4 week Marathon Countdown

Already counting down to my Marathon on November 1, 4 weeks away! I can’t believe it’s right around the corner, it’s been over a year since I have run a marathon, yikes!

Bass Pro Marathon

Bass Pro Marathon

I guess this week was the start of the fall weather, which is nice, BUT it only lasts a few weeks and then BAM, winter, which I hate. I’m already hating my dilemma as to what to wear running every day, long sleeves, short sleeves, headband, no headband, gloves? Summer is so much easier, no decisions, tank, shorts, go.

Running was good this week until Thursday, thank goodness Kim was with me. We started out as usual, it was cool out, about 60 degrees, light wind, chilly just walking, but once we got to the lake we had warmed up. We were on our usual loop and had just crossed North Hills Blvd, about mile 4, still dark 5:45ish, the trees on this street keep the sidewalk mostly dark, I think all of us have almost fallen or tripped on this same section. As we got across the street and were running on the sidewalk I brought up my wrist to glance at my watch and BAM, I tripped over an uneven section of the sidewalk and went sliding forward, I could hear Kim ” C-H-E-R-Y-LLLL” it was in slow mo, it felt like I slid for 10 feet and it hurt like hell! When I finally quit sliding I had a torn up elbow, knee, knuckles on my left hand and palm on my right hand. Kim had some Kleenex so I was able to stop most of the gushing blood. She retrieved her water bottle which ended up way down the sidewalk, don’t know how that happened, mine was right there.

It took a few minutes for me to gather myself and when I stood up I felt all nauseated, my weak stomach! I had to sit down for a few seconds and everytime I would try and walk I would get dizzy. I guess we wasted a good 10 minutes or so. We finally walked up to the next street and we were starting to get chilled and I felt I could start running again, luckily I didn’t turn my ankle or break anything! We made it back in one piece, I jumped in the shower and Holy Cow! I made some horrible noises when the water hit all the scraped places, it was not pretty.

Friday the only soreness was really my elbow and wrist, my elbow is swollen and palm/wrist is pretty bruised. It was just me and Tammy on Friday, it was a little cooler yet again and we really should have had on long sleeves, it took almost 3 miles for me to get half way warmed up and yet my ears were still cold.

When I got home from work on Friday I had a nice little package waiting on me, NEW SHOES!!! I had ordered them last weekend and was really hoping to get them before the weekend but had doubts, I was stoked!! Happy Feet once again.

Kim couldn’t run with us on our long run this morning she had the early shift at work. I picked up Tammy and we headed to the River Market, our meet spot for this weeks Little Rock Marathon Training Group. There were lots, LOTS of people there this week. We had a 14 miler set for today, the weather last night called for it to be 49 at 6am, I had no idea if that was the case, but wore long sleeves, skirt, headband and gloves. I think I made the right choice today.

Our route today was mostly same ole, same ole, over the river and back and through a big part of the Marathon course, Governor’s Mansion, Central High, the Hood and back to the River Market. I think we had a decent run, Tammy was having some hip pain at the end, but we ended with an average pace of 10:30 per mile. No we can’t do that for the Marathon, I wish I could, but maybe some day when we are trained super duper athletes.

We had one funny today, we took a break close to mile 5 at a gas station in NLR, it’s not a super nice gas station and when we walked out this guy says “excuse me Miss, oh hell, you don’t have a cigarette you’re running!!” It was some homeless dude with no shoes, poor guy, no shoes and all he wanted was a smoke, we thought it was funny.

Nothing much else happened today, quit run really, we did run with a lot of the group today, where normally we start early or go a different direction. Oh, I totally forgot, I made us this signs to go on our backs “14 miles follow at your own risk” We got quite a few comments about the signs.

Oh and if you see Tammy ask her about her smiley face she was wearing for most of the run today. That was a hoot.

Next week is our last 20 miler, I think it will be on the River Trail which is pretty flat, but UGH, really another 20? When I start questioning myself again as to how the hell will I finish 26.2 miles? Race day magic as someone commented last week. Race day magic.


2 Responses

  1. You don’t carry cigarettes in your fanny pack? ROFL

  2. EEK! Less than a month to go! Getting nervous already! Oh, and thanks for the ‘shout out’ on my smiley face…hehe..

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