I was talked off the ledge

I didn’t want to run today, absolutely did not.  My head hurt and I was using every bit of will power I had to make myself get ready to go out and run and I just couldn’t do it.  Kim had sent me a text around 6am – it’s 11 degrees outside.  That did it, I am not running, so I text’d back, can’t do it, I just can’t make myself and my head hurts.

She did the hour by hour temperature, a whopping 15 degrees at 8am, our start time for our torturous 10 miles, same route as yesterday.  I was fine crawling back in bed, then the phone rang, Kim.  She talked me down off the ledge of not running today, not sure exactly HOW she did it, but she did.

I drug my ass in the bathroom turned on the space heater and proceeded to get dressed in five million layers of clothing.  I feel so constrained.  I did get out and do my warm up run up and down the street, IT WAS FRIGID, but no wind, thank goodness.  Started the vehicle, got all my other garb together, two layers of gloves, toasty toes, gaiter, fuel belt, hat, headband, am I forgetting anything, feels like I have every piece of clothing I own on!

Not many folks at Maumelle this morning, maybe 8, but the big surprise, the Lake was frozen!  The poor ducks and geese were walking around on top of it!  We don’t see that in Arkansas, it never gets this cold much less STAY this cold for any length of time.  It was the oddest thing, we just laughed and stared at the poor water fowl on the frozen lake!

It wasn’t long and we had to take off, Kim said it was 12 degrees, what happened to the 15??  At least it wasn’t windy or snowy like yesterday.  We were off.  First stop about 1.3 miles in, jacket off and around the waist it went, nose blowing, water drink, off again.  The run went by much faster today than yesterday even though my freaking head was killing me the entire time.  All I could think was caffeine, caffeine, I need some coffee.

We ended up with 10.25 miles, uneventful, except for the frozen lake!  One bathroom break around mile 4.5, that was about it, exciting stuff.  I’m just so glad it’s over, huge coffee at Starbucks made me feel better, then we filled up my vehicle at the Kroger gas station and went to Walgreen’s for a little shopping, that’s it.

10.25 miles with about a 10:30 pace, rest day tomorrow, Hallelujah!  The temperatures will be warmer next week, maybe in the 20’s to 30’s when we run, a heat wave!

Thank you Kim for talking me into running today even though I didn’t want to!


4 Responses

  1. Good for you, little Skip…way to pummel through! MIss those Starbuck’s runs with you guys…hopefully soon!

  2. I’m in Texas, and the lake where I run was frozen, too! Crazy!

    What are toasty toes? I’m curious b/c my feet are always frozen!

  3. Oh man that’s cold. I’m happy our 8 and 9 degree temperatures have moved out of OKC. Today, it’s suppose to be 45. I plan to run after aerobics.

  4. Heck, if I didn’t talk you off the ledge, then I would have had to run by myself…and I didn’t want that to happen!!!! Besides, we found some great deals at Walgreens after the run, so that made it worth the torture!

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