Tough 16 miler

Yesterday was yet again another long run, how the hell will I ever be able to run a Marathon, in 2 months for that matter?  All long runs are tough to me, I can truly say I have never had an easy long run, do they ever get easy?  or I guess if they were easy everyone would do them….

I do know that I don’t die afterwards like I used to, that’s a good thing, but I wanted nothing more than to get that shit over with yesterday, my back hurt, my feet hurt, behind my left knee hurt, the arch of my left foot hurt and still hurts, both knees hurt, ugh, it was a complete pain fest!

Kim and Tammy both had their own issues yesterday, I think all three of us were in our own little pain worlds, we didn’t talk much and if we did I think it was so we could make the time go by faster.  Kim was still recovering from her Marathon last weekend and Tammy’s hip had been causing her problems all week.  Plus the weather was not optimal like it was the last time we did this same route.  We had ventured away from the Little Rock Marathon Training Group this week to be close to Murray Park for a Diabetes Walk that Tammy was going to do with her Mother after our run then come to find out it is next weekend, but too late to change our plans, route planning and the whole mind set thing.

So, we started early 5:30 am, met at Harvest Foods on Cantrell Road, deserted parking lot, 5 pound fuel belts loaded on and we were off.  I think the temperature was probably in the low to mid 70’s with a very high humidity, we had a very high probability for rain and we were all either sporting hats or had them attached to our fuel belts, just in case.

No one said much the first couple of miles, this stretch of road is damned boring, 4 miles of blahness, thank goodness it was dark, I think it’s better in the darkness, I watch more where I’m running instead of the nothingness.  We finally made it to the Big Dam Bridge where it was still dark, we are probably mile 4.5 at the top of the bridge where the clouds were very ominous and low, not a good sign.  We decided on the other side of the bridge to take our first fuel break.

Once we finished our fuel break we were off again.  I kept thinking ahead, okay through the soccer fields, back on the river trail, over main street bridge, through downtown, up cantrell and we are done.  Sounds simple, but it was tough, but I had to keep it simple in my head to get through the miles.  We did take a few walk breaks and fuel breaks, thank goodness.  When we got to the Main Street Bridge we almost ended up in the middle of the Rolling on the River 5K, we were there about 8:15 the race was starting at 8:30, lots of kids and goings on, we had to go right through there set up just to get up the stairs to the bridge.  It was a nice distraction, but we only had about 3 miles to go!

Those were the tough miles, when you know you have just a few miles, they drag on and on and on.  We did get one more distraction at the Doubletree Hotel’s water fountain, someone had added bubbles and it was awesome, looked like a huge bubble bath, I wanted to jump in and soak my entire body.  We all stopped and stuck our hands in it for some reason, just to test the water temperature, it was cold, but felt good.

We joked for a couple of minutes about coming back and soaking our feet in the fountain and what the cops would say when they came, another little distraction, 2 miles to go.

The last two miles I just wanted to get it done!  Everything hurt and I didn’t want to stop, my back was worse and stopping brought on this horrible wave of nausea, who knows what the hell that is, but I knew if I kept running it would be over soon, just not soon enough.  Kim came up beside me on the last mile and said it was worse than the last mile of the marathon, I can only imagine!  Around mile 7 she was saying she didn’t want to do the run, but since we were doing a loop the route back was just as bad as finishing.

Well, we did finish, of course, we stretched for a lot longer than we normally do, downed our ice cold Diet Mt. Dew’s and headed home.  Tammy and I stopped at Starbucks before I dropped her off, once I got home I ate whatever I could find and then contemplated mowing the yard, it was the last thing I wanted to do.  But, eventually I drug out the lawnmower and mowed the front yard, swept the drive, sidewalk and street, the leaves are already piling up.  Also, had to rake on the side of the house, ended up with one bag of nothing but leaves!  After that I finally got a shower, I was disgusting, I was completely sweat soaked from the run and then the dust and grime from the yard work, yuck, stinky girl.

The rest of the day was nada, just piddling around the house, eating a lot!  I did weigh myself and lost 1 1/2 pounds from Friday to after Saturday’s run, don’t you worry though, it was back this morning!

Rest day today, lots of housework to do, which I hate.


2 Responses

  1. That pretty much sums it up…if you were in pain, no one could hide it well. I always feel like a big baby because you just keep truckin along! I’m glad that sucker is over, I came home yesterday and did my spin bike for about 30 minutes, it felt good to work out some of that hip soreness. Just a little today, but not too bad. I set my alarm for 4:30 to call work, and totaly don’t even remember it going off! I didn’t wake up until my mom called me at 9:45 and I still could have gone back to sleep! I was thinking the same thing yesterday, about running 26 miles VERY SOON…..ugh…one mile at a time!

  2. That’s fantastic! I did 15.5 yesterday. WTG

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