Marathon Countdown – 6 days

Whether I like it or not the Little Rock Marathon will be under way in 6 days, am I ready?  Am I ever ready?  I don’t know, but what I do know is that I will run it and I will finish it even it I have to walk it in!

This year is a little different since Kim and I decided to take on the Hobbitom formerly known as “Crackhead” Challenge, it’s a half marathon on Saturday and the Marathon on Sunday, what was I thinking?  Can’t back out now!!  Well I guess I could and when I found it the start was in Murray Park I really wanted to!

Last week my runs were shorter, it is taper time after all, but not because of taper, but because of the blasted cold weather, I’m just sick of running in the wee hours of the morning freezing my ass off!  So they were shorter and fewer!  and I don’t give a rat’s ass either.  There.

Other news – I begged, I pleaded, I bugged the crap out of the lady at the Humane Society and I am now the proud parent of the kitten that Kim and I found and dropped at the Humane Society.  Wow, that was a mouthful.  Anyway, picked her up on Friday night, she was so scared and stinky, smelled like she had been in a zoo, put her in the spare room and today she has the run of the house.

Kim was to do her Ultra Marathon at Cowtown yesterday, well, that didn’t happen, she was in some horrendous bottleneck traffic jam for 3 hours and they wouldn’t let her and hundreds of other people run.   She said the officials weren’t sure what they were going to do about entry fees, etc., but it was a freaking mess, I talked to her yesterday when she got the news and it was not a pleasant conversation.  Poor Kimmy had been planning on this for months, training and training, took off work, prepaid hotel, entry fees, driving to Ft. Worth, I would have been pissed too!  She was very, very, upset and disappointed.  I think they were going to try to make the best of it and enjoy the day.

I have another bird stuck in my wall, somehow they are getting into my eaves and then apparently walking around and BAM!! down into a wall!  GEEZ I can hear it scratching and clawing trying to get out, so here I go cutting another hole in my drywall in search of poor stuck bird.  Damn it!  I would fix those damned eaves if my ladder was tall enough, anyone?

Okay, this week running Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, then Hobbitom Challenge on Saturday, Little Rock Marathon on Sunday.  Let’s keep our collective fingers crossed for decent weather!!


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  1. 6 days???? OMG So soon??? LOL Good luck!!!

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