16 Hilly Miles and new Kicks!

It’s called the Oucho Run for a reason, it is by far the Big Boy Run of the Marathon Training Season, Rahling Road, UGH!  Hills, Hills and more Hills and as the Tom put it, if your unsure of which way to go, it’s the one that goes uphill. HA!!  And that is no lie…

I met Kim at the Gaucho’s parking lot about 10 till 6 this morning, she had run from her house and had managed to clock 3.87 miles before we even started our route for the day!  It wasn’t long before I saw Annette, her, Jane, Amy and Micah had driven in from Cabot just to torture themselves for 16 miles.  Hard core I tell you!

The temperature today was not bad, around 48-50 degrees, but it was hard to adjust, hands hot, hands cold, headband on, headband off, it was just a pain in the ass really.  We made good time considering the route and the route was a bit different today, I think we ran the entire length of Breckenridge Drive, I don’t remember ever doing that before, which in my opinion gave us even MORE hills!

We made one bathroom stop at Burger King and one other “stop” to peer in the windows of a house that was empty and For Sale on Valley Club Drive, it was nice, I’m sure we looked crazy running down the street and then “oh hey lets look in the windows of that house it looks empty”.  One girl we caught up to asked if we lived there, HA! I wish, it was a really nice house in a really super nice neighborhood.

The miles started getting tough around mile 12, the hills just start getting to you, I don’t think I had a body part that wasn’t hurting, even my neck was hurting.  The trek up the most challenging hill (Rahling) was better than expected for me, I was able to run a lot of it, we would walk a light pole and run two, but it was tough and it was painful!  It was such a relief to be finished!  and a sense of accomplishment too!  When you do that route you know you can run any route in Little Rock, including the Marathon!  We had almost 16 miles with a pace of 10:58, good for that route.

After the run Kim and I stretched for a good 10 minutes and headed to Starbucks where the coffee was incredible, made the run worthwhile!  We then headed back to Kim’s house so I could drop her off, we saw Jane and Annette on Rahling going up the “hill” I honked and scared the crap out of Annette, she threw up her arms and I felt bad for honking.

I decided I had to get new shoes TODAY, so after I dropped off Kim it was off to Easy Runner, I have contemplated changing to a different running shoe and today I DID IT!  I talked to Bill at the store and he found a Brooks Glycerin 8 that felt really great, it was still a $100, but better than $140 I was paying for my Mizuno Wave Nirvana!  I will try them out in the morning when we continue our training at Murray Park for 10 miles on nice flat terrain.

Brooks Glycerin 8


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