Winter Storm Watch

I think this is a first for me, staying home because of winter weather.  It’s been predicted all week, but as usual in Arkansas it can change quickly, not this time, the freezing rain was coming down when I got up at a nice 6am.  The forecast is for more ice and snow throughout the day, 12-16 hours of winter weather and temps below freezing today and tonight.  UGH, this messes with my running schedule, I don’t mind missing work at all!  But my running schedule MUST stay on track!

We are scheduled for 18 miles tomorrow, they have already moved it to 8am instead of the normal 6am, but if we get 1/2 inch of ice and then snow on top of that I’m afraid there won’t be a running event in the morning at all.  What will I do then?  And temperatures will drop down to  20 tonight and in the teens Saturday night.  I guess there is a possibility we could do our long run on Sunday.  I’m a creature of habit, I MUST have my long run on the weekend and what about my semi-long run?  When will I do that?  Worry, worry, worry.

I am also concerned about power outages, my yard has 9 mature, huge, oak trees, if they get .50 to .75 inches of ice, limbs will break, roofs will be damaged, power will go out, I’ll be stuck.  I am not prepared.  I have flashlights and food, but no other source of heat.  But I do have hand and foot warmers I can crack open, I received a whole slew of samples from Little Hotties to try out, this could be the perfect weekend to put them to the test!

I did get in 3 good runs this week, 2 with Kim, 1 solo, the temperatures were all over the board, in the 30’s for two days and yesterday 50.  Bizarre weather.

The Little Rock Marathon is just 36 days away and the medal was unveiled, IT IS HUGE, again!   I can’t remember the dimensions, but it weighs over a pound!  Here’s a photo.

Little Rock Marathon Medal 2010

I’ve sat at my desk for about an hour, haven’t seen one car go by, everyone is staying in today as suggested by Highway Police.  Roads will be treacherous and that means Cheryl will be staying in too!


3 Responses

  1. Ooooo Beautiful Medal…A few more weeks, then TAPER! Good luck!

  2. Ooooo….I am so jealous…I wish I could do the marthon just to get that medal…it’s way better tha last year’s…….No fair.

  3. But my running schedule MUST stay on track!…AMEN! I really need to invest in a treadmill. I was stuck inside for 4 days. I could have wore that treadmill out! I hate running indoors, but it’s better than doing nothing.

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