Am I Back? Who knows….

Well, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything worthwhile and lots has been going on.

Completely recovered from the Bass Pro Marathon, quads and feet were sore for quite a few days.  My feet were sore for about 2 weeks!!

Went to Ft. Lauderdale, FL to run a half marathon with my friend and former co-worker Eric, it was his first race ever and I had promised him I would run his first race with him if I still had a job October 1st, and I did.

We had a great time, of course it was wonderful weather all weekend, shorts and sandals in the afternoons, ahhh, I miss summer.  The race was on Sunday, November 15th, two weeks after the Marathon, it started at 6:15, I was excited and nervous, excited for Eric and nervous about running with him because I thought he might be a lot faster than he had been telling me, and he was.

We ran 2 miles together on Saturday morning and our pace was fast, around 9:16, we both agreed we could not run that pace on race day and set a goal of 10:00 miles, HA!  There were no 10:00 miles, I tried to kept us on pace without any luck at all, around mile 4 I said good-bye to Eric and told him to go on.  He finished in 2:02, me 2:06.  I was really proud of him and myself, I wished I had stayed with him, but there was just no way, not so soon after the marathon.

What else?  Oh, but running a lot by myself, Tammy’s foot is still injured from the Marathon and Kim has been sick, she had an upper respiratory infection, got over that and then got some sort of stomach virus.  So, I have been out in the cold lonely streets solo, bummer, miss my girls.

Big news, I will be a grandmother, can you believe it?  I can’t.  My daughter is pregnant with first child due June 3, 2010.  More to come on this front later, she is a clever girl, when I got home from Ft. Lauderdale there was an ultrasound picture in a frame on my coffee table, I was floored, to say the least.  This was definitely unexpected.

Thanksgiving was great, I ate way too much, I think the winter doldrum really played a part in my overeating.  Ready to get back on track and throw away the leftovers, well maybe on Monday.

Right now all I’m doing is working and hating every second of it and running in the cold which I hate too.  I’ve got to stop all of this “hate”, there is only a couple of ways to do that, find a new job and move south.  I might be able to find a new job if I want to work at Krogers sacking groceries and I don’t think I’ll be moving anytime soon, so I guess I just need to suck it up and ignore the cold and the shit that pisses me off at work.

I’ll be amping up my training, I am registered for the Little Rock Marathon and the Crackhead half marathon the day before, this is a special deal for us “crackheads” that have been training and coming to the weekly Saturday runs, I can’t imagine running a half on Saturday then running a full on Sunday.  I know that Disney has the Goofy thing, so people do it every year and I plan on doing it in my backyard instead of Mickey’s backyard.

Kim was sick yesterday and I had to work at 8am so Tammy and I braved the cold for a few hours without our partner in crime and did the Black Friday shopping experience.  It was lackluster to say the least.  I think if we had money, I didn’t have to work and Kim was with us it would have been much better.  We hit Sports Authority for free gift cards for the first 80 people, I got $25, Tambo got $10, new socks for both of us!!  Then we went to Target, holy hell, it was so freaking crowded we really didn’t even get to shop because we felt like we had to stand in line to check out.  One of us would stand in line while the other went and shopped, then we would switch places.  After that I had to go to work, UGH!

Today I ran with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group at Lake Willastein in Maumelle, it was cold and a little breezy, 41 degrees.  Lots of people in spite of the Thanksgiving weekend.  Got 7.5 miles in and now I need to start cleaning this dirty house.  Tomorrow Kim wants to run 14, I hope she feels up to it.


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  1. come back Cheryl… we miss you!!!

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