Computer Frustration

This computer is really pissing me off!  I want to just pick it up and throw it!!  It’s been working fine until the dreaded virus attack.  Even with the virus gone (I think) it’s still acting up.  I can’t open my Photo Album, Firefox or a couple of other programs, my computer wants to know what program to use to open these programs with….Hell if I know!!

Anyway, it is very frustrating!  Especially for me, who USED to work on a Help Desk, use it or lose it and I guess I lost it cause I don’t know shit!

The weather is warming up nicely, I just wish I could get out more at work, like maybe for a lunch, is that too much to ask?  We are just so short-handed or applicants just pile in the office and when I look up its 3 o’clock.

Woe is me…..  Finally filed my federal taxes, I am getting a refund, whew!  I will be able to get a new Garmin and new digital camera!!  Yippee!! The rest will go toward my new windows, yes, new windows for the homestead, these windows are the pits!  You can feel air come in around them so I bit the bullet and they are coming to measure in the morning.  It will take a long time for me to recoup my money, but in the long run I believe I made the right choice.

Running has been decent, no real pains or problems other than my nagging stomach issues, well they haven’t been that bad unless I binge on the weekends, which I tend to do 🙂  The 10K is this weekend, not sure how that will turn out, my PR is 59:XX, which was at the Spa City 10K about 18 months ago, not sure if I can beat it and not sure I will try!  But, I tend to get a little competitive once I get out there.

Pet Peeve of the week – Girls who think it must be 100 degrees outside and feel the need to break out their hoochie mama outfits.  Sickening really, showing fat bellies, too much back fat, what’s pretty about that?  I have seen several “girls” with these skimpy outfits on with it all hanging out, yuck.  Put some clothes on, no one wants to see that shit!


Spring Fever and Viruses

Well, the Marathon is over, no long term recovery period, we were back running on Wednesday, not very far, just 3 miles, but we ran.  It’s been 3 weeks since the marathon and we are back in the swing of things. 

Next week Kim and I are running the Capital City Classic 10K, Tammy and I ran it last year, nice and flat course in Two Rivers Park, and great tech tee shirt too.

Spring is in the air, or some days it’s in the air, some days Winter is still showing her cold side, as was the case on a couple of days last week, sick of any cold weather at all.  I am ready for sun on my skin and sweat because of the temperature not because of the layers I’m wearing.

The new kitten has made herself right at home and Smokey is dealing with her.  I named her Samantha at first and that was not working out so now she has a new name, Roxy, which is much cuter, but she obviously doesn’t know it and does whatever she wants.  She got stuck behind the washing machine a couple of days ago, eeek, no fun, and she loves the shower curtain, toilet and sink, have to keep the bathroom door closed most of the time.

Started planning the BABY shower for my daughter, it will be on May 8th!  WOW, I can’t believe how time is flying by.  Lots to do and speaking of baby shower I think I was searching some information on the web about said baby shower when I clicked on something and my computer was infected with some sort of virus.  It took me about 3-4 days to get rid of that crap and I’m still dealing with it.  Lost my Firefox browser completely along with all my bookmarks, ugh, what a pain in the ass!

Kim is going to help me with the baby shower, we have lots to do and lots of ideas, games at baby showers are pretty corny, so if anyone has anything creative for games/entertainment, let me know.

Oh and if anyone has a Garmin Forerunner they no longer want/need I would be interested in purchasing, I am garminless.  Mine is definitely in the dumper, I can send it in and pay $79.00 to have it fixed or buy a new one for $160.00.  How about neither?  Stupid thing is just 2 1/2 years old and cost about $250.00 new, should last longer than it did.  I really don’t want to buy another one if it’s just going to do the same thing.

Fat, I’ve become FAT!  I was a little down about things in general last weekend and ate everything in my house, EVERYTHING!  and I didn’t care until I got on the scale Friday and now I realize, I’m a big fat slug.  Well, okay, only in my eyes, but that’s all that matters to me, so now I need to lose about 3 pounds, I know, I know, don’t even say it or think it, but everyone has their own demons!  Skirt/Short season is almost here!  I put on shorts yesterday and scared myself, not sure if it was the jiggle, the white legs or the non-shaved legs that did or maybe it was all three, oh yeah, it was all three!

Worked a few hours in my backyard yesterday and still needs work, I’m just not good at time management.  Today seems like it might be a wash out on the items I was going to finish up today, like mowing!  can you believe it?  mowing the yard already?  well, it’s just weeds, but they have taken over the yard!  And I still need to work in the front yard, just never enough “nice” weather to get it all done. 

Today is Tammy’s Birthday!!  Happy Birthday Tambo!!  I won’t mention her age….She is still a spring chick! 

What else, oh yeah, the company I work for? thinking of filing for bankruptcy, oh they will, there is not thinking about it.  They can’t repay their loans, it’s all a big to do, how no need to worry, it’s just restructuring, yada yada yada.  Whatever, bankruptcy is NOT a good thing no matter who keeps telling me it is.

Oh, here is another thing my camera is kaput too, so maybe now I’m seeing why I’ve been a little down in the dumps, winter keeps rearing her ugliness, my camera is crap, my garmin quit working, my company is filing for bankruptcy, I’m procrastinating about my mammo and my teeth cleaning, my vehicle’s oil needs to be changed (way overdue), and these stupid black cow birds keep building nests in my eaves!  Just give me a piece of cake, that will make it alllll better!

Until next time, which hopefully won’t be too long, I have more to say, as usual.

Is it Spring yet?

Well I hope so, some mornings have been quite cold, but it’s getting warmer every day!
My computer had a bug and I think I have finally gotten rid of it…. Back on track soon.

Little Rock Marathon Part 2

After mile 10 I was ready to ditch the 1/2 Marathoners, they were starting to brag, only 3 miles to go, only 2 miles to go, you get the picture… I expected the crowd to thin out a lot more than it did.  I think we were in with the majority of the runners, the average person finished in 4:48.

I took my first “pee” stop at the 2nd relay station, about mile 13.  Good for me, no stomach problems and we were off again, on to the dreaded HILL, up Markham in front of the Deaf School and up Markham.  We did great!  We were in the midst of some “talkers” again and had to get away, it was a pace group and one of the girls was just full of herself.  I was still feeling pretty good, foot was bothering me a little, legs feeling a little fatigued, but not bad.  I knew Tammy would be up on top of the hill around mile 15.5 and we had that to  look forward to.  There were lots of people out cheering the runners on, the nice weather sure helped!  There was lots of dogs and it was fun to watch them.  We keep seeing this huge blond Labradoodle looking dog, I bet we saw him 6-8 times along the course.

We finally made it to the top of the damned hill, we did take one quick walk break somewhere up that monster, but we couldn’t let that pace group catch us with the “talker”.  There was Tammy, mile 15.5, plus the lady from the 1/2 Marathon the day before, she was right where she said she would be with Animal Crackers, we didn’t care they were all in a bowl where everyone had been touching them, yum.

Quick Hi and Bye and headed down the hill, we knew Josh and Uncle Bill were somewhere at the bottom of the hill so another bright spot on the route.  The run down the hill was nice, time to catch our breath and enjoy the scenery.  We also grabbed some pretzels (out of a communal bowl) that were super yummy too!  They also had life savers (individually wrapped), really nice, just ordinary people, not volunteers.  We ran into Jackie Clinton on the hill, she was running 4 minutes walking 1 minute, and I think she finished before we did.  Hmmmm.

We were down on Cantrell around mile 17ish when we saw Josh, refill of fuel belt, couple of pictures and up and over the bridge to the dreaded Murray Park out and back, Yuck.

This is where I started feeling bad, like I had to pee, but I didn’t, it was weird.  The more I ran the worse it felt, not sure what was going on, my insides were on fire!  We came up to a set of port-a-potties and I thought I would be able to use it, but I couldn’t, nothing but a burning sensation, this is miserable!!  And we were doing so well!  It hurt so bad I forgot about the pain in my knees, feet and legs, I just kept moving forward, we had to take several walk breaks, damn it.

We finally got to the turn around, I think it’s about mile 20 and I really had no idea how I would make it to the finish line.  I felt so bad for Kim, she was having a great run, I told her to go on, but she wouldn’t leave me there, she should have!!  I stopped at another port-a-potty, still couldn’t go, I was feeling nauseated too, so I wasn’t sure what might happen in there, but nothing, but fire in my you know what!!!

We ran into Arland at a point I wasn’t feeling horrible, we talked for a bit and it wasn’t long and BAM I felt horrible again, what the hell is going on?  I had no idea, I couldn’t eat, drink, nothing.  Kim said we would walk the last 3 miles if we had to.  We didn’t, but it was close.

We finally got off that stupid Murray Park portion, THANK GOD!!  We were heading to our last meet up with Josh at Cajun’s, Kim and I wanted to drop our fuel belts.  Here’s a couple of pictures, Kim looks all happy, I can barely walk, this is about mile 24.5

Me trying to finish

Kim happy as can be!

We were now on Cantrell and headed for the finish, that last 1.5 miles felt like 10.  There are at least 3 really good hills before you get to the Finish Line, lots of people were walking, we tried to run or I should say I tried to run and did some.  We got to the last mile and there was this DJ dude playing Jungle Boogie and that really lifted our spirits, we used to hear and dance to it in Jazzercise and it brought back lots of good memories.  It put a pep in our step.  Not long after that we saw Tom, our dedicated running Coach every Saturday morning, that was very cool!  Then there was the Lipstick Stop were we picked out a nice tube of free Loreal lipstick to take home.  Right after that we saw Hobbit in her Marathon get up, she was a sight!  Tom and Hobbit both do so much for the running community, I don’t know how they do it, but we appreciate all they do.

Finish Line, I see the Finish Line, there was this girl in front of us and we didn’t want her to be in our pictures and we were going to let her go ahead, but we ended up sprinting past her to the finish chute.

We heard “CHERYL” “KIM” and there was this huge group of Cabot runners up in the bleachers, and then I saw my Mother and Aunt Maratha right at the fence.  Arms in the air, we were done!!!  Huge hugs for my Running Partner Kim, I couldn’t have done it without her!  Where’s the medal, where’s the medal???  We hobbled over to the medals, got our chips off, grabbed our bag of food, quick snapshot and then our SECOND Medal for completing both the half and full back to back, super nice medals and finisher shirt.  Another snapshot and off to find our friends and family

There was Josh, Tammy, Uncle Bill and Lanita, Aunt Martha, my Mother, my sister Vanessa, my friend Sheryl and probably someone I’m forgetting.

It was really so nice having everyone at the finish, it makes it all worthwhile, even though I was still dying on the inside!  Lots of pictures and small talk and I was dying of thirst and hunger, but no food and only chocolate milk.  We decided to head to the Flying Fish while Kim and Josh headed out.  Sheryl had to head home too.  We had a great lunch, bunch of fried stuff, which I never eat, and an ice cold Coke Zero, that was the best part!

It’s over, about 40 miles for the weekend.  Monday I was a little sore, but not near as sore as I expected.  My burning is gone, don’t know what it was.  Ran last night with Kim 3.65 miles, we will do it again tomorrow since it rained this morning.

It was great to see people that you never get to see and to see all those people run 26.2 miles, it’s tough mentally and tough on your body for sure.  We finished in 5:09:xx, not our best, but not our worst either.

kim, me and tammy

Little Rock Marathon Complete Part 1

We did it!  We weren’t the fastest, but we were happy with our accomplishment of completing the Marathon after running the Hobbitom Challenge 1/2 Marathon on Saturday.

Our finishing time was 5:09, not a PR by any means, and it was all good, weather was great, nice and warm, no stomach aches, no falls and we didn’t look like bag ladies when we finished thanks to Josh and Tammy taking some of our extra clothing we started out with.

From the beginning I was a little nervous, I didn’t know what to wear, we had been running in frigid temperatures all winter and all of a sudden spring like weather, 48 or so at the start with expected highs in the 60s.  I ended up with a thin long sleeve tech top, capri pants, jacket and mittens.  Kim had about the same, with an extra layer or two:)

Josh dropped Kim off and we headed to the start area in the River Market.  I wanted to make one last bathroom stop, we headed to the “real” bathrooms by the pavilion instead of the erected port-a-potties.  We had to go around the line of people who were dropping their dry bags, as we were walking on the right hand side of the line this guy turns his head and sneezes right in my face!  I mean full on!  Kim broke out laughing, I think I said “Oh My GOD!”, the guy was so apologetic, but geez, cover your mouth, now I have some dreaded H1N1 or some other viral infection, No, not really, I’m fine, but I could have!  It was memorable.

We were in the Open Corral with the slow pokes, I really have no idea how many people participated in the Marathon and 1/2 Marathon, thousands, but we were with people most of the time.  We always end up around the most annoying people!  This group of ladies, were doing some sort of chant, I can’t even remember what it was, UGH, something like we Talk Faster than Walk, or something weird, they even had shirts made.

We were finally off and running, kind of chilly just standing around, but we warmed up quickly, first mile I was already thinking about Tammy being at Mile 2 and giving her my jacket and mittens.

Mile 2 we were looking forward to seeing Tambo, we were waving and screaming, but there was just so many people she couldn’t see us at first.  She had a big running sign made and two little signs “GO SKIP (me)” and “GO KIM”, she also had some sort of noise maker, like a horn from New Years? it was funny!  We loved seeing her, it’s always great to see people you know on the course, it gives you something to look forward to and to just know they care enough to come out!!  I did ditch the jacket and mittens.

Not long we saw Josh and Uncle Bill (not sure whose Uncle), they were at about mile 4 or 3, not sure, he gave us a peppermint and kleenex!  Yippee, still have runny noses even though it’s not cold.  We were doing GREAT, maybe a little fast, we were running maybe 10:45 at this point.

We had lots to talk about, mainly the people running around us, a bunch of weirdness! Girls without panties under their skirts for one!  Kim had her phone with her and it was going off A LOT!  Josh texted and said they would be at mile 10, geez that seemed like a long way off!  We knew Tammy would be around mile 15.  We had a long way to go.

We kept our 4 mile fuel stop rule, every 4 miles we would slow down, eat and drink from our fuel belts.  Lots of people just use the water stops which were every 2 miles, but I like to be able to zoom on by and avoid the crowds, plus I like my own Cytomax, and Kim uses G2.

Nothing spectacular, I was really glad to get to mile 10 and stop for a second, I was starting to breathe a little harder, we were still keeping the same pace, still doing our fuel/water breaks, but we had a few inclines and we DID run a 1/2 marathon the day before and I could feel it.

I had Josh refill one of my water bottles with just plain water, another Kleenex and we were headed to drop all these 1/2 marathoners off!  They were getting very annoying too!  Just 3 more miles, just 2 more miles, UGH< SHUT UP!!!  And then there was this older lady that was a Loud TALKER, you know what I mean, she talks loud enough for about a block at a time to hear her, we could not get away from her!  She sounded like she had a Midwest or Northern accent, talking about how she Boston Qualified 18 marathons ago, how her son this, how blah blah blah!!!  It was driving us BANANAS!!

Oh I forgot, around mile 6 we saw Amy Hill, first time marathoner, she was having a tough time, we gave her all our “wisdom” and before long we lost her, poor thing, we saw her toward the end and I do know she finished!  It will be better next time Amy!

This will have to be part 1 of 2, I have to get ready for work…..

13.1 miles down 26.2 to go!

Kim and I finished our Hobbitom Challenge this morning, 13.1 miles with perfect weather!!  There was around 80 runners, part running the 1/2 Marathon course, the others running the 10K course.  It was all perfect!

My foot was fine, yippee!  We did make one bathroom break and still finished in 2:19:xx.  Thanks Tambo for letting me use your Garmin!  We were a little faster than we probably should have been, but we both felt really good today, all that resting and tapering has paid off.

Coming back to Murray Park for the finish was fun too, there was a crowd of people clapping and cheering us in, along with photo ops, food, our fancy medals, head lamps, and new wrist bands for tomorrow.

After our run Tammy met us at Starbucks where Kim and I were mobbed by apparently 5K runners who wanted to know how we got the fancy square medals, yes we wore them into Starbucks :), we proceeded to inform them of our feat of running 13.1 miles today and our goal of running the full marathon tomorrow, they quietly said, oh, you are real runners, HA!  It was hilarious.  They weren’t the only people who were amazed by our amazing running ability.  Several people in Starbucks asked us about the Hobbitom Challenge and our impending Marathon tomorrow, we were only too happy to enlighten.

The three of us headed to the Expo for packet pickup where I continued to wear my medal.  More questions and “your nuts” statements.  The Expo was nice, maybe a little bigger than last or the space was smaller, couldn’t tell.  We were walking through the vendors when a girl said “are you Cheryl?” yes I am, she said “I read your blog!” OMG, she recognized me from my pics, how in the world?  Her name was Jamie, so Hi Jamie, it was nice to meet you!!  She and another girl were manning the Mountain Home Marathon booth.

We got lots of goodies and had and all around good time, we were all getting tired and finally headed home.  I am ready for a nap which I plan to partake in shortly.  Today will be nothing strenuous, plan on taking it easy the rest of the day, definitely want to be ready for tomorrow.

Meeting Kim at 7:00am and hope to see Tammy at mile 2, and again I think up on Kavanaugh.  My Aunt Martha and my Mother will be at the finish line and I just got a text from my friend Sheryl, she will be there too!!  YIPPEE, it really gives me something to look forward to, especially toward the end.

Wish us luck and good running karma!  Marathon report to follow Sunday or Monday.

Little Rock Marathon – 48 hours

Yikes – 24 hours until the Hobbitom Challenge and a little more than 48 hours until the Little Rock Marathon.  I’m ready, I think.  The winter training was BRUTAL, not just the training, but the worst weather, the coldest temperatures, the early, early mornings, EVERY Saturday and Sunday, comes down to this weekend!

Kim and I only ran 3 days this week, each run was about 4.5 miles, so we did taper, no crazy all week running or major mileage.  The weather looks PERFECT for the race, unusually warm compared to what we’ve been used to, which means I might have to ditch my running pants and actually shave my legs and wear a skirt or shorts or capri pants, eeekkkk!!  My legs haven’t seen daylight since September!

Today after work I will run over to the expo and pick up our bibs for the Challenge tomorrow morning.  Kim has to work late today so we will attend the Expo tomorrow along with Tammy who will meet us somewhere, logistics are in the air.  Excitement is in the air!!  I believe we get a wristband for the Challenge, after we finish the challenge we get a different color band to wear for the Marathon and then the folks at the Finish line will know we have run both races and give us super special treatment along with super duper double medals!!  YIPPEE!!

I have confidence that my feet will not fall off, at least not until after the marathon!  I did see Dr. Nix on Wednesday about my foot pain, Bursitis, new anti-inflammatory which I’m sure will get me through both races.  Confidence and Positive Thoughts that’s all I am going to have for the weekend!

Yesterday I had an interview with KUAR Radio about the Marathon, a few people who are running the race are included in the finished product, thank goodness he only used a snippet of our interview, I was a bumbling idiot!  But,  I can’t figure out how to insert it!  So go to KUAR Radio and click play, you will enjoy it!  Abe Martinez is the Reporter and he did a great job, he is also running the Marathon on Sunday.

Have got to get ready for work!!