December 27th

Running out of titles for these blog posts, nothing inspiring comes to mind this morning.

Today was the start of the Crackhead Challenge Training, well not the start, but the “let’s all get together and run officially” start.  Let me back up a bit in case you have no idea what I’m talking about and this is the first time you have ever read any post on my blog.  I run every Saturday with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group, it’s a different rotating location each week, it’s early (6am), there are lots of people and we love it (Kim and Tammy and whoever else I rope into going).

On these Saturday morning runs Coach Tom starts every run by screaming “Good Morning Crackheads”, we even have those rubber bracelets that say “Crackhead – Little Rock Marathon Training”.  So this year on the day prior to the Little Rock Marathon we are doing a Crackhead Challenge, sort of like the Goofy Challenge at the Walt Disney Marathon.  This is the first year and Kim and I couldn’t pass it up, even though it might kill me, Kim, she’ll be fine.

We will do a half marathon run/race on Saturday and then on Sunday, March 7th do the Marathon, yikes!  We have sort of been doing the training, but backwards, long run on Saturday, half that distance on Sunday.  This week was the first “official” hey all Crackheads are meeting on Sunday for either 8 or 16 miles and each week it will continue until March.  Fun huh?

Today we met at the start of the River Trail behind the Verizon Arena for the scheduled distance, since I did 16 yesterday, 8 was my plan.  When I pulled up at 15 minutes till 6, I was wondering if I was in the right spot, I only saw Tom and Hobbit and one other car.  Yep, I was early, but geez where was everyone?  Ended up only being 6-8 people and only 2 of them were doing 16.

I was still having a foot problem so before I left the house I was so smart and took two makeup sponges, a bandage, athletic tape and fixed my foot right up, looked like I had this huge growth coming out the side of my foot.  But it certainly helped, oh and two pairs of socks to hold it in place.  It still hurt, but was bearable for 8 miles and actually felt better the more I ran.

It was dark and I forgot my blinky light, I was thinking about it at home, but thought “oh I’ll be on the River Trail I won’t need it”, but I forgot about this long section that is actually on the road, probably a good mile or so, but never even saw a car.  I did however see lots of ice, it was a chilly 26 degrees this morning, water that had not dried from all the rain of last week was frozen across several spots on the trail.

Once I got to the one and only port-a-potty at mile 4 I heard Coach Tom coming across the wooden bridge and he asked if he could run back with me, SURE!!  I hate running by myself and it was nice to have the company, the run back was a lot faster than the run out!  We stopped for a second to say Hi to Hobbit and her group and a couple of other times for nose blowing and ice crossing.  I was glad when we were done, my quads were a little tight, but my foot was not killing me like yesterday.  Good sign?  I hope.  I’m sure tomorrow’s day of rest will help.

Heard from Kim from her ski trip, she said it was 6 degrees, they can keep the temperature and all that snow.  Give me some sunshine and sweat please!

Back to the salt mines tomorrow, ugh, hate that place like you cannot imagine, need to just do my job, oh wait JOBS and leave it there at 5:00pm.

Hope everyone had a Great Holiday!!  Later!


2 Responses

  1. Awesome I wish you lots of luck! A 1/2 on Saturday and a full on Sunday, I couldn’t do it. I’m running the Little Rock Marathon. Ok, let me back up. I’m running the 5K at the Little Rock Marathon. I have lots of family that live in LR and we’re making it a challenge, see who can have the fastest time.

    • Oh that will be fun!! Thanks for your comments! Doesn’t the 5K start at 7? If so I will try and get down there early and cheer you on!


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