2 weeks and counting

2 weeks from tomorrow Tammy, Kim and I will be running the Bass Pro Marathon in Springfield, MO.  I’m excited and very tentative all at the same time.  We ran our last “long” run today in the fridgidness that should not be, 12 miles out and back on the Murray Park side of the River Trail, boring, but flat as a pancake!

I think all and all we had a very good run, except for the cold, no encounters with wild critters or crazed motorist.  It’s been a tough running week for all of us, seems as though the rain would not go away, it rained and rained and rained some more, I only ran 4 days this week and even though it is taper week I felt sluggish on my Thursday and Friday runs.

I had to do my running clinic workout on the stupid dreadmill at the community center, that was definitely a bore and then Kim and I ran in the off again on again rain on Thursday along with my stomach issues, crappy running week.

I heard the weatherman say the weather we are having is normally what we could expect in December, UGH, it’s going to be a long, long fall and winter.  I have my heat on already, but only about 64-65 degrees, which keeps me bundled up instead of up doing stuff around the house.

On a lighter note, Tammy and I were happy to have a seat in the only Panera Bread in North Little Rock that just opened, we have been super excited about it opening, it’s on our running route and we have been watching the progress of the Cafe go from a clothing store to the now perfect Bakery.  Yummers, Pink Ribbon Bagel and Hazelnut Coffee was excellent after our run today.

That’s all I’ve got peeps!


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