Marathon Fright – 3 days

It seems impossible and I know that on race day, which is only 3 DAYS AWAY, it will be totally different, but I just don’t see how I will be able to finish 26.2 miles of running….

Kim and I ran yesterday morning and it was a good run, nice easy pace around the beautiful lake and “hood” which is Lakewood.  The temperature was pretty much perfect, around 55, wishing it would be that on Marathon day, but when I checked yesterday, ummm 36 for the low, 58 for the high, BUT no chance of rain.  SUNNY.

It’s raining this morning or I would be out running, I’m in all my running gear and was anxious to run off some of the carrot cake that Tammy’s mother sent home, oh my gosh, it’s hard not to eat it all at one sitting!  It’s so delish I don’t even miss my nightly Skinny Cow treat.

I haven’t even begun to pack for our trip, I’ve thought about it, but it won’t take me long once I decide what to wear on race day, I will check the forecast again and again and again, 36 is a temperature we have not run in yet this season, so not sure how to dress.  I definitely don’t want to be too warm, but I don’t want to freeze my butt off either.  I was wanting to wear a skirt, but may opt for capri’s.  At least my wardrobe decisions keep my mind off the pain I will be in around mile 2o and after!

Tuesday night was our last running clinic for the season, I really will miss it.  It MAKES me do speedwork which I probably wouldn’t do on my own, plus I love a little encouragement and an ATTA boy every once in a while!  Coach Dennis wants me to email him after the Marathon with my new PR, I am hopeful, very hopeful that it will be under 5 hours which would blow my last Marathon out of the water!

Well, I need coffee and must get ready for work, not sure if I will post again before the big day, so keep good thoughts and prayers for the three of us running on Sunday!  Race report to follow soon afterwards!


4 Responses

  1. Eek! I can’t believe we are leaving tomorrow! I only have a slight idea what I will wear…probably a running skirt, long sleeve top, and all the usual accessories. Usually if I have my gaitre and gloves, they keep me warmer than an extra layer would! I’m sure I will be asking you about stuff to bring…..don’t forget batteries for your camera!

    PS Glad tohear th carrot cake went over so well..I love that stuff…I think I might want to marry it..hehe..

  2. Delurking to say good luck, and I think you’re going to have a great race!!!

  3. Good luck Cheryl!!!

  4. Hi Cheryl,
    I’m DYING to hear your re-cap. I ran the Bass Pro half and so I can’t wait to hear about the full marathon experience! What PERFECT weather we had! 🙂

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