2010 is Weird

For the most part 2010 has really been sucking, I just need to complain for a bit.  Winter has super cold and I thought it would never go away.  Garmin died, Olympus camera died, Computer died, Job sucks the life out of me every day, I have a water leak in my house somewhere and as luck would have it my future son-in-law is a plumber, but as luck would have it again, he hasn’t found time in the last 3 months to come over to help me find it.

Whew, glad i got that off my chest!  I bought a new Garmin 305, bought a new digital camera and my super duper best friend Kimmy lent me her laptop until I can recover from all the other purchases.  Oh, and i bought new windows for my house which are WONDERFUL!! 

Gearing up for the baby shower for my daughter in two weeks.  Still looking for shower favors, I have a few, but need something unique and I’m having a hard time.  Lots of details to get it all together, Kim and I are going through everything today to make sure we have it all together and I am sure we will throw in a trip to Target as well.

Running, well it is finally spring and I am loving it.  Except for the fat giggle parts that were hidden with all the extra layers I was wearing in the winter.  I now have 3 pounds to lose, I know exactly how I gained it, Chocolate.  I have to give it up, but don’t know if I can, it is definitely my weakness.  Back to running….Everyone else is running marathons and 5K’s or whatever, me? my normal runs.  Kim has been coming just about every day and we are doing our normal loop, 5-6 miles per day.  I don’t really have any races in mind until later in the year, they are just too expensive and too hard on this old body!

For all you wonderful people who helped me try to win the kitchen makeover, I didn’t win, big shocker.  There were entrants who had over 4000 votes, I ended up with 375, pitiful really, that I couldn’t convince more people to vote for me.  I really thought I had a shot, but no way in Hell!  I really do appreciate everyone who helped, I just wish I knew who didn’t vote!  Was it that much trouble to sign up and then vote 3 times a day for a couple of weeks?  Geez…  Oh well, can’t cry over split milk, right?  I’m going to send pictures to my friend Susan Stout who will help me get a design together and I will work on it gradually.

One Response

  1. I’m the old, gray-haired deaf guy at training Cheryl. I was looking for the Runner’s Calendar and hit on your blog by accident., but went ahead and read it when I discovered it was yours.

    My reason for commenting concerns your water leak, “somewhere in the house”, which sounds to me as though you aren’t quite sure where it is.

    You might like to read “How to find water leaks in a house /ehow.com”. The author is a woman, Cin Langston, and after reading you may be able to trace it yourself, and even fix it.

    Best wishes,

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