Back to Normal?

Ahhh, the holidays, family, food and more food, glad that part is over because I ate my share of chocolate, but not feeling too guilty.  At least I wasn’t feeling that guilty as I was freezing my ass off running 16 miles this morning.

Last week was a blur, Stephanie’s Birthday was Tuesday, finishing Christmas shopping, ALL THE DAMNED RAIN!!!, spending money I didn’t have, certainly glad the rain and spending too much money is over.  Missed two days of running because of the rain, it was ridiculous, something like close to 10 inches of rain, insane, but it was warm, until the rain stopped 😦

Kim and I ran yesterday and froze, the winds were gusting at about 20-25 mph, we hate it and bitched and complained for about 4 of our 5.5 mile run.  We took extra doggie treats for all the pups on our running route since it was Christmas, that was fun.  But we missed Blackie our favorite Black Lab who wouldn’t come out, too cold for him too.

Today it was a solo long run, Tammy is finally starting to run again, but still just working her way up to some mileage since it’s been 6-7 weeks since she has run and Kim left for a ski trip, I was not looking forward to a 16 mile run in the cold and wind by myself.  The Little Rock Marathon Training Group met at the Arts Center today for the scheduled mileage, the route, ugh, took us through every street in Little Rock, or at least it felt that way.  I lost count on how many times we crossed Broadway, a bunch.   I did pick up a runner at 6th and Broadway, she had lost her running buddies because they were doing the half marathon training so she asked if she could run with me.  HELL YES!  I needed some company!  She was really nice and we talked quite a bit which helped pass the time and keep our minds off the wind and our throbbing feet.

We made good time, only walking once to fuel and oh yeah my shoe came untied and I had to try to tie it which was horrible because my hands were frozen and I couldn’t manage the shoelaces, it was embarrassing, my hands would not work!

I had horrible pain in my right foot on the inside close to my ankle bone, not sure what it is, sort of felt like the tongue of my shoe was poking my foot, but it wasn’t, by the time we were finished it felt like a knife, it’s now a bright red spot, not sure if I will be able to run my 8 miler tomorrow.  There is ALWAYS some sort of pain, I guess it’s to be expected.

I will be running by myself until Kim gets back and Tammy increases her mileage.  I don’t mind in the mornings that much, but it is boring…. I guess I need to add some songs to my shuffle and plug-in like the rest of the world.

Short week coming up at work, thank goodness!  Back to normal?  I hope so, regular running, regular eating, BUDGET, BUDGET, BUDGET.  Did I mention my roof leak, HOLY COW,  can I get a break?  Looking slim.

2 Responses

  1. Cheryl, you need your own show!

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Dude…you didn’t tell me about your roof leak! Bummer…what can you do? Do you have to get it repaired? I think I am going to actually miss the holidays…seems like they come so fast, that it takes me a bit to mentally adjust..then, just when I start to enjoy it, they’re gone! Oh well…no more excuses for frivolous spending….I’m broke!

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