Last 20 miler and general BS

Well yesterday was our last 20 miler before the Bass Pro Marathon on November 1st and I have to say, it was better than the last 20 miler we did.  Still tough and today I’m a little sore, not too bad, but my feet hurt some and my right quad/hip flexor knows it was put through a big workout yesterday.

Tammy came to my house early yesterday morning and we met Kim at the Surgery Center next door to the ADEQ building where the Little Rock Marathon Training Group were meeting, just easier for us to meet at the Surgery Center.  Last time we met there we had the skunk encounter and then the deer encounters.

The weather has really cooled off, I think it was in the upper 40’s not sure and it really is difficult for all of us in the beginning to know what to wear.  I talked Tammy out of wearing her vest, but she did wear her gaiter and was glad she did.  Kim had on 3 layers, but that is nothing new, she is the layer queen!  We all had on skirts, gloves, headbands and goosebumps!  It took us a mile or two to warm up, there was a wind that kept us cool and the sun never came out as the weatherman was wrong again.

Nothing much happened until about mile 3 when I saw something to the left of the River Trail, it was still pretty dark and I used my LED light to try and see what it was, it was a black figure close to the ground, we couldn’t tell what it was, but it stopped us from going forward, I followed it with my light as it headed toward the trail, then we lost sight of it, vanished… Tammy moved forward and I shined my light again to the right and there it was, SKUNK!!  We all started back pedalling on the trail until we were about 10-15 feet from it.  Apparently there is a culvert underneath the trail and it had crawled through it to the other side, that’s why we lost sight of the little creature.  I guess we scared it a bit and it went back under the road and we sprinted ahead.  Whew, another skunk mishap avoided.

Luckily it was the only wild animal encounter of the day, we were in the dark what seemed like an extraordinarily long time, with the cloud cover and lack of other people out it was very ominous.  Kim had to break off around mile 4, her parents are in town and they had a huge day planned.  We hated sending her off in the dark by herself, but she took a more traveled path back to our start point.  It was now just me and Tammy for the duration.

I had to make a bathroom stop in Funland and that’s where we also did our first fuel stop, it was just getting a little lighter outside, probably mile 5ish.  We finally started seeing people around mile 6, still not fully light out, but at least we weren’t alone any longer.  As we made our way back to the River Trail we kept seeing this weirdo in a white car, driving slow, looking for something, I would say looking for no good, we saw the car 4 or 5 times in different spots, weird or weirdo, too early for people to be just cruising.

Our first 10 miles were pretty decent, no troubles, I think when we were about mile 11 or so I started feeling tired and HUNGRY!  I ate all of my Honey Stingers and that helped stave off my hunger pangs for a while.  We turned around at mile 13.5 which was right under the Main Street Bridge in NLR, it’s always a good feeling to make that turnaround, but geez, we had 6.5 miles to go, that seemed like way too far.

To pass the time a bit Tammy and I started singing, we altered the 99 bottles of beer song by putting in other drinks, I would do one then Tammy would do one, 99 bottles of Diet Coke and the Tammy would pick the next one, 98 bottles of Orange Juice.  We only did that until we got to about 88 bottles and we were sick of it.

Once you are at mile 15 or so you run out of things to talk about, just random shit goes through your head, I had that new Mylie Cyrus song in my head “party in the usa” and sang a couple of bars, which at that point it was all I could remember.  I would say 1 mile at a time, we can do this, we were both tired.  I had to stop and eat something around mile 17, starving!! Again!  I had some nut clusters, they were so yummy, thank goodness I had packed something extra.

When we were about a mile out it seemed impossible that in the Marathon we will still have 7 miles to go, what the hell?  Could I run 7 more miles in the marathon?  My lower back was hurting, my feet hurt, butt hurt, everything hurt!  I know it will be “different” come race day, but it’s hard to imagine when you are that tired and exhausted.  I started saying, 1/4 mile at a time, Tammy said how about tenth at a time, hey, that sounded good.  That last mile was the hardest and LONGEST!  Will we ever be finished?  It seemed like we wouldn’t.

We made a couple of jokes and I started singing “We are the Champions” Kim hates that song and makes me stop singing it when she is with us, it’s pretty funny actually, we just do it to aggravate her!  So me singing gave us a couple of laughs to get us up that little incline toward the ADEQ building and into the Surgery Center parking lot, YIPPEE, we made it!!  Holy Cow it hurts, all over, but it’s done, now for the best part, stretching and then we can warm up inside the truck and head to Starbucks for our treat!

20 miles – 3:33:09, average pace 10:39, way too fast, I had my Garmin set for 20 miles at an 11:00 minute mile pace, blew that away.  We were 5 minutes faster than our last 20-miler, not our plan at all, if anything we want to take it a little easier.

Missed our run on Friday, we had torrential downpours early on Friday and it lasted ALL day, also missed my Thursday morning run and ended up running when I got home from work, UGH, I headed out at 6:30 on Thursday night with the temperature in the 80s!  It was super humid, but I was not complaining a bit, it felt good to throw the shorts and tank on and head out the door, what sucked was it getting dark about 30 minutes later.  I got back home around 7:30pm, dripping wet, but loving it!

Tuesday night Coach Dennis was back!  There is a huge difference in my running when he is there, yes I can do the workout on my own, but it’s like you are more aware of your form, your pace, everything.  I like it that way and hate this is our last 4 weeks until next year.  Had a very good speed workout and I can really tell a difference in my running.

On to the general BS of the week, my former employer whom I have been working temp for since the last of July made me an offer for a permanent position.  Well, that sounds great, permanent job and all, here’s the D & L, a) I don’t like the job that much b) the offer was $3 an hour less than I am making as a temp.  I struggled with this all week, sleeplessness, headaches, etc.  What I finally decided was, take the job, it’s a paycheck and it may lead to something else, HA!  Well, I’m trying to be positive.  I did get my seniority back, so those 8 years are not completely gone and my benefits will start back up on November 1st.  So there I have a job, like it or not.

It’s fall and I already hate it, HATE IT!  Where is my summer heat and humidity?  well I can do without the humidity, but not the warmth.  Here are some things I hate about cold weather, and mind you, it’s not that cold yet.

  • when you have to get out of your warm pj’s
  • you’re cold when you get out of the shower
  • your vehicle is cold and the shivering is uncontrollable
  • my back hurts from shivering
  • my feet are always cold (they are never this cold in the summer)
  • you can be both hot and cold when you are running, in the summer you are only hot
  • it’s dreary and blah
  • I gain weight because I don’t want to move from my cozy blanket on the couch
  • Leaves, I hate raking leaves, futile
  • chapped lips
  • runny nose, constantly

I’m sure I can come up with more, those just are the first ones to pop into my head!

Marathon is 3 weeks away!!


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  1. Cheryl — great job on the 20 miler. I’m amazed how you are able to maintain those mid-10 minute miles, regardless of the distance.

    Congrats on the job offer. I know it’s not perfect, but in the world today, take what you can!

    Good luck to you in the marathon!


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