Little Rock Marathon – 48 hours

Yikes – 24 hours until the Hobbitom Challenge and a little more than 48 hours until the Little Rock Marathon.  I’m ready, I think.  The winter training was BRUTAL, not just the training, but the worst weather, the coldest temperatures, the early, early mornings, EVERY Saturday and Sunday, comes down to this weekend!

Kim and I only ran 3 days this week, each run was about 4.5 miles, so we did taper, no crazy all week running or major mileage.  The weather looks PERFECT for the race, unusually warm compared to what we’ve been used to, which means I might have to ditch my running pants and actually shave my legs and wear a skirt or shorts or capri pants, eeekkkk!!  My legs haven’t seen daylight since September!

Today after work I will run over to the expo and pick up our bibs for the Challenge tomorrow morning.  Kim has to work late today so we will attend the Expo tomorrow along with Tammy who will meet us somewhere, logistics are in the air.  Excitement is in the air!!  I believe we get a wristband for the Challenge, after we finish the challenge we get a different color band to wear for the Marathon and then the folks at the Finish line will know we have run both races and give us super special treatment along with super duper double medals!!  YIPPEE!!

I have confidence that my feet will not fall off, at least not until after the marathon!  I did see Dr. Nix on Wednesday about my foot pain, Bursitis, new anti-inflammatory which I’m sure will get me through both races.  Confidence and Positive Thoughts that’s all I am going to have for the weekend!

Yesterday I had an interview with KUAR Radio about the Marathon, a few people who are running the race are included in the finished product, thank goodness he only used a snippet of our interview, I was a bumbling idiot!  But,  I can’t figure out how to insert it!  So go to KUAR Radio and click play, you will enjoy it!  Abe Martinez is the Reporter and he did a great job, he is also running the Marathon on Sunday.

Have got to get ready for work!!


2 Responses

  1. Look at you…you little blogger!! I hope your foot does well in the race! I am getting so excited to watch you guys at the Marathon! I plan to see you at the end of my street and am trying to think where I can pop up again, with all the traffic blocks, to see you guys! How did you get around last year? Try the SalonPas on your foot, that crap is a miracle!

  2. Good luck on your marathon. I will actually be there this weekend for some climbing. Looks like the weather is going to be awesome too!!

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