in the woods, it’s a very wooded area, the owner said there are so many deer you can’t even count them all.

We were there until around 11am putting on the cover, it took awhile to get all the anchors drilled, springs attached to the straps (my job), anchors set (my job) and then stretch the cover, both our jobs.  Lots of squatting up and down for a couple of hours, paying for it today.  Once we left there we were going to finish putting in a pool liner at another job, but luckily the liner wasn’t in so I headed to the temp job.

They owed me 5 1/2 hours from last week, so I used 4 of those hours yesterday morning, double dipping :), nice.  So I was able to work 5 more hours at the temp job and got a lot accomplished.  I had thrown some jeans in my car and thank goodness they didn’t mind at work, saved some time not driving back home to change.  We will finish the pool liner at lunch today.

Last night was the running clinic, this week it was in Cabot, long drive for me, about 50 minutes yesterday, still I think it’s worth it.  We weren’t able to use the track some sort of Football game going on, that meant we were at the Community Center across the street, Plan B.  Smaller group than normal, but still I think there was 8 of us.

The weather was just perfect, 75 degrees and not humid at all, it was actually nice not being on the track even though we did have to deal with cars, running on the track is fine, but it is really boring to me.

Coach Dennis ran with all of us for the first loop to show us where the 200, 400 and 800 meter marks where, that was pretty cool, all of us pretty much running together.   After the first loop I continued to warm up and then Dennis asked if I would show Sonja the markers so I ran with her for a loop too.  After that I decided to go ahead and start my workout.

Last night’s workout was a combination of 200s and 400s, Coach Dennis was pushing me to drive my arms, which of course makes me run faster and it felt good!  I love the 200s, I could do all 200s, you can keep the 400s.  On the 400s we were supposed to run the first 200 at Lactate Threshold pace and the last 200 at Interval Pace, Coach was standing just before the 200 mark so as I would get close he would say I want to see a huge different when you hit the 200 mark.  I knew what that meant, FAST, drive those arms, and I did.  It was one of my best workouts at the clinic.  I felt good when I was finished and enjoyed the clinic, I probably could have done more!

When I looked at my Garmin I was a little surprised, on all of my fast laps my fastest paces were in the 7 minute mile area!!  Me??  No way!!  True, on lap 3 – 7:18, lap 4 – 7:16, lap 5 – 7:18 and lap 6 – 7:41.  I’m sure it was just a burst of speed and there is no way I could ever run that fast for longer than a burst, but it was nice to see for a slow old chick like me.  Of course my warm up and cool downs bring my average pace way down and I ended up with 5.65 miles at 9:43 average pace.

No running this morning, my inside thighs are sore, probably from the pool cover work I did yesterday and all that damned squatting, but not too bad.

This weekend we are still on for Tupelo, we are making a stop in Memphis to see a friend of mine I used to work with, excited about the whole weekend, it will be nice to do something different!