Spring has Sprung!

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!  I just love it, I’m in such a better frame of mind since everything has started turning green and the weather has been so warm! 

Yesterday Kim and I ran the Capital City Classic 10K, it was a perfect day for a race.  I have no idea what the temperature was, but I’m guessing mid-50’s, course was flat and we took full advantage of it.  Kim and I stayed together until around mile 4.5 and I could tell she was going to pull ahead of me and she said “I’m going to take off” and she did.  She finished at 56:21 and I finished with a PR of 57:06, about 2 minutes faster than the Spa City 10K in November 2008.  I actually got faster in my old age, or maybe the flat course had something to do with it 🙂 I don’t care I’ll take it.  Nice tech t-shirt too!

I worked my butt off in my yard for the rest of the day, it was just so nice out!  mowed, raked around my azalea bushes, trimmed a bunch of ugly crap, cleaned up some Adirondack chairs I scored at a yard sale, just general outside stuff.  I was thoroughly pooped when I came inside around 4:30pm.

Today I am making Oatmeal Raisin Cookies for my Step-Dad’s Birthday and Easter Celebration at my Mother’s.  I also have a huge laundry list of other things I want to get done, order my new Garmin, look for a new camera, wash my vehicle, paint the Adirondack chairs, change sheets and read a book.  Doubt if I get even half of it done.

Oh well, also heads up, starting on Wednesday I will need your help in winning a Kitchen Makeover contest I have entered, you can vote three times a day per email address from April 7th until April 18th.  I am determined to win!  So I should have the link and all the info today or tomorrow.

Nothing else, just glad I’m not bitching and complaining!!


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