Still Winter? 15 days till Marathon!

It was a very nice spring like day today or that’s what everyone told me, I got to work at 8am and didn’t leave until 6, UGH, hate it, hate it, hate it.  All bad news at work this week, cut my hours AGAIN, have to take 3 unpaid days off within the next 6 weeks, plus take another hour off each week, so actually 32 hours a week until the end of March.  Going backwards, not forwards.

It’s been cold every morning on our runs, below 30, Kim came Thursday and today.  Sick of it.  Only 15 days till the Marathon, only 14 days until the Hobbitom Challenge and in case you are wondering, it’s the 1/2 marathon the day before the Little Rock Marathon.  A first for me, probably the last too.

I need to complain and brag, first complain, I don’t like my new shoes, my feet hurt, not enough cushion, but I have forked over the $100 bucks and I will make it, I think, but it is really pissing me off.  Brag – Little Hotties to the rescue, especially on Wednesday of this week, it was cold, at least to me.  I received some samples to try out about a month ago and I have been using them diligently when it’s cold.  Little Hotties for your toes and hands.  They have saved me and all my piggies too!  The ones for your hands are just the bomb, open them, shake them, stick them in your mittens/gloves get ready for your run and those gloves are toasty warm.

For my feet everyone thinks they would be bulky or bother me, I don’t even feel them, they are very thin, like the front part of an insole, but smaller and thinner, you peel off the backing, stick to the bottom of your socks and put your shoes on, no cold toes!!  I can’t even feel them, except the warmth!  I highly recommend both!  I even tried sticking the toe ones in my gloves, don’t do that, it really doesn’t work that great.

The ones for your hands last about 8 hours, so after my run I stick them in my coat pocket or pockets in my pants so I can feel the warmth all day!  Hey, it works if you have cramps too, I put them in my front pants pockets, it felt so good.

Ok, more complaining, my Garmin 305 is acting up, it just won’t get a full charge, I put in on the charge it says “battery charging in progress” check back in 5 minutes it is completely off.  Move it around a bit it comes back on.  Today, it had 4 bars took it outside, put it on, it was on looked down it had gone off by itself.  Stupid thing, I cannot afford another one right now.  Kim has been having similar problems with hers too.

EEEKKKK  only 15 days I am not ready, Kim and I are running 12 and 12 this weekend, we need it, I have to be able to complete both the half and full marathons, the extra mileage will push me, I hope.  Next weekend Kim is running the Cowtown Ultra, holy hell, not me, my feet would literally fall off, they hurt when I run 6 miles!!

Anyone need some part-time help?  Spring yard work?  Looks like I might have some extra time and NO MONEY!!  My job so sucks.  It used to be good and I enjoyed it, what can I say?


2 Responses

  1. You ARE ready…you say that before every race, and you said that before our last marathon!! I may try those hand warmers at some point, but I have pretty much missed most of the winter running season this year…

  2. Sorry about all the bad stuff! Hope it gets better, soon.

    On the Garmin, I had the same problem, and a combination of two things seems to have fixed it. First was downloading the latest version of all the software (you can find it on the Garmin site) and second was cleaning the contacts on both the watch and the base. Hope that helps! Mine was also not reliably uploading info, but both problems are fixed, now.

    Good luck with the race!

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