The 12 miler that wasn’t

Well we had good intentions, but some things are bigger than getting your 12 mile run in.

Kim met me at the Riverdale shopping center she was still not feeling good, but was ready to get our 12 miler under way.  We headed to our meet spot in Murray Park with the Little Rock Marathon Group.  This is by far the worst route of all, it is part of the worst part of the Marathon too, long, long, long boring road that just sucks the life out of you, luckily it was still dark!

We were headed back toward the Big Dam Bridge, close to six miles when I heard something in the woods to the left, it sounded like a kitten, we stopped and I spotted it, a kitten in a tree!  I squatted down and called it, unbelievably it climbed down and ran over to me, I picked it up and it immediately started purring, my heart melted.  What now?

We started walking back to the Park and several people commented how they had seen the kitten earlier, what? you did nothing?  seriously at least 4-6 people said “oh yeah I saw it over by the bathroom” or ” oh yeah I saw it by the parking lot”.  We of course being the animal lovers we are couldn’t leave it to the elements.  It appeared to be about 3 months old, a girl, sweet, just purred like you would not believe.  Kim and I both made phone calls to everyone we could think of to find it a home, but no luck.  We decided to take it up to CARE for Animals on Kavanaugh, where else?  we had no idea really.  Well crap, they don’t open until 10, we tried unsuccessfully to get the phone number for the Humane Society in the meantime I noticed the kitty who was wrapped in a towel on my lap sound a sleep was breathing weird so off to the vet we went.

Kim and I knew exactly where the Vet was because we had taken shelter there on another run in a thunderstorm!  It was All Pets on Kavanaugh, we explained the situation and they were super nice, the Vet, Dr. Michele was super, they did a thorough exam of Samantha and said she probably had a slight chest infection from just being out in the elements, but she would be fine.  What to do now?

I really wanted to keep her, but Smokey hates cats, yes he is a cat, but hates all other cats, he gets stressed and cranky so I didn’t want to traumatized him.  I tried my mom, daughter, ex, you name it, no one would take her so we headed to the Humane Society of Pulaski County.

This was hard, putting little Samantha in the cat cage with her towel and they whisked away, we almost were turned away when we got there.  A lady comes barreling out the door and tells us they can’t take any animals, they don’t have any cages and have 147 more pets than they are supposed to.  OMG, what are we going to do?  At that point I would have taken her home with me.  But, the lady was so nice and found room for her.  We made a suggested donation and got information on volunteering for dog walking and a list of items they need at all times.

All day long I have been thinking about that little kitty, she was so sweet and I just hope they find her a good home.  I hope she is not too traumatized being in that place with all those dogs barking, it was so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think.  I sort of wish I had kept her, I know it would have been hard, but Smokey and I would have adjusted…. We already spent almost a hundred bucks on her and don’t even have her!!  But, that’s not the point, if you don’t love animals then you just wouldn’t understand, the money is not important.  Poor little kitten was healthy and someone decided they didn’t want her anymore and just dumped her, it was in the middle of nowhere!  Kittens don’t stray that far away from home or their Mother!

Maybe I’ll go get her 🙂

Tomorrow we WILL run 14 miles to make up for lost mileage today.


2 Responses

  1. hey there, i just came across your blog and just wanted to leave a note. i too am an arkansas runner girl, and the little rock half will be my first half. i’m so excited and am always looking for other people’s running stories. so glad i came across someone close to home. 🙂 happy running!!

  2. Didn’t you read the email from Hobbit about not trying to make up for lost miles during taper…I see Kimbo is rubbing off on you! I hope you go get the kitten..but selfishly, it’s so I hope I can play with it when ,or if, as you and Kim say, you ever see me again..hehe..

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