The Chill is ON!!

I say this every time, but man it is COLD out there!  We live in Arkansas right?  Is it really supposed to be this cold?  Do I complain this much every year?  SICK OF IT!!

First let me say how much I despise  Wal-Mart, I hardly ever go and when I do go I have a list get it and get out!  Well I had 4 things on my list when I headed out yesterday, Coffee Creamer, Cat Food, Coke Zero and Hand Warmers.  They had 2 of the 4 items, 50%!!  Okay, it WAS New Year’s Day, but aren’t you experts by now?  Don’t you plan for New Year’s Day?  They had nary a bottle of Coke Zero, they had 24 packs, I didn’t want a 24 pack, where the hell would I keep a 24 pack?  I wanted 2-Liter bottles, none!!  Cat Food, okay, how can you be out of Cat Food, did every one stock up for New Year’s?  I found 2 dented cans which usually I will purchase, but these looked they had been run over by a fork lift, twice.  I normally buy Smokey a 12 pack of his favorite canned food, they didn’t have the individual cans, 12 packs, 24 packs, nor did they have any other flavors.  I saw one variety pack of 24, he would not be happy with that so I bought 2 cans of something he might eat.

They did have the Coffee Creamer and Hand Warmers, yip a freaking hoo!  I don’t call that a successful shopping trip when I only get 2 of my 4 items.  UGH that place….

Okay, that is out of my system until my next excursion which believe me, will be at least a month or more.

Kim and I had to start our run today at 5:30 am instead of 6:00 am since she has an early day at work, I didn’t mind, the high today is going to be around 36!  So, cold, cold, cold.  I believe it was about 26 degrees when we met up at the Surgery Center in NLR, it was the scheduled met spot for the Little Rock Marathon Training Run, well actually it was next door at the ADEQ building, but we are rebels!

Neither one of us was looking forward to running once again in the cold, we both hate it and we voice these opinions for 90% of the run.  Joyful runners, that’s us.  I opened my hand warmers prior to leaving the house, as the package indicated 15-30 minutes prior to using, and stuck them down in my mittens, oh my gosh the warmth was just incredible, my fingers were loving me, until about mile 4 then they quit working, WTF?  The package said they would last for 10 hours, but if the heat decreases shake them, I did that, no heat!  My poor fingers were now turning purple, well not really, but that’s how they felt.  My circulation sucks.  I kept shaking those little packets to no avail, UGH, more complaining, hell we are only a mile away now, and it can’t come any faster.

We were both pretty frozen when we got finished, it just seems like when it’s in the 20’s I can’t deal with it, in the 30’s its bearable, 20’s not so much.  This week will be a test for sure, we have at least two days where the temperatures will be in the teens!!  I need to move to a warmer climate, we have the coldest months ahead of us, I’m not sure if I can do it!

I spent the first 30 minutes after I got home shivering, just couldn’t get warm, made coffee and gulped down the first cup like it was water, that helped some, got some warm clothes on and bundled up in front of the space heater.  Now I need a shower, I don’t want to get out of my warm clothes to get in the shower, big baby, yep, that’s me!


2 Responses

  1. I hear you on the Wal-Mart is sooooo frustrating to have to go to 10 different store just to get all the crap you need at decent prices. I’m still too cheap to do all my shopping at Kroger…although, thank goodness, I hit the “big time” on manager’s specials the other day. I did a short run today, my foot was still a little tender, I think I may need new insoles soon, geez…It was BRUTAL…I concur with your assessment. I ran after I was “warmed up” from my weight and spinning classes, my hands almost fell off! I can’t believe the marathon is about 2 months away, you guys will smoke that thing! I am bummed I can’t do it with you!

  2. I think the ice age is returning, it is so cold here to, I miss summer

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