13.1 miles down 26.2 to go!

Kim and I finished our Hobbitom Challenge this morning, 13.1 miles with perfect weather!!  There was around 80 runners, part running the 1/2 Marathon course, the others running the 10K course.  It was all perfect!

My foot was fine, yippee!  We did make one bathroom break and still finished in 2:19:xx.  Thanks Tambo for letting me use your Garmin!  We were a little faster than we probably should have been, but we both felt really good today, all that resting and tapering has paid off.

Coming back to Murray Park for the finish was fun too, there was a crowd of people clapping and cheering us in, along with photo ops, food, our fancy medals, head lamps, and new wrist bands for tomorrow.

After our run Tammy met us at Starbucks where Kim and I were mobbed by apparently 5K runners who wanted to know how we got the fancy square medals, yes we wore them into Starbucks :), we proceeded to inform them of our feat of running 13.1 miles today and our goal of running the full marathon tomorrow, they quietly said, oh, you are real runners, HA!  It was hilarious.  They weren’t the only people who were amazed by our amazing running ability.  Several people in Starbucks asked us about the Hobbitom Challenge and our impending Marathon tomorrow, we were only too happy to enlighten.

The three of us headed to the Expo for packet pickup where I continued to wear my medal.  More questions and “your nuts” statements.  The Expo was nice, maybe a little bigger than last or the space was smaller, couldn’t tell.  We were walking through the vendors when a girl said “are you Cheryl?” yes I am, she said “I read your blog!” OMG, she recognized me from my pics, how in the world?  Her name was Jamie, so Hi Jamie, it was nice to meet you!!  She and another girl were manning the Mountain Home Marathon booth.

We got lots of goodies and had and all around good time, we were all getting tired and finally headed home.  I am ready for a nap which I plan to partake in shortly.  Today will be nothing strenuous, plan on taking it easy the rest of the day, definitely want to be ready for tomorrow.

Meeting Kim at 7:00am and hope to see Tammy at mile 2, and again I think up on Kavanaugh.  My Aunt Martha and my Mother will be at the finish line and I just got a text from my friend Sheryl, she will be there too!!  YIPPEE, it really gives me something to look forward to, especially toward the end.

Wish us luck and good running karma!  Marathon report to follow Sunday or Monday.


2 Responses

  1. I think Jamie saw me mention you on my blog and saw you on my blogroll…Anyhoo, thanks for letting me go with you guys today to the expo. It makes me excited and a little antsy to get back out to run..that Texas Marathon Medal was freakin AWESOME! I hope to be able to do the Hobbittom Challenge next year!

  2. Hey Cheryl!
    It was so nice to meet you! Hope you survived the marathon. I heard it was killer. We had a great time. My running partner didn’t qualify for Boston like she’d planned. The heat got her! I think she finished in 4:15, needed a 4:05. Bummer.
    Oh well, that just means we’ll have to train for another! Hope your weekend was awesome! Can’t wait to read the race report!

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