After the Race

Well it’s been a few days since the Marathon and I feel so much better, legs are finally feeling back to normal, or nearly.

Kim wanted to run on Wednesday, I was hesitant, it had only been 72 hours since the Bass Pro Marathon and my quads were still sore, but she promised low mileage and a slow pace, what the hell?

Up at 4:30 am to get ready and try not to overdress, about 45 degrees, not much warmer than race day, but no sun.  We did go slow, well we really didn’t have a choice, our poor legs would only run so fast or should I say slow?  We ended up just lollygagging around the lake and got in a whopping 2.85 miles at a speedy 11:22 pace!!  But it felt great to know I could still run, albeit slow.

Today we decided to bump it up to 4 miles, once again around 45 degrees, but it felt colder, legs feeling way better today!  We decided to take our normal loop and just take a shortcut back, we did great and it felt great too, almost 4 miles at 10:50 pace, moving up!

Tomorrow, not sure yet, I think our PR girl Tambo will be running with us and as far as I know she has not run since the marathon, she had some lingering foot pain that has kept her from bouncing back in to it.

I finally uploaded some pictures from our trip, Josh has most of the pictures of the three of us, the finish line, etc.  So we will have to wait until he emails us with those.  But here are the best ones.



"Wild Bear frightens young girl at Bass Pro"



Tammy was scared of the wild bear, but we insisted she get her picture made for prosperity sake.  I don’t know how she ran on

Sunday after being so scared.










me and the "wild bear"


As you can see I was not frightened by the wild bear!










Kim in a strange pose with lumpy bear


Kim with the lumpy bear, looking a little too comfortable, I wish I had gotten the picture of Tammy straddling the bear!








Awww, me and Tambo


Sweet as pie!











Tambo and Me



Before the start of the Marathon










Tammy and Kim Pre-Race


Me and Kim Pre-Race












2 Responses

  1. OK…you officially HAVE to send me those pics…SERIOUSLY….

  2. Plus…it was because of my fear of the bear that I ran faster…remember my “ark” post? Ok….we weren’t on the Ark, but I was afriad he would come out on the trail and get me…does that work?

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