Marathon Countdown – 6 days

Whether I like it or not the Little Rock Marathon will be under way in 6 days, am I ready?  Am I ever ready?  I don’t know, but what I do know is that I will run it and I will finish it even it I have to walk it in!

This year is a little different since Kim and I decided to take on the Hobbitom formerly known as “Crackhead” Challenge, it’s a half marathon on Saturday and the Marathon on Sunday, what was I thinking?  Can’t back out now!!  Well I guess I could and when I found it the start was in Murray Park I really wanted to!

Last week my runs were shorter, it is taper time after all, but not because of taper, but because of the blasted cold weather, I’m just sick of running in the wee hours of the morning freezing my ass off!  So they were shorter and fewer!  and I don’t give a rat’s ass either.  There.

Other news – I begged, I pleaded, I bugged the crap out of the lady at the Humane Society and I am now the proud parent of the kitten that Kim and I found and dropped at the Humane Society.  Wow, that was a mouthful.  Anyway, picked her up on Friday night, she was so scared and stinky, smelled like she had been in a zoo, put her in the spare room and today she has the run of the house.

Kim was to do her Ultra Marathon at Cowtown yesterday, well, that didn’t happen, she was in some horrendous bottleneck traffic jam for 3 hours and they wouldn’t let her and hundreds of other people run.   She said the officials weren’t sure what they were going to do about entry fees, etc., but it was a freaking mess, I talked to her yesterday when she got the news and it was not a pleasant conversation.  Poor Kimmy had been planning on this for months, training and training, took off work, prepaid hotel, entry fees, driving to Ft. Worth, I would have been pissed too!  She was very, very, upset and disappointed.  I think they were going to try to make the best of it and enjoy the day.

I have another bird stuck in my wall, somehow they are getting into my eaves and then apparently walking around and BAM!! down into a wall!  GEEZ I can hear it scratching and clawing trying to get out, so here I go cutting another hole in my drywall in search of poor stuck bird.  Damn it!  I would fix those damned eaves if my ladder was tall enough, anyone?

Okay, this week running Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, then Hobbitom Challenge on Saturday, Little Rock Marathon on Sunday.  Let’s keep our collective fingers crossed for decent weather!!


The 12 miler that wasn’t

Well we had good intentions, but some things are bigger than getting your 12 mile run in.

Kim met me at the Riverdale shopping center she was still not feeling good, but was ready to get our 12 miler under way.  We headed to our meet spot in Murray Park with the Little Rock Marathon Group.  This is by far the worst route of all, it is part of the worst part of the Marathon too, long, long, long boring road that just sucks the life out of you, luckily it was still dark!

We were headed back toward the Big Dam Bridge, close to six miles when I heard something in the woods to the left, it sounded like a kitten, we stopped and I spotted it, a kitten in a tree!  I squatted down and called it, unbelievably it climbed down and ran over to me, I picked it up and it immediately started purring, my heart melted.  What now?

We started walking back to the Park and several people commented how they had seen the kitten earlier, what? you did nothing?  seriously at least 4-6 people said “oh yeah I saw it over by the bathroom” or ” oh yeah I saw it by the parking lot”.  We of course being the animal lovers we are couldn’t leave it to the elements.  It appeared to be about 3 months old, a girl, sweet, just purred like you would not believe.  Kim and I both made phone calls to everyone we could think of to find it a home, but no luck.  We decided to take it up to CARE for Animals on Kavanaugh, where else?  we had no idea really.  Well crap, they don’t open until 10, we tried unsuccessfully to get the phone number for the Humane Society in the meantime I noticed the kitty who was wrapped in a towel on my lap sound a sleep was breathing weird so off to the vet we went.

Kim and I knew exactly where the Vet was because we had taken shelter there on another run in a thunderstorm!  It was All Pets on Kavanaugh, we explained the situation and they were super nice, the Vet, Dr. Michele was super, they did a thorough exam of Samantha and said she probably had a slight chest infection from just being out in the elements, but she would be fine.  What to do now?

I really wanted to keep her, but Smokey hates cats, yes he is a cat, but hates all other cats, he gets stressed and cranky so I didn’t want to traumatized him.  I tried my mom, daughter, ex, you name it, no one would take her so we headed to the Humane Society of Pulaski County.

This was hard, putting little Samantha in the cat cage with her towel and they whisked away, we almost were turned away when we got there.  A lady comes barreling out the door and tells us they can’t take any animals, they don’t have any cages and have 147 more pets than they are supposed to.  OMG, what are we going to do?  At that point I would have taken her home with me.  But, the lady was so nice and found room for her.  We made a suggested donation and got information on volunteering for dog walking and a list of items they need at all times.

All day long I have been thinking about that little kitty, she was so sweet and I just hope they find her a good home.  I hope she is not too traumatized being in that place with all those dogs barking, it was so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think.  I sort of wish I had kept her, I know it would have been hard, but Smokey and I would have adjusted…. We already spent almost a hundred bucks on her and don’t even have her!!  But, that’s not the point, if you don’t love animals then you just wouldn’t understand, the money is not important.  Poor little kitten was healthy and someone decided they didn’t want her anymore and just dumped her, it was in the middle of nowhere!  Kittens don’t stray that far away from home or their Mother!

Maybe I’ll go get her 🙂

Tomorrow we WILL run 14 miles to make up for lost mileage today.

Still Winter? 15 days till Marathon!

It was a very nice spring like day today or that’s what everyone told me, I got to work at 8am and didn’t leave until 6, UGH, hate it, hate it, hate it.  All bad news at work this week, cut my hours AGAIN, have to take 3 unpaid days off within the next 6 weeks, plus take another hour off each week, so actually 32 hours a week until the end of March.  Going backwards, not forwards.

It’s been cold every morning on our runs, below 30, Kim came Thursday and today.  Sick of it.  Only 15 days till the Marathon, only 14 days until the Hobbitom Challenge and in case you are wondering, it’s the 1/2 marathon the day before the Little Rock Marathon.  A first for me, probably the last too.

I need to complain and brag, first complain, I don’t like my new shoes, my feet hurt, not enough cushion, but I have forked over the $100 bucks and I will make it, I think, but it is really pissing me off.  Brag – Little Hotties to the rescue, especially on Wednesday of this week, it was cold, at least to me.  I received some samples to try out about a month ago and I have been using them diligently when it’s cold.  Little Hotties for your toes and hands.  They have saved me and all my piggies too!  The ones for your hands are just the bomb, open them, shake them, stick them in your mittens/gloves get ready for your run and those gloves are toasty warm.

For my feet everyone thinks they would be bulky or bother me, I don’t even feel them, they are very thin, like the front part of an insole, but smaller and thinner, you peel off the backing, stick to the bottom of your socks and put your shoes on, no cold toes!!  I can’t even feel them, except the warmth!  I highly recommend both!  I even tried sticking the toe ones in my gloves, don’t do that, it really doesn’t work that great.

The ones for your hands last about 8 hours, so after my run I stick them in my coat pocket or pockets in my pants so I can feel the warmth all day!  Hey, it works if you have cramps too, I put them in my front pants pockets, it felt so good.

Ok, more complaining, my Garmin 305 is acting up, it just won’t get a full charge, I put in on the charge it says “battery charging in progress” check back in 5 minutes it is completely off.  Move it around a bit it comes back on.  Today, it had 4 bars took it outside, put it on, it was on looked down it had gone off by itself.  Stupid thing, I cannot afford another one right now.  Kim has been having similar problems with hers too.

EEEKKKK  only 15 days I am not ready, Kim and I are running 12 and 12 this weekend, we need it, I have to be able to complete both the half and full marathons, the extra mileage will push me, I hope.  Next weekend Kim is running the Cowtown Ultra, holy hell, not me, my feet would literally fall off, they hurt when I run 6 miles!!

Anyone need some part-time help?  Spring yard work?  Looks like I might have some extra time and NO MONEY!!  My job so sucks.  It used to be good and I enjoyed it, what can I say?

That danged Groundhog!

Winter continues and the running barely continues as we countdown to the Little Rock Marathon.  The weekend started with our 10 mile run on Saturday, I was not in the mood to run, but I really have not been in the mood to run at all lately.  Kim had an early shift at work so instead of a late start of 7am prescribed by Tom and Hobbit we started at 6am, dark, cold and a bit breezy, I think it was low 30’s.

We haven’t seen each other in a week so we had a few things to catch up on which made the first few miles fly by.  I guess we were around mile 3-4 when we came upon a lone runner, he started the conversation by asking what we were running and it didn’t stop.  It was fun talking to someone new, he had lots to talk about and before we knew it we were at mile 8 and he turned off!  Thanks Patrick Barker!  He was a nice guy and very interesting, besides being a runner he is a beekeeper.

Kim had to get to work so there were no trips to Starback’s.  It was a quick 10 miler for us, no bathroom stops, only a couple of walk breaks to get some fuel/water/map situated.

Sunday, ugh, 20 miles.  Again I was not ready or wanting to run at all, the temperature WAS SUPPOSED to be close to 40, it was not, that started the fun.  We met the small group of runners at Boulevard Bread in the River Market, got some instructions from Hobbit on where the water would be and bathrooms if needed and they were needed on Sunday.

We headed out, a little too bundled, I contemplated dropping my jacket before we headed out, but just couldn’t give it up, I would wish that I had a couple of hours later.

The first few miles seemed to drag, we were on the same course as Saturday, nothing new, but a lot of the snow and left over ice had melted.  No runner to pick up and entertain us for 20 miles, just me and Kim pounding the pavement.  We had made a pact to fuel every 4 hours, Kim and I are not role models for fueling properly, we forget, a lot.  But Sunday we were champs, every 4 miles we would walk and fuel up, I think it helped us in the end.

Miles 5 through about 15 went by pretty quickly, we had made two bathroom stops, one at the gas station and one at the Holiday Inn Presidential where we lolly gagged around in the lobby looking at all the presidential memorabilia.  It was interesting, we were just avoiding the inevitable, continuing our long run.

Mile 14 took us up that dreaded hill in front of the Deaf School, we hate that hill and it was especially nasty on Sunday with all the melting of the snow/ice.  We both had our fairly new shoes on and of course being the girls we are we didn’t want to get them “dirty”.  After that it was up Kavanaugh, we made it with a few cars flying down the hill, they definitely need some speed control on that hill!  We let them know how we felt.

Down through Alsop Park was still icy, it is covered by trees for the most part and will probably stay frozen till summer!  we had to walk a big part of it, from that part on I thought the run would never end!  My feet, butt, knees, back, neck, every body part hurt, especially my feet, I hate my feet, they always hurt.  We had really warmed up though, the sun was beaming, it felt wonderful to actually FEEL the sun for once, if we could only make it back!

Those last few miles were tough, we kept trudging along, thinking about Starbucks when we were finished.  It was all we could think about, we tried singing a bit, but we suck at singing, complaining, now we are good at that and we did plenty of it.

When we finally got about a mile out our pace picked up, thank goodness we were on a flat or slight decline, the end was in sight!!  YIPPEE!!  We did it!  Can we run the marathon? Can Kim run her Ultra?  But of course we can!  We are going to try to sneak in another long run next weekend, I think we both will feel better if we do some sort of longish run before the “race”.

Monday was a rest day and today, what the hell? No running today either?  NO WAY, too stinking cold, it was 21 degrees, I hate that stinking groundhog!  That means running for the rest of the week Wednesday through Sunday again, oh well, that bed was nice and toasty this morning!


Sick of it! Barely got in 3.5 miles this morning because I just hated being cold and then hot at the same time. UGH!!! I had to MAKE myself run, bad, bad runner….Marathon is looming and I am NOT READY!

Winter Running continues…

26 Days until the Little Rock Marathon and the winter running sucks.  I hate it, hate it, hate it.  So sick of being cold or at least parts of my body being cold.

Last weekend was an ice-covered mess, both runs for Saturday and Sunday were CANCELED, I can’t remember any of our weekend runs being canceled before.  Oh well, I enjoyed not being out in the ice and cold.  Monday Kim and I were back at it, neither one of us had run in 3 days, that’s unusual, it’s usually 1 day, 2 max, but 3?  Never. Unless it’s after a grueling marathon.

We were bundled up and ready to run, we only ran about 5 miles, I had to be at work by 8am.  It was not a bad run considering, but we still bitched and complained about the weather and it was treacherous in spots, even after the thaw on Sunday afternoon.  There were spots that were still frozen solid, sidewalks, puddles, anywhere that stays shaded.

Tuesday and Wednesday I ran solo, Kim had to be at work early.  Still cold, but not AS cold as Monday, in the 30’s.  Kim and I planned on running together on Thursday, but low and behold, rain, no run.  Then Friday, rain again, no run.  At least it wasn’t ice or snow.  We were gearing up for our 18 mile run on Saturday.

Our run for Saturday morning was to be 18 miles, both of us dreading it since our runs have been a little lackluster and we didn’t get in a long run last weekend.  Oh well, can’t change what we didn’t run, so might as well suck it up.  We were meeting the Little Rock Marathon Training Group at the ADEQ building in NLR close to the River Trail.  Lots of runners for sure, I guess everyone was a little stir crazy and ready to get back on the pavement.

The temperature was mid 30’s, kind of hard to dress for, and the wind was about 15 mph, so that screws with you too.  I had long sleeve tech top, not a thin one and a fleece vest, should have left the vest.  My Garmin was dead, that really set the tone for the day, I had charged it the day before, but when I turned it on it went right back off, dead.  Great.  Thank goodness Kim had hers, it was so weird not having my Garmin, I would look down at my wrist or when we stopped to get water reach down to stop my Garmin, NO GARMIN!

Our route was mostly River Trail except when we went through Burns Park, which I don’t even remember at all, it’s like a blur for some reason, I know we went through there, but geez I must have been sleeping.

We made our way back to the River Trail and we realized we had to run all the way to the 1.75 mile marker, HOLY COW, are you kidding?  That just sounded WRONG and way too far, but we did it, don’t know how, but we did.

On our way back we knew there was a race on the river trail, the River Trail 15K, we kept expecting to see runners, but where were they?  I was really looking forward to it for a little distraction, anything to keep my mind off my aching feet, back and the wind blowing right in our faces no matter which way you turn!

We were about 2.5 miles from finishing when we ran up on some of the Hot Legs running club who were set up at a water station waiting on the first wave of runners.  We saw our friend Dianne L. and talked to her a second before heading to our finish.  It wasn’t long before we saw the leader, Josh Holt, he is actually one of the guys in my Tuesday Night running club, it was great to see him out in front.  Then we saw Leah T., female winner of the 2009 Little Rock Marathon.  Kim and I had to keep moving over in the grass to get out of the way, those runners were serious!!

It was just a minute or two when I heard my name called, it was Cindy C followed by Brenda, then not far behind, Amy, Jane, Joan, Melissa, it was so cool to see so many people we knew!  Thank goodness they saw us and called out our names, because they were all in a sea of people!

A great distraction for about half a mile, then UGH, we had 2 miles to go.  The wind picked up some more, what the hell?  We were colder than we had been the entire run!  We turned onto Northshore Trail and could finally see the ADEQ building, it’s always a welcome sight, we knew we had it made at that point.

We ended up with a little under 18 miles, but Kim said her old Garmin 301 didn’t always calculate correctly, so 18 in my mind.  We stretched on a bench for a bit until we were frozen and headed home, Kim had a death in her family and we couldn’t do our normal Starbuck’s stop so I just went home and made my own.

Sunday I knew Kim would not be back to run the 10 mile run with me so instead of starting at 6am I decided to wait until about 7am, the main reason was darkness, I didn’t want to run by myself on the River Trail, especially the Blair Witch Project Section (Isabella Jo).  Well, it only appears that way in the summer when it’s like a tunnel and dark as dark can be, but still, not by myself.

It was colder than Saturday, about 32, there wasn’t supposed to be any wind, so I did not wear my Little Hotties Hand Warmers or Toe Warmers, stupid me.  Because of the wind I was cold for the first 8 miles.  I almost turned around oh about 10 times, but I didn’t I kept pushing on and I have no idea how I did it, there was no one out, no one.  All the smart people stayed in bed.  Hobbit had emailed me the route the night before and I was to run to the 3 mile marker, once again, ARE YOU KIDDING?  That’s too far!! But of course it wasn’t, it just felt that way.

I was so happy to turn around, my legs were very fatigued and I was just done, done with running, done with the wind, done with winter.  UGH, this shit sucks.   I just kept trying to visualize myself at different sections on the Trail, the wooden bridge, the concrete bridge, dog park, soccer fields, where we saw the skunks, seeing the ADEQ building and some how I finished.  I hate running anything longer than 5 miles by myself, it’s just boring as hell.  Maybe I should put some tunes on my Shuffle and try that, something, cause that really sucked and being cold for the biggest part of it didn’t help.

Here’s something weird, I thought anyway.  When I got back to the parking log, there was this big Suburban type vehicle, pretty new, clean, had a 8×10 piece of paper taped to the inside driver side window “NO VALUABLES INSIDE”.  I would have never even noticed the vehicle if it hadn’t been for the piece of paper taped to the window.  Is that some new deterrent?

So I know this post is long, but today, thank goodness it is a well deserved rest day after running 28 miles this weekend because when I woke up at 5am this morning what do I see when I look outside?  SNOW!  LOTS of SNOW!  So, I’m not going to work for a while or maybe not at all, who knows.   I hope this crap clears up, because we don’t need this winter stuff anymore, we need to get ready for our looming marathon and Kim needs to get ready for her Ultra!

I will survive

My sister sent this to me and I gasped outloud, watch the entire video!!  It’s worth it in the end.