Marathon Countdown – 10 days

HOLY HELL – 10 days until the MARATHON!!!  What was I thinking?  I don’t think I have it in me to run 26.2 miles, I was just sitting here thinking about the last 20 mile run Tammy and I ran, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!

It’s taper madness time, and it just hit me this morning as my alarm went off at 4:30am to get up and run, well it was pouring rain so I sent Kim a text – Raining back to sleep, well back to sleep never happened because I laid there and obsessed over the impending 26.2 miles.

This will be Marathon number 3 for me, but it’s been over a year since I have run a marathon and you really do forget the pain, well almost.  I do have my blog to remind me of the misery of those last 6.2 miles, oh wait, those last 10 miles, oh wait, no just kidding.

Every day I wake up with a new problem that will prevent me from running the marathon.  Monday I had a sore throat, must be swine flu, Tuesday raging headache, must be an aneurysm, Wednesday another raging headache ANOTHER aneurysm?  Today just plain old nerves!

Oh and to top it off my heart rate seems to be high, what’s up with that?  Another symptom of taper madness?  It’s true though, not a figment of my imagination, it’s about 10 beats a minute higher than normal, maybe I’ve been pumping in way too much caffeine?

Running has been sparse, we ran our last “long” run on Saturday, 12 miles.  Rest day Sunday, ran 6 miles Monday, clinic on Tuesday where I only got in 4.5 miles because of stupid work, tried to leave early because Tammy and I had a meeting in Conway for the Soaring Wings Half Marathon which is coming up this Saturday where we have volunteered instead of running this great race.  I ran with Kim yesterday around the hood, but had some stomach issues right at the end of our run, but still got in 5.5 miles.  Today, pouring rain, which is fine, need to taper, taper, taper!

Tomorrow we will do our traditional Friday run, around 6 miles.  Saturday Kim is running the Soaring Wings Half while Tammy and I work the food prep tent, yeah we know which area to work in!!

Sunday we will run 6 miles and I have no idea what next week will bring, the weather has been colder and rainier than normal, just hoping it’s dry on Marathon day!

Gotta finish getting ready for work, yippee 😦


5 Responses

  1. I feel your pain…..16 days till mine and I’ve already started taper madness. Feeling every little pain here and there thinking its an injury that’s going to knock me out. Doing the half this weekend so I’m worried about that. I’m really not too concerned about either distance as I have had some really good long training runs this cycle. We shall see. Good luck on your full!

  2. Oh you…you know the taper anxiety by now…If you reall were to come down with something, rest would serve your body the best anyway! You know you ALWAYS KILL IT in races, when the time comes!! I heard the rain this morning around 4:30, so I knew you guys wouldn’t be running. No work today, aka no needs for me…so I did my run this morning when it stopped for a while. I am contemplating doing my run after the Soaring Wings hoopla on Saturday, so I can work Sunday…not sure about that yet. I DO want to try the new route, but if i work, I my have to wait on that. Anyhoo, don’t forget to bring your camera on Saturday! There are tons of people we know doing the race!

  3. You DO have it in you!!!!

  4. I’m in zero week, and I already forgot!!

    You’re going to do great!!!

  5. You can do it. Yes you can. You legs will get you to the finish line you just need to get your head to believe it.

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