Maumelle Back down week

Thank God it was a back down week for our long run, 10 miles!!  Yippee or sort of, temps predicted for around 12 degrees at 6am our normal start time, but our fearless leaders, Tom and Hobbit, decided to push it to 8am!  Yippee again!  It was a balmy 19 degrees!

Kim wanted to pick me up at my house so she could get in an extra couple of miles in before heading to Maumelle, she got here around 6:30 bundled up so much she could barely bend over or turn her head!  While she was out running I continued to get ready and dread the frigidness (is that a word?).

When she got back I had already taken a quick run up and down the street like I always do before long runs just to get things situated.  We gathered all our gloves, lines, hats, gaiters, fuel belts, extra jackets, shoes, OMG, why is winter running so difficult!  We were off to Maumelle, at least we were riding in the Pimp Mobile today with the butt warmers.

We arrived at Maumelle about 15 minutes early which gave us time to pile on all that extra crap, temperature still 19 degrees and a little breezy.  UGH.  Kim signed us in and Tom gave us some last minute instructions on the route, I had to clarify about the turnaround and we were off.

Usually we see one or two crazy people in shorts, not today, we saw one girl in capri tights.  I know every driver that saw this group of runners thought “What the hell are those people doing? It’s too cold out there! They are NUTS!”  And it’s how we felt, NUTS!

It was cold, we kept our gaiters on for a while, but it makes it terribly hard to breathe and you just can’t get a rhythm going.  It’s freezing when you take them off, hot when you put them on.  We pulled off about mile two to readjust, I took my fleece jacket off, my back was hot, we blew our noses, got a drink and kept on moving.

We had to make another pit stop around mile 4.5 where we saw this house boat thing about to tip over in the Arkansas River, we would have gone and investigated but the Keep Out signs were a little too prevalent.  I had to take one sock off my right foot and stick in my pocket, it was just rubbing me wrong with my Toasty Toes!  Yes, I had two pairs of socks on.  My feet was my only body part that stayed comfortable.

On our way back the sun was out full force, but we were running into the wind now and it was not nice.   We did our usual bitch and moan session for the last 3 miles, 10 miles was just as bad as 20 miles today.

Our run was a tad bit long today, well some weeks it’s short, so there.  We stopped at Starbucks and we had the best coffee EVER!  We intend to go back there tomorrow after we run the same 10 mile route again….Gluttons for punishment.

Kim and I did a little shopping after our bitterly cold run, Target (of course) and then to the mall where we just hit a couple of stores and then headed home.

Tomorrow will be just as bad, betcha can’t wait 🙂


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