December 27th

Running out of titles for these blog posts, nothing inspiring comes to mind this morning.

Today was the start of the Crackhead Challenge Training, well not the start, but the “let’s all get together and run officially” start.  Let me back up a bit in case you have no idea what I’m talking about and this is the first time you have ever read any post on my blog.  I run every Saturday with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group, it’s a different rotating location each week, it’s early (6am), there are lots of people and we love it (Kim and Tammy and whoever else I rope into going).

On these Saturday morning runs Coach Tom starts every run by screaming “Good Morning Crackheads”, we even have those rubber bracelets that say “Crackhead – Little Rock Marathon Training”.  So this year on the day prior to the Little Rock Marathon we are doing a Crackhead Challenge, sort of like the Goofy Challenge at the Walt Disney Marathon.  This is the first year and Kim and I couldn’t pass it up, even though it might kill me, Kim, she’ll be fine.

We will do a half marathon run/race on Saturday and then on Sunday, March 7th do the Marathon, yikes!  We have sort of been doing the training, but backwards, long run on Saturday, half that distance on Sunday.  This week was the first “official” hey all Crackheads are meeting on Sunday for either 8 or 16 miles and each week it will continue until March.  Fun huh?

Today we met at the start of the River Trail behind the Verizon Arena for the scheduled distance, since I did 16 yesterday, 8 was my plan.  When I pulled up at 15 minutes till 6, I was wondering if I was in the right spot, I only saw Tom and Hobbit and one other car.  Yep, I was early, but geez where was everyone?  Ended up only being 6-8 people and only 2 of them were doing 16.

I was still having a foot problem so before I left the house I was so smart and took two makeup sponges, a bandage, athletic tape and fixed my foot right up, looked like I had this huge growth coming out the side of my foot.  But it certainly helped, oh and two pairs of socks to hold it in place.  It still hurt, but was bearable for 8 miles and actually felt better the more I ran.

It was dark and I forgot my blinky light, I was thinking about it at home, but thought “oh I’ll be on the River Trail I won’t need it”, but I forgot about this long section that is actually on the road, probably a good mile or so, but never even saw a car.  I did however see lots of ice, it was a chilly 26 degrees this morning, water that had not dried from all the rain of last week was frozen across several spots on the trail.

Once I got to the one and only port-a-potty at mile 4 I heard Coach Tom coming across the wooden bridge and he asked if he could run back with me, SURE!!  I hate running by myself and it was nice to have the company, the run back was a lot faster than the run out!  We stopped for a second to say Hi to Hobbit and her group and a couple of other times for nose blowing and ice crossing.  I was glad when we were done, my quads were a little tight, but my foot was not killing me like yesterday.  Good sign?  I hope.  I’m sure tomorrow’s day of rest will help.

Heard from Kim from her ski trip, she said it was 6 degrees, they can keep the temperature and all that snow.  Give me some sunshine and sweat please!

Back to the salt mines tomorrow, ugh, hate that place like you cannot imagine, need to just do my job, oh wait JOBS and leave it there at 5:00pm.

Hope everyone had a Great Holiday!!  Later!


Back to Normal?

Ahhh, the holidays, family, food and more food, glad that part is over because I ate my share of chocolate, but not feeling too guilty.  At least I wasn’t feeling that guilty as I was freezing my ass off running 16 miles this morning.

Last week was a blur, Stephanie’s Birthday was Tuesday, finishing Christmas shopping, ALL THE DAMNED RAIN!!!, spending money I didn’t have, certainly glad the rain and spending too much money is over.  Missed two days of running because of the rain, it was ridiculous, something like close to 10 inches of rain, insane, but it was warm, until the rain stopped 😦

Kim and I ran yesterday and froze, the winds were gusting at about 20-25 mph, we hate it and bitched and complained for about 4 of our 5.5 mile run.  We took extra doggie treats for all the pups on our running route since it was Christmas, that was fun.  But we missed Blackie our favorite Black Lab who wouldn’t come out, too cold for him too.

Today it was a solo long run, Tammy is finally starting to run again, but still just working her way up to some mileage since it’s been 6-7 weeks since she has run and Kim left for a ski trip, I was not looking forward to a 16 mile run in the cold and wind by myself.  The Little Rock Marathon Training Group met at the Arts Center today for the scheduled mileage, the route, ugh, took us through every street in Little Rock, or at least it felt that way.  I lost count on how many times we crossed Broadway, a bunch.   I did pick up a runner at 6th and Broadway, she had lost her running buddies because they were doing the half marathon training so she asked if she could run with me.  HELL YES!  I needed some company!  She was really nice and we talked quite a bit which helped pass the time and keep our minds off the wind and our throbbing feet.

We made good time, only walking once to fuel and oh yeah my shoe came untied and I had to try to tie it which was horrible because my hands were frozen and I couldn’t manage the shoelaces, it was embarrassing, my hands would not work!

I had horrible pain in my right foot on the inside close to my ankle bone, not sure what it is, sort of felt like the tongue of my shoe was poking my foot, but it wasn’t, by the time we were finished it felt like a knife, it’s now a bright red spot, not sure if I will be able to run my 8 miler tomorrow.  There is ALWAYS some sort of pain, I guess it’s to be expected.

I will be running by myself until Kim gets back and Tammy increases her mileage.  I don’t mind in the mornings that much, but it is boring…. I guess I need to add some songs to my shuffle and plug-in like the rest of the world.

Short week coming up at work, thank goodness!  Back to normal?  I hope so, regular running, regular eating, BUDGET, BUDGET, BUDGET.  Did I mention my roof leak, HOLY COW,  can I get a break?  Looking slim.

Is the Recession over at your House?

I’m the average American worker, and no, the recession is not over in my humble opinion, at least not at my house.  I just got a $3.00 an hour pay cut, add that up peeps, $120 week, $480 month, yikes!  No wonder I’ve had to double my dosage of my anti-depressant!  Oh, yes I know, I should be thankful I have a job.  Well, I didn’t have a job for a couple of months and I really can’t say which is worse, a $480 cut in pay where I am pissed off all the time at work because of the pay cut or not having a pay check at all. Hmmmm.

And prices, WTF!  Everything has gone up in price, BREAD, HOLY COW, $3.00 a loaf for a decent good for you loaf, that’s insane.   Coffee Creamer,  the liquid kind $3.49, it was around $2.89, that’s like 20%, or there about.  Yeah I can probably cut back on the creamer, but geez….Poor Smokey, he’s going to have to go on rations, even the cat food went up 10%!  We are not getting raises people, money is tight, can we get a tiny break, please?  UGH!

Then I get my water bill and it is 50% more than it was last month, how can that be?  I took just as many showers (or less), I wash 2 loads of laundry a week with my energy-efficient washer/dryer, no dishwasher, so where did it go?  I’m just sick of the endless money pit, is anyone else noticing?

Okay on to my running this week.  Well, let’s see we ran Monday which is normally our rest day, but Kim had a State Board to take on Thursday so we switched days.  We only ran about 4.5 miles, pit stops and tired legs.

I went to my Cardio class Monday night and she was doing tons of jumping and I somehow hurt my right foot, it was killing me, the outside edge, I had to stop in the middle of class and just do arms, no jumping.  By the time I got home I was exhausted and decided that I might need to take Tuesday off and that’s what I ended up doing it was really needed, my body said Thank you!

Wednesday up and ready to go, cold of course, 27 or some ridiculous coldness that I try to forget.  5:10, 5:15, where is Kim, texted her, no reply, this is not like her, 5:20 still nada, didn’t know what to do, so I headed out by myself about 5:25.  The entire run I was thinking, what if she had a wreck on the way over, what if her ex ran her down, just crazy shit you think about when you are running by yourself.

When I got home she had still had not replied to my text, okay, it’s been an hour and I was really worried so I texted Tammy to get Josh’s number, no reply from him either, so I called Kim, no answer, oh great, all my fears…. I had to get ready fo work and I think when I was getting out of the shower she finally texted me back, she had overslept.  Whew….  Oh well, glad she was okay.  Ended up with 5 cold lonesome miles.

Thursday I decided another rest day was in store, yippee!  Sleep in, NOT, up way too early, but got some Christmas cards addressed and mailed.

Today expected Kim, nope, she had a late night and begged off, another solo run, at least it was above freezing today, 35 I think, not too bad, heat wave 🙂 Ran about 5.1 miles today, slow 10:25, why do I run slower in the winter?  All the extra weight from my clothes? or me blowing my nose slowing me down?

Tomorrow we have the dreaded Rahling Road Route with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group, I hate it, hate it, HATE IT.  I don’t mind when we leave out, but when you are coming back  the last mile is a freaking huge ass hill and you know it the whole time you are running, I mean a mile of stinking HILL!!  Oh and no bathrooms, I am always on the lookout for a bathroom and this route pretty much has zilch, that pisses me off too.  Weather wise around 32 degrees unless the forecast has changed again.  It will be over soon, it will be over soon…..

Why I love running in the Winter

My water stays cold.  That’s it.  No other reason, there is no other reason to love running in the winter, it right out sucks.  I can’t even keep my blog updated because it’s too damned cold in my computer room to type for any length of time!

Yes, as you all know, I hate winter, period.  So far it has been cold and windy, no running in sleet or snow yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time, it is only December and the unseasonably cold temps are making me a very grouchy runner.

Monday this week was our rest day, but I decided to take my friend Sheryl up on an invite to her boot camp on Monday night.  It was outside, need I say more?  It was great nonetheless, I really enjoyed it and wished I could afford it, I would certainly sign up, it’s right up my alley!

Tuesday, rained out, fine by me, a complete rest day, no running or boot camps.  Wednesday, oh HOLY WIND!  It was really windy Tuesday night, but Wednesday morning, OH MY!  I opened the door and it sounded like there was a semi in my driveway, nope, it was the wind gusting up to 30mph and temperature around 30.  Kim and I ran a little over 5.5 miles that morning, I really have no idea how we did it, I was so miserable I can’t even explain it.  We bitched and complained for the entire hour, and we are good at it, Winter has that effect on both of us, especially in the wind!

Thursday once that nasty front went through it dropped the temps about 10 degrees, it was 22 when we headed out at 5am, but let me tell you, I think the wind was worse!  We froze our butts off though, we did our customary bitch session, but trudged along for another 5.5 mile run.  We made a pit stop at Kroger, we didn’t want to leave the building it was so nice and toasty outside.  We did get a comment from some guy about “you girls are dedicated” or something like that, to which I replied, “No, we just forgot our signs this morning that say ‘Yes, we’re nuts'”.

Friday it was just as cold so we tucked our tails and stayed inside, there is only so much two warm weather girls can take, and we couldn’t take another cold run.

Saturday we lucked out.  We were meeting the Little Rock Marathon Training Group at the Capitol for our 14 mile run, rain was forecast, but the temperature was up in the mid-30’s!  A heat wave and no rain!  It was a tough route for the first 7 miles, pretty much all uphill.  The route goes up Markham, up Kavanaugh, up and down a bunch of hills in the neighborhoods North of Kavanaugh and then it’s 7 miles back down, the best part!

The miles ticked off pretty quickly, we got lost, we always do on this route, we actually sent people the wrong way, oops, sorry…. It’s just so confusing in this one section, Rockwood, Beltwood, Greenwood, ugh, no matter, we found our way back onto the route, made a pit stop at Starbuck’s, no not for Hot Cocoa, which would have been nice because the wind had started picking up on the downhill, and we were close to done.  I love the “on the way back” part, I imagine us in each little section, zooming by, well we weren’t zooming, but you get the picture.

After a little stretching we headed to our day of shopping, Kim and both had our lists prepared and nothing was going to get in our way, and it didn’t!  We got a few things knocked out right away, Hallmark, Tuesday Morning, Target, Sam’s then over to Kohl’s where we hooked up with our injured partner in crime, Tambo.  We got lots of great bargains and headed to our favorite store Target, or it was once our favorite store, it’s been a little disappointing lately, we always loved the clearance items, but there hasn’t been hardly any lately, What’s up Target??  Then we headed to the dreaded MALL, oh it wasn’t so bad, Dillard’s for a return, then Bath & Body, Kim and I were about done, literally, shopping and tired.  We said our goodbyes to Tammy and headed home.  What a day, almost 12 hours on our feet, I was beat! and ready for a nap and food!!

Today we were going to run 7 miles and we almost made it, we got in about 6.5 and called it good, we actually ran an extra loop around the lake in the beginning because we knew we would not want to do it at the end and so the 6.5 instead of 7 :).  It was a lot warmer this morning, 44, but misty, fine with me, at least it wasn’t 20! makes all the difference in the world.

I hope to keep up with my blog, but it  really does depend on how cold it is, I go for days without even turning on my computer!  When I get home from the hell hole I call work, I’ll just get my warmest jammies on, get a blanket and curl up and wait for spring!