Another Chilly Run

Today was our long run, 16 miles, it was cold, snowing a bit and windy, temperature of 25, wind chill 20.  I add an extra layer to my legs which really helped, Kim brought me her special hand warmers which worked for a while, but I think my hands are defective.

I was really wondering if we could run 16 miles today, it’s not the running that was worrying me but the cold, of course.  Same old song and dance.  We both had our gaiters, but the wind was brutal and it seemed we were running into the wind for the first 14 miles!

Okay, my hands, we were about mile 5 and I kept shaking the little hand warmers in my mittens to make them warm up, they seemed to have lost their coziness.  Kim said “mine are warm” so we switched gloves, I showed her how cold my hands were, they were like ice!  Her’s were nice and toasty and her gloves were thinner!  So I donned her mittens and my hands were getting toasty again, but it didn’t take long before they got cold again, it was just the weirdest thing, I kept Kim’s gloves until about mile 10 and we switched again.  Sure enough her hand warmers in my gloves, nice and toasty!  What the HELL???  I don’t remember my hands being this cold last year, they get cold instantly when I take them out of the gloves to get a drink, blow my nose, or fuel up, it’s so miserable.  Next time, two sets in each glove.

Since we were at the ADEQ Building for our long run I decided to run down to the Maumelle Wal-Mart and see if that store had any 2-Liter Coke Zero on Smokey food, guess what?  NOOOO, they didn’t.  Am I just buying the most popular items on the face of the planet?  Not one bottle of coke zero?  Not one can of Friskies Ocean Whitefish & Tuna??  What are Smokey and I to do?  UGHHH, stupid Wal-Mart, I’m over it.  OH, I forgot to mention, I was going to stock up on hand warmers, went to sporting goods where there was nary a soul and the guy asks “finding everything you need?”  Well, of course not, I’m in Wal-Mart, but where are the hand warmers?  “Oh we don’t have any and we won’t be getting anymore.  WHAT?  It’s January 3rd, 25 degrees outside and you won’t be getting anymore?  No, we are getting Spring items in, like exercise stuff, OMG!!

Off to Kroger where I stocked up on Lean Cuisine!!  $1.78 each, I think I bought 10, as many as my freezer would hold, I’ll go back on Tuesday and get more before the sale is over.

Toilet dilemma, I replaced the ball flapper thingy yesterday, which according to everything I read this is why the trickle is still running in the bowl and I tested it as suggested, yep must be the flapper.  Replaced.  Still trickles, ARGHHH, it is driving me bananas, for one thing it’s wasting a ton of water, two the trickle noise drives me nuts.  I guess I will have to call the future son-in-law over to take a peek.  I hate depending on someone else.

Rest of the day?  Pretty much NADA, going to wash some running clothes. Tomorrow is a very well deserved rest day, my foot was acting up a bit on the run still not sure about that, felt like someone was poking a knife in my foot!  But the cold made me forget about it most of the time.

It will be a cold week for running, I must find hand warmers, must!!


2 Responses

  1. Oh you…I think my hands are defective too…

  2. You will find hand warmers, you will! Happy New Year, Cheryl.

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