Running Dreams

Do you ever have dreams about running? I used to have them ALL the time, especially when I was doing a lot of races, one constant in all my dreams was not being able to find the start, wonder why?

Well, I had a bizarre running dream last night. Before I went to bed I was looking on the Bass Pro Marathon website, scoping out what the medal looked like last year, looking at what people were wearing, just in general getting excited about the marathon. So, I guess that’s why I had my first running dream in a while!  Here is the medal from last year

2008 Bass Pro Marathon Medal

2008 Bass Pro Marathon Medal

I dreamed I was trying to find the start (once again!) and some how I just jumped in, people were already running and I couldn’t run, my feet wouldn’t move at all (this happens a lot in my normal running!). One of the girls was trying to help me and some guy said it’s the way she has her feet turned and then I turned them a different way and started running, in full gear, a light blue puffy down jacket with wooden spoons in each pocket. HA!!

It was obviously too warm for the jacket so I kept trying to tie it around my waist and then it started pouring, my hair was all in my face, I looked like a wet dog. Then there were these cyclists on the same course, they were separated from the runners by these clear cones, but I was on the cyclist side because no one would let me on the runner side. Then someone said something about the finish and don’t worry they would be there for 8 hours, OMG!! It was so weird, lots more stuff, but I’ve forgotten most of it now. Except for those stupid wooden spoons in my pockets, what was up with that??

When Kim and Tammy came over I was telling them about it and they agreed, all running dreams have you not being able to find the start. I’m late, I’m late, I’m very, very late!!

Just got finished with a yummy dinner, Salmon on the George Foreman, a sweet potato and Sugar snap peas. That’s about the extent of my cooking these days, me and my George, hey, it’s quick!

It’s been a nasty couple of days here in the great state of Arkansas, rain and way too cold for me. I’m already bitching and complaining about it. Can we just rewind a month and do a Groundhog Day for a couple of more months? I miss warm.

We lucked out on our run this morning, got in 6 miles without any rain, it was misting on and off, but nothing we couldn’t handle! Especially after that dream running with a down jacket in the pouring rain with wooden spoons in my pocket!! HA!


2 Responses

  1. I always have a version of that dream the night before school starts.

  2. The wooden spoon thing is hilarious! I just keep thinking of those big wooden decorative spoons you used to see on the walls… I tried my curry simmering sauce last was pretty good, but don’t be surprised if you smell curry still permeating my house when you pick me up Saturday! hehe…

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