Spring Fever and Viruses

Well, the Marathon is over, no long term recovery period, we were back running on Wednesday, not very far, just 3 miles, but we ran.  It’s been 3 weeks since the marathon and we are back in the swing of things. 

Next week Kim and I are running the Capital City Classic 10K, Tammy and I ran it last year, nice and flat course in Two Rivers Park, and great tech tee shirt too.

Spring is in the air, or some days it’s in the air, some days Winter is still showing her cold side, as was the case on a couple of days last week, sick of any cold weather at all.  I am ready for sun on my skin and sweat because of the temperature not because of the layers I’m wearing.

The new kitten has made herself right at home and Smokey is dealing with her.  I named her Samantha at first and that was not working out so now she has a new name, Roxy, which is much cuter, but she obviously doesn’t know it and does whatever she wants.  She got stuck behind the washing machine a couple of days ago, eeek, no fun, and she loves the shower curtain, toilet and sink, have to keep the bathroom door closed most of the time.

Started planning the BABY shower for my daughter, it will be on May 8th!  WOW, I can’t believe how time is flying by.  Lots to do and speaking of baby shower I think I was searching some information on the web about said baby shower when I clicked on something and my computer was infected with some sort of virus.  It took me about 3-4 days to get rid of that crap and I’m still dealing with it.  Lost my Firefox browser completely along with all my bookmarks, ugh, what a pain in the ass!

Kim is going to help me with the baby shower, we have lots to do and lots of ideas, games at baby showers are pretty corny, so if anyone has anything creative for games/entertainment, let me know.

Oh and if anyone has a Garmin Forerunner they no longer want/need I would be interested in purchasing, I am garminless.  Mine is definitely in the dumper, I can send it in and pay $79.00 to have it fixed or buy a new one for $160.00.  How about neither?  Stupid thing is just 2 1/2 years old and cost about $250.00 new, should last longer than it did.  I really don’t want to buy another one if it’s just going to do the same thing.

Fat, I’ve become FAT!  I was a little down about things in general last weekend and ate everything in my house, EVERYTHING!  and I didn’t care until I got on the scale Friday and now I realize, I’m a big fat slug.  Well, okay, only in my eyes, but that’s all that matters to me, so now I need to lose about 3 pounds, I know, I know, don’t even say it or think it, but everyone has their own demons!  Skirt/Short season is almost here!  I put on shorts yesterday and scared myself, not sure if it was the jiggle, the white legs or the non-shaved legs that did or maybe it was all three, oh yeah, it was all three!

Worked a few hours in my backyard yesterday and still needs work, I’m just not good at time management.  Today seems like it might be a wash out on the items I was going to finish up today, like mowing!  can you believe it?  mowing the yard already?  well, it’s just weeds, but they have taken over the yard!  And I still need to work in the front yard, just never enough “nice” weather to get it all done. 

Today is Tammy’s Birthday!!  Happy Birthday Tambo!!  I won’t mention her age….She is still a spring chick! 

What else, oh yeah, the company I work for? thinking of filing for bankruptcy, oh they will, there is not thinking about it.  They can’t repay their loans, it’s all a big to do, how no need to worry, it’s just restructuring, yada yada yada.  Whatever, bankruptcy is NOT a good thing no matter who keeps telling me it is.

Oh, here is another thing my camera is kaput too, so maybe now I’m seeing why I’ve been a little down in the dumps, winter keeps rearing her ugliness, my camera is crap, my garmin quit working, my company is filing for bankruptcy, I’m procrastinating about my mammo and my teeth cleaning, my vehicle’s oil needs to be changed (way overdue), and these stupid black cow birds keep building nests in my eaves!  Just give me a piece of cake, that will make it alllll better!

Until next time, which hopefully won’t be too long, I have more to say, as usual.


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  1. Regarding your Garmin, I have a couple of suggestions.

    If it’s not powering up, I would check to make sure it’s getting charged. Sometimes the pins on the dock get bent down or the contacts on the back of the watch get dirty. Check for proper contact. Given your PC has had a recent virus, I would also try charging it on someone elses PC that has a Garmin if it won’t power up.

    If it is getting charged, have you tried to do both soft and hard resets on the device? If not, google ‘garmin forerunner hard reset’ and you will find a few sites that show you the different button combos for each procedure.

    Finally, if it really is toast and you decide to take the plunge and buy a new device, I would suggest going to Best Buy and getting one when it’s on sale. Cbeck their web site too. I paid $129 for my 305, regulary $179 I think. I almost never buy extended warranties but for $20 you get 3 years of coverage on this device so I bought it. 1 yr on the mfg and 2 years extended. Researching GPS units, I had read a couple of stories about them dying within a year or two so I thought 20 bucks was cheap insurance.

    By the way, I checked our corporate Postini content management system and didn’t see your email as blocked so I am not sure where your email went. You can email me at my yahoo address if you like AFTER you get your PC virus situation under control!

    I ran 22 miles this last Saturday when I saw you all. Looking at my log the last three weeks have found me running a little over 125 miles, so at this point I’m feeling ready for my first 50k at the OT50 on the 17th. Just crossing my fingers for decent temps and and no rain. Should be a lot of fun.

    Good luck at Capitol City!

    Take Care, Patrick

    PS – I forgot to mention. Sounds like you are getting new windows for your place. You probably already know this but there are SIGNIFICANT federal tax CREDITS to be had if you pick the right ones so do some research if you haven’t already. Save the receipt for your tax preparer.

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