Running Clinic Tuesday

Tuesday is always my running clinic night and last night it was in North Little Rock, yippee, no hectic driving all the way to Cabot AND from now on it will be in NLR, most of the people are from NLR or work in the area, more convenient for everyone!  Thank you Coach Dennis!

It was a tough clinic, especially coming off the Tupelo 14.2 miler on Sunday.  Coach spent some time with the fast dudes and then talked to Tammy about her hip and gave her a modified workout, next it was just us intermediate runners, he did tell me I could cut out one of the 400 and 200 meter laps if I wanted to, but ended up doing them all even though it was hard.

I arrived at the track early and headed out on the streets instead of the track for a 2 mile warm-up, at first I was very tight, my quads especially, but after about 3/4 of a mile I warmed up and felt pretty good.  Our workout was probably the hardest one I can remember, or maybe I say that every week?  5 minutes at Lactate Threshold Pace (LT), 800 meters first half at LT pace second 400 at Interval Pace, then 3 x 400 meters at Interval Pace followed by 4 x 200 meters with 200 meter jogs in between at Interval Pace.  It was the 3 x 400’s at Interval Pace that was the hardest for me.

I ended up with about 5.6 miles with an average pace of 9:29, I was glad I didn’t have to do another lap when it was over, I was spent and starving!  Tammy left really early, not sure what her workout was, but guessing it was just relaxed pace for a couple of miles, her hip must have really been acting up.  She was chatting it up with Jeff when I arrived so we really didn’t get to talk at all.

Today is definitely a rest day, recovering from the speed work and the 14.2 miles in Tupelo, but I plan on getting back on track tomorrow, looks like the next few days could provide rain on some of our runs, who knows, but it has been a lot hotter than last week for sure, it was about 90 degrees last night!  That played a part in the fatigue as well.

Until next time!


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