Someone left the door open!

Still cold out! But, not as cold as last week. Monday was a rest day, Best DAY of the week! Tuesday it was about 28 degrees, but a little windy which was not pleasant. Kim and I both bitched and complained about the wind, cramps, gloves, kleenex, snot, you name it. I had to cut our run a little short, I was having horrible stomach issues AND my monthly visitor was in full swing! Does it get any better than that?

We did get some hill work in when we made a shortcut on Fairway, it is up and down all the way to Edgemere and we ran every hill, so that was definitely a hill workout day. We also were pleasantly surprised when we stopped to see if “Blackie” our project neglected dog was out, we almost walked off when I saw a slight shadow sauntering toward the fence. We were so excited!! We don’t see him very often in the cold/dark. Luckily I had stashed some treats in my pocket before I left the house. He was so happy to see us and vice versa. It made the miserable run worthwhile.

Kim couldn’t run today so I blew it off, do I feel guilty, not one stinking bit! It was cold and I’m done with cold! It will be in the 30’s for the rest of the week so I will just run those days instead. There.

My hours were cut at work, down to 37 hours, I’m pissed! All it is – pay cut, they think I will continue to put in 45-48 hours a week and only get paid for 37, they have another thing coming. 37, that’s all I’m working and that’s what I told my manager. I also told her that my JOBS, Payroll, HR and Recruiting was more than one person can do, as much as I would like to be able to do ALL THREE jobs, I can’t. I cannot focus on any specific job and complete it and that makes me crazy!

Here is a cute cartoon my sister sent me.


2 Responses

  1. I hope things get better with work. I can imagine it is tough.
    Good for you on taking a break. I’m taking a break starting tomorrow. I’m going on a little 3 day vacation. My body is ready for a break, I’ve been running it pretty hard.

  2. Oh you…how I miss you and Kim griping about the cold! I hope my hip is better by tomorrow so I can do the Capitol run…it’s my fave!

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