That danged Groundhog!

Winter continues and the running barely continues as we countdown to the Little Rock Marathon.  The weekend started with our 10 mile run on Saturday, I was not in the mood to run, but I really have not been in the mood to run at all lately.  Kim had an early shift at work so instead of a late start of 7am prescribed by Tom and Hobbit we started at 6am, dark, cold and a bit breezy, I think it was low 30’s.

We haven’t seen each other in a week so we had a few things to catch up on which made the first few miles fly by.  I guess we were around mile 3-4 when we came upon a lone runner, he started the conversation by asking what we were running and it didn’t stop.  It was fun talking to someone new, he had lots to talk about and before we knew it we were at mile 8 and he turned off!  Thanks Patrick Barker!  He was a nice guy and very interesting, besides being a runner he is a beekeeper.

Kim had to get to work so there were no trips to Starback’s.  It was a quick 10 miler for us, no bathroom stops, only a couple of walk breaks to get some fuel/water/map situated.

Sunday, ugh, 20 miles.  Again I was not ready or wanting to run at all, the temperature WAS SUPPOSED to be close to 40, it was not, that started the fun.  We met the small group of runners at Boulevard Bread in the River Market, got some instructions from Hobbit on where the water would be and bathrooms if needed and they were needed on Sunday.

We headed out, a little too bundled, I contemplated dropping my jacket before we headed out, but just couldn’t give it up, I would wish that I had a couple of hours later.

The first few miles seemed to drag, we were on the same course as Saturday, nothing new, but a lot of the snow and left over ice had melted.  No runner to pick up and entertain us for 20 miles, just me and Kim pounding the pavement.  We had made a pact to fuel every 4 hours, Kim and I are not role models for fueling properly, we forget, a lot.  But Sunday we were champs, every 4 miles we would walk and fuel up, I think it helped us in the end.

Miles 5 through about 15 went by pretty quickly, we had made two bathroom stops, one at the gas station and one at the Holiday Inn Presidential where we lolly gagged around in the lobby looking at all the presidential memorabilia.  It was interesting, we were just avoiding the inevitable, continuing our long run.

Mile 14 took us up that dreaded hill in front of the Deaf School, we hate that hill and it was especially nasty on Sunday with all the melting of the snow/ice.  We both had our fairly new shoes on and of course being the girls we are we didn’t want to get them “dirty”.  After that it was up Kavanaugh, we made it with a few cars flying down the hill, they definitely need some speed control on that hill!  We let them know how we felt.

Down through Alsop Park was still icy, it is covered by trees for the most part and will probably stay frozen till summer!  we had to walk a big part of it, from that part on I thought the run would never end!  My feet, butt, knees, back, neck, every body part hurt, especially my feet, I hate my feet, they always hurt.  We had really warmed up though, the sun was beaming, it felt wonderful to actually FEEL the sun for once, if we could only make it back!

Those last few miles were tough, we kept trudging along, thinking about Starbucks when we were finished.  It was all we could think about, we tried singing a bit, but we suck at singing, complaining, now we are good at that and we did plenty of it.

When we finally got about a mile out our pace picked up, thank goodness we were on a flat or slight decline, the end was in sight!!  YIPPEE!!  We did it!  Can we run the marathon? Can Kim run her Ultra?  But of course we can!  We are going to try to sneak in another long run next weekend, I think we both will feel better if we do some sort of longish run before the “race”.

Monday was a rest day and today, what the hell? No running today either?  NO WAY, too stinking cold, it was 21 degrees, I hate that stinking groundhog!  That means running for the rest of the week Wednesday through Sunday again, oh well, that bed was nice and toasty this morning!

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  1. Oh crack me up…

  2. What a small world. I was doing a Google search and a link pops up “Arkansas Runner Girl” with text under it “No runner to pick up and entertain us for 20 miles, just me and Kim …” So I start wondering if this is maybe the Kim and Cheryl I ran into during an early morning mid February run. So I click the link and sure enough it is. What a coincidence. As I began scanning through your blog I come across that particular days entry and I start to get the feeling that I’m going to be mentioned (you seem pretty thorough in your descriptions) and I’m just hoping I don’t turn out to be “That danged Groundhog!” Thanks for the call out and the kind words. You two were fun to run with too. Congrats to both of you on your marathon and half marathon finish here in Little Rock. Wow! I only ran the half here this year but it was a lot of fun running at home and running that shorter distance. Right now I’m training for the Ouachita Trail 50k. I’m still in my first year of running and there’s no way I can meet the cutoffs for the full 50 miler. Right now it’s lots of trail running and still trying to find a good trail shoe to break in before April 17. Say hello to Kim and you two take care. Maybe see you on the road again sometime soon. Cheers!


    • Hey Patrick –

      It is a small world, I’m so glad you stumbled upon my blog!! Kim and I mention you often, especially when we need a little distraction or pass by Dillards! HA!

      I can’t wait to tell Kim you read my blog, she will get a kick out of it.

      Good luck on your 50K and come any Saturday to the LR Training group, we are always there, we would love to run with you again!!


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