Thanks for a 4 day week!

Labor day, gotta love it, it’s been a short week and thank goodness!  I couldn’t stand another day at work, it’s really getting to me, but still thankful for that paycheck!  AND – exposed to the Swine Flu by a new Applicant, at least she called and told me!

It’s been a mixed week of running, I ran solo on Thursday and thank goodness, it was HORRIBLE!  I want go into the nasty details, but only got in about 3 1/2 miles, it was just not a good day for me.

Today Kim came over and we did our 5 1/2 mile loop, it was much better than Thursday, walking would have been better on Thursday!  It was very humid, about 75 and DARK, it was still dark when we got back at 6:30am.  Our pace was slow which was fine and dandy with me.  Kim is still recovering from her Marathon on Sunday, probably shouldn’t have been running as much as she did, but she is a machine!

Tomorrow is another 16 mile run, I thought we were doing 18, so I’m pumped for the 16 and I’m learning to get myself psyched up for my long run by telling myself the next day is a REST DAY, that’s what I really look forward to!  We are doing the River Trail loop tomorrow, it’s pretty flat, another plus and there are bathrooms, and yet another plus.  The only downfall for tomorrow is the chance for rain.  Only about 30% when we start, but steadily increases throughout the morning, we shall keep our proverbial fingers crossed.

I have a picture to post of the Tupelo Marathon, but it won’t let me copy, so I think it will just be a link.  It’s me coming across the finish line, you will notice an orange hat hooked to my fuel belt, it’s Kim’s, she handed it off to me at 13.1 miles, so I have two hats hitting my ass!

Tupelo 14.2 miler

Tupelo 14.2 miler

Ok, I was able to do a screen print, hmm.


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  1. Haha…guess two hats are better than two hands hitting your ass!!!

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