Computer Frustration

This computer is really pissing me off!  I want to just pick it up and throw it!!  It’s been working fine until the dreaded virus attack.  Even with the virus gone (I think) it’s still acting up.  I can’t open my Photo Album, Firefox or a couple of other programs, my computer wants to know what program to use to open these programs with….Hell if I know!!

Anyway, it is very frustrating!  Especially for me, who USED to work on a Help Desk, use it or lose it and I guess I lost it cause I don’t know shit!

The weather is warming up nicely, I just wish I could get out more at work, like maybe for a lunch, is that too much to ask?  We are just so short-handed or applicants just pile in the office and when I look up its 3 o’clock.

Woe is me…..  Finally filed my federal taxes, I am getting a refund, whew!  I will be able to get a new Garmin and new digital camera!!  Yippee!! The rest will go toward my new windows, yes, new windows for the homestead, these windows are the pits!  You can feel air come in around them so I bit the bullet and they are coming to measure in the morning.  It will take a long time for me to recoup my money, but in the long run I believe I made the right choice.

Running has been decent, no real pains or problems other than my nagging stomach issues, well they haven’t been that bad unless I binge on the weekends, which I tend to do 🙂  The 10K is this weekend, not sure how that will turn out, my PR is 59:XX, which was at the Spa City 10K about 18 months ago, not sure if I can beat it and not sure I will try!  But, I tend to get a little competitive once I get out there.

Pet Peeve of the week – Girls who think it must be 100 degrees outside and feel the need to break out their hoochie mama outfits.  Sickening really, showing fat bellies, too much back fat, what’s pretty about that?  I have seen several “girls” with these skimpy outfits on with it all hanging out, yuck.  Put some clothes on, no one wants to see that shit!


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