I’m a Slug

Geez, I have no motivation to do anything in this HOUSE, I’m a slug today, well I was a slug yesterday too!

Up at 4:3o am for our 10 mile run in Murray Park with the newly named Hobbitom Challenge.  Met Kim at 5:45 and we headed to the park, Kim was in a little bit of a mood this morning, apparently it had been a late night, she of course was the DD and had to deal with drunk people, no fun when you are sober.

It was a warm morning, around 50 degrees, so I dressed a little lighted than yesterday.  Cold at first but warmed up quickly.  We were happy to see that Tammy was going  to run with us for a couple of miles and thank you Tom and Hobbit for giving us Murray Park, flat, flat and more flat, my butt and hip flexors were not happy with me this morning after yesterday’s tortuous hilly route.  Even though I hate that route I was loving it this morning.

Tammy stayed with us till about mile 2 and then turned around, it was an out and back course so easy to adjust your mileage.  Oh, and I didn’t wear my new shoes, it had rained something fierce last night and I didn’t want to get them wet on their first outing 🙂  never know when you might step in a nasty water puddle.

Kim and I actually only ended up with 9 miles, but who cares, we were both tired, she had work at noon and my legs were killing me anyway.  I headed home for coffee and the newspaper.

Around 11:00 I took Smokey to get a haircut so that meant I got to see Georgie, wow I miss that kitty a lot, his little face was so much darker than it used to be, I haven’t seen him in probably 3 months!  I also found out that Luzette the little kitten Glenn had adopted for George to play with had died last month, he wasn’t sure what happened he came home and she was in the kitchen floor.  She was young, probably not over 9 months old.  Poor George and Glenn.

Got back home around 12:30, had lunch and then took a nap, hmm, what else, oh washed clothes, started picking up a bit and said screw it, I don’t want to do this.  See Slug, definition of Slug – ME!

Rest day tomorrow, no way do I need to run, yikes my legs and butt are toast!!

One Response

  1. I’m pretty sure running 10 miles early in the morning does not qualify you as a slug. HA! It sounds like you accomplished a lot throughout your day. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

    Do you happen to know someone that wants to run the LR 5K in March, and hasn’t sign up? I’m not going to be able to run the race, and I’d be willing to sell my spot. I really hate to lose the money.

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