Little Rock Marathon Complete Part 1

We did it!  We weren’t the fastest, but we were happy with our accomplishment of completing the Marathon after running the Hobbitom Challenge 1/2 Marathon on Saturday.

Our finishing time was 5:09, not a PR by any means, and it was all good, weather was great, nice and warm, no stomach aches, no falls and we didn’t look like bag ladies when we finished thanks to Josh and Tammy taking some of our extra clothing we started out with.

From the beginning I was a little nervous, I didn’t know what to wear, we had been running in frigid temperatures all winter and all of a sudden spring like weather, 48 or so at the start with expected highs in the 60s.  I ended up with a thin long sleeve tech top, capri pants, jacket and mittens.  Kim had about the same, with an extra layer or two:)

Josh dropped Kim off and we headed to the start area in the River Market.  I wanted to make one last bathroom stop, we headed to the “real” bathrooms by the pavilion instead of the erected port-a-potties.  We had to go around the line of people who were dropping their dry bags, as we were walking on the right hand side of the line this guy turns his head and sneezes right in my face!  I mean full on!  Kim broke out laughing, I think I said “Oh My GOD!”, the guy was so apologetic, but geez, cover your mouth, now I have some dreaded H1N1 or some other viral infection, No, not really, I’m fine, but I could have!  It was memorable.

We were in the Open Corral with the slow pokes, I really have no idea how many people participated in the Marathon and 1/2 Marathon, thousands, but we were with people most of the time.  We always end up around the most annoying people!  This group of ladies, were doing some sort of chant, I can’t even remember what it was, UGH, something like we Talk Faster than Walk, or something weird, they even had shirts made.

We were finally off and running, kind of chilly just standing around, but we warmed up quickly, first mile I was already thinking about Tammy being at Mile 2 and giving her my jacket and mittens.

Mile 2 we were looking forward to seeing Tambo, we were waving and screaming, but there was just so many people she couldn’t see us at first.  She had a big running sign made and two little signs “GO SKIP (me)” and “GO KIM”, she also had some sort of noise maker, like a horn from New Years? it was funny!  We loved seeing her, it’s always great to see people you know on the course, it gives you something to look forward to and to just know they care enough to come out!!  I did ditch the jacket and mittens.

Not long we saw Josh and Uncle Bill (not sure whose Uncle), they were at about mile 4 or 3, not sure, he gave us a peppermint and kleenex!  Yippee, still have runny noses even though it’s not cold.  We were doing GREAT, maybe a little fast, we were running maybe 10:45 at this point.

We had lots to talk about, mainly the people running around us, a bunch of weirdness! Girls without panties under their skirts for one!  Kim had her phone with her and it was going off A LOT!  Josh texted and said they would be at mile 10, geez that seemed like a long way off!  We knew Tammy would be around mile 15.  We had a long way to go.

We kept our 4 mile fuel stop rule, every 4 miles we would slow down, eat and drink from our fuel belts.  Lots of people just use the water stops which were every 2 miles, but I like to be able to zoom on by and avoid the crowds, plus I like my own Cytomax, and Kim uses G2.

Nothing spectacular, I was really glad to get to mile 10 and stop for a second, I was starting to breathe a little harder, we were still keeping the same pace, still doing our fuel/water breaks, but we had a few inclines and we DID run a 1/2 marathon the day before and I could feel it.

I had Josh refill one of my water bottles with just plain water, another Kleenex and we were headed to drop all these 1/2 marathoners off!  They were getting very annoying too!  Just 3 more miles, just 2 more miles, UGH< SHUT UP!!!  And then there was this older lady that was a Loud TALKER, you know what I mean, she talks loud enough for about a block at a time to hear her, we could not get away from her!  She sounded like she had a Midwest or Northern accent, talking about how she Boston Qualified 18 marathons ago, how her son this, how blah blah blah!!!  It was driving us BANANAS!!

Oh I forgot, around mile 6 we saw Amy Hill, first time marathoner, she was having a tough time, we gave her all our “wisdom” and before long we lost her, poor thing, we saw her toward the end and I do know she finished!  It will be better next time Amy!

This will have to be part 1 of 2, I have to get ready for work…..


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  1. nice job! been waiting for your report. but hey, don’t call us slowpokes~

    yes, biggest pet peeve. TALKERS!

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