The Artic Blast!

Quick post about a couple of really cold runs this week and then I have to get ready for work.

Monday was a rest day so no running, when we actually should have run THAT warm day (28) instead of our scheduled run on Tuesday morning (15 degrees) YIKES!!

Kim and I had already promised one another we would not succumb to the weather.  HA!!  We are wimps or are we rockstars?  She arrived at my house a little after 5am on Tuesday morning, bundled up with her big puffy hat.  Lucky for us we both had hand warmers and I also invested in a few packs of “Toasty Toes”  which I will be sporting on all days below freezing!  The air was brisk to say the least, but it was not windy, thank goodness!

We both also had our gaiters on, but those things make it hard to breathe, we didn’t talk much, we were too damned cold!  The coldest thing on me were my legs, you would think they would be the warmest since they were doing all the work!

We made the trek down to the lake and my stomach said “hey why is the bathroom closed?  bad news for you” so we had to head back to my house for a pit stop.  After a quick stop we were off again.  After about 2 miles we decided “SHORTCUT” and when we got to Fairway we headed home.  We ended up with 4 miles and we felt like we had really accomplished something!  This is by far the coldest we have ever run in, but it looks like Saturday morning it will be 8 Freaking degrees!

Wednesday it was like a heat wave, 21 degrees!  Kim was running from her house so I ran by myself and got in 5 miles.  It was still cold, very cold, but not 15 degrees!!

This morning I already knew Kim was not coming to run with me so when my alarm went off at 4:20 I looked out the window and saw snow on my shed and went back to bed.  I was kicking myself in the ass when I finally got up at 5:15 and realized there really wasn’t that much and the temperature was 32!  I could have run today and avoided tomorrow when it will be in the single digits!!  Holy COW!!!

Oh well, I now have to trudge to work and hope there aren’t any slick spots on the roads, the temperatures are already dropping below freezing and I will be white knuckling it all the way to work!


6 Responses

  1. I’ve been out walking in the snow this morning. Snow is very rare where I live and there is even snow on the upper parts of the beach.
    I am sure walking in snow burns more calories, because it is such hard work!

  2. 4..20 wake up …. nope … couldn’t get out of my warm bed to run in the cold … no … definitely not!

  3. Toasty Toes??? What’s that?
    I ran last night before the temp dropped to 20 degrees. I got over 3 miles in before I stopped. I knew today was going to be super cold so I ran yesterday and I’m doing aerobics tonight.
    Saturday I have a race, the temp is suppose to be 6 degrees. YIKES!

    • Girl, you are going to need some for Saturday, go to Wal-Mart and ask where the hand warmers are, they should be right there with all the “warmers”, they are hand warmers for your TOES! they are very thin and stick to the bottom of your socks and will keep your toes and feet nice and toasty, hence – TOASTY TOES

  4. Wow, can’t believe you are running in those temps, but I guess you sort of just have to. If it’s bellow 35 I won’t get out. I’m actually going to AR this weekend to seek out some ice climbing, but I’m definitely skipping out on the run.

    • You shouldn’t have had any problem finding ice this weekend!! It was brutally cold this morning!! 12 degrees when we started our run at 8am.

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