Whacky Wednesday

Trying to update my blog more often, it’s hard, considering I only have about 2 hours a day to devote to getting crap done around the house which includes my blog and my computer is the last thing I want to touch.  But, making an effort.

Wednesday was a whacky day, first off I was taking the morning off from my temp job to help my brother-in-law put a cover on a swimming pool, it was one of those super duper ones that you can walk on, so anchors have to be drilled, springs attached, cover stretched, etc.

I was supposed to meet him between 7:30-7:45 at the Shell station on Hwy 10, I pulled in at 7:30, looked around no Richard and parked.  I thought it was odd, he is always early.  After about 10 minutes and still no bro-in-law I decided to drive up into the Pleasant Ridge Shopping Center and see if he was parked up there.  No, so I parked again at the Shell station, I was just getting ready to call him when I saw his truck on the opposite side of the gas station and drove over.  He said he had been there since 7:30.  We had somehow missed each other and wasted 15 minutes.  I hopped in the work truck and we were off.

Way out Hwy 10 to Garrison Road and up, up, up to some very nice houses in a gated community.  The morning was super nice, I even had on a hoodie jacket, which came off after about 15 minutes of work.  We had to first remove the old tarp from the pool, rescued a turtle out of the drain, he was big, no telling how long he was in there.  Then we rescued a baby snake that was in the tarp, Richard was going to step on him, but I said no, throw him in the woods, it’s a very wooded area, the owner said there are so many deer you can’t even count them all.

We were there until around 11am putting on the cover, it took awhile to get all the anchors drilled, springs attached to the straps (my job), anchors set (my job) and then stretch the cover, both our jobs.  Lots of squatting up and down for a couple of hours, paying for it today.  Once we left there we were going to finish putting in a pool liner at another job, but luckily the liner wasn’t in so I headed to the temp job.

They owed me 5 1/2 hours from last week, so I used 4 of those hours yesterday morning, double dipping :), nice.  So I was able to work 5 more hours at the temp job and got a lot accomplished.  I had thrown some jeans in my car and thank goodness they didn’t mind at work, saved some time not driving back home to change.  We will finish the pool liner at lunch today.

Last night was the running clinic, this week it was in Cabot, long drive for me, about 50 minutes yesterday, still I think it’s worth it.  We weren’t able to use the track some sort of Football game going on, that meant we were at the Community Center across the street, Plan B.  Smaller group than normal, but still I think there was 8 of us.

The weather was just perfect, 75 degrees and not humid at all, it was actually nice not being on the track even though we did have to deal with cars, running on the track is fine, but it is really boring to me.

Coach Dennis ran with all of us for the first loop to show us where the 200, 400 and 800 meter marks where, that was pretty cool, all of us pretty much running together.   After the first loop I continued to warm up and then Dennis asked if I would show Sonja the markers so I ran with her for a loop too.  After that I decided to go ahead and start my workout.

Last night’s workout was a combination of 200s and 400s, Coach Dennis was pushing me to drive my arms, which of course makes me run faster and it felt good!  I love the 200s, I could do all 200s, you can keep the 400s.  On the 400s we were supposed to run the first 200 at Lactate Threshold pace and the last 200 at Interval Pace, Coach was standing just before the 200 mark so as I would get close he would say I want to see a huge different when you hit the 200 mark.  I knew what that meant, FAST, drive those arms, and I did.  It was one of my best workouts at the clinic.  I felt good when I was finished and enjoyed the clinic, I probably could have done more!

When I looked at my Garmin I was a little surprised, on all of my fast laps my fastest paces were in the 7 minute mile area!!  Me??  No way!!  True, on lap 3 – 7:18, lap 4 – 7:16, lap 5 – 7:18 and lap 6 – 7:41.  I’m sure it was just a burst of speed and there is no way I could ever run that fast for longer than a burst, but it was nice to see for a slow old chick like me.  Of course my warm up and cool downs bring my average pace way down and I ended up with 5.65 miles at 9:43 average pace.

No running this morning, my inside thighs are sore, probably from the pool cover work I did yesterday and all that damned squatting, but not too bad.

This weekend we are still on for Tupelo, we are making a stop in Memphis to see a friend of mine I used to work with, excited about the whole weekend, it will be nice to do something different!


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  1. I wonder how your laps are set up on your Garmin? I thought the laps were = to a mile? Anyhoo, sounds like a good workout. I think it was cooler for you guys than it was for me,but there was a breeze at times that helped, I didn’t feel overheated or get insanely sweaty. I’m sure that was a nice change to get off the track. I wanted to go just for the change of scenery, but I just wanted to get that thing overwith! Did Dennis mention when the clinic would be over? I think the nice temps will really help us in the coming weeks!

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